are people complaining because it's not david

true to form, i was trying to write something else and this story wouldn’t leave me alone. ao3 link.

Summary: During the Reaper War, Calvin Kosta reflects on his relationship with his son. 


It is two months after their son leaves for Andromeda that the Reapers descend on Earth. Blame is cast, fingers pointed, neither lasting long. Silence soon descends on the megalopolises and London is disconnected from the world.


“Do you really have to go?” Joelle asks, hugging her son, her child, her only child so fiercely it’s as though she believes the embrace will change his mind. “It’s so hard, just—knowing we’ll never see you again.”

They’ve had this conversation a million times, but it still doesn’t mean Liam doesn’t cry. He knows what this means to his parents – especially to Mum – but he has to do this. The opportunity to make  a difference, a real difference, is too much to pass up. “They need me,” he says, finally pulling back, but it doesn’t stop Joelle from making her last stand.

“I need you,” she insists, and Calvin sees his opportunity to intervene. Places a hand on his wife’s shoulder, claps a hand to Liam’s.

“She’ll be safe with me,” he promises, flint-brown eyes focused on his son’s face. “You know what you have to do, son. There’s a whole new galaxy out there.”

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Honestly Gillian has given us more than we could ever asked for and it’s more obvious and direct than any other person from set, David D*chovny included, has posted and yet she gets more shit than anyone else?! Jfc get a fucking life

Okay, some more detail on the “Peter David is super racist thing”:

First off, this wasn’t an official Marvel panel. It was being held by the New York Times. The panelists were Peter David, Chris Claremont, Max Wittert (who does that Jean and Scott webcomic), and Marvel editor Daniel Ketchum. The focus was on the history of gay X-Men characters and mutants as a queer metaphor, although it didn’t really end up focusing on that very much. Wittert and Ketchum, who are gay, did most of the talking about LGBT issues while Claremont and David were just playing the part of lovable crotchety comic uncles. Everything was fine until the Q&A. The second person up introduced himself as a Romani activist, and launched into what wasn’t so much a question as a long plea for writers to stop using the g-slur and for his people to get better representation. He ended by lobbing a super-softball “do you guys agree” question at the panel.

At that point, before anyone else could speak, David glared at the man and said something along the lines of “do you really want to ask me that question.” The room went dead silent. He then launched into a diatribe about having been in Romania “for the movies” (not really sure what that meant) and seeing a child pulling “itself” along behind its mother because both of its legs were broken. His guide then told him that “g*****s do that to their own children to make people want to give them money” (paraphrasing). David concluded by telling the man (again, paraphrasing) “I saw those broken children, so don’t complain to me about the suffering of the Romani people”. When the man tried to respond from the back of the room, David shouted “I don’t care” over and over, eventually driving the man out of the room. People were fucking shocked. A lot of people in the audience were muttering “no dude” and “stop” while he was getting into it, and everyone was clearly uncomfortable, but the Q&A kept going for a few more minutes. As the panel ended and everyone was walking out, David leaned in to the microphone and apologized, saying that “the Romani situation is a very sensitive subject” to him.

It was weird, it was frightening, and it was super, SUPER uncomfortable, and I get wanting to believe it didn’t happen, but it did. And I don’t understand how the only reference I’ve seen to it so far is “Peter David shared some negative opinions about Romani portrayal”.

People keep saying that young girls aren’t true whovians and only like New Who because David Tennant and Matt Smith are handsome.

But of course no one has complained that in the last 50 years of the show the companion has been primarily been played by a pretty 20-something girl for the straight male audience. 

I find it so irritating and borderline offensive when fans refer to David and Gillian as “Mom and Dad.” Does anyone think they would actually enjoy that? Do you really think that being in your late 40s and mid-50s means you automatically want to be everyone’s mom and dad? It’s bad enough here but I also see people tweeting it at them too and…please STOP.