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Back when I thought I was bi, I’d say things like ‘guys are fine and all but wow girls are so amazing, I love girls so much’ and talk about how I 'liked men and women, but in a different way? Like I’ll just see a girl and feel happy and fluttery, but I have to be around a guy for a while to like him’

And honestly? How did I not realize I was a lesbian sooner?

do you think muke cuddle on long plane rides? I think they do luke would be cold and mike would notice so he would whisper in his ear that he could sleep in his lap but luke would blush and shake his head no because a few people were still awake and mike would sigh and scoot over to luke and pull him against his chest and wrap his arms around him and luke would smile and nuzzle his face into the crook of his neck and kiss the exposed skin there and mike would shiver at the unexpected touch and luke would just giggle softly and actually close his eyes and start to slowly fall asleep and as soon as his breathing evens out mike would grin and kiss the top of his head and smile because this beautiful boy is all his

Prompt: The only people awake at 2am are the lonely and the loved.

When Harry startles awake at exactly 2:06am, he’s surprised to find his bed empty, his roommate Y/N usually taking it upon herself to sneak into his bed while he was fast asleep so she could have a cheeky snuggle but not tonight, clearly.

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Kylo Ren didn’t want anyone to know what he looked like. The mask gave the air of anonymity, to be an inhuman force to be reckoned with. It left people wondering, and far more fearful than being able to put a face to a name. He was an icon.

Unfortunately, this left him in a difficult position. Physical training was significantly harder harder to do. The mask was too limiting and anyone who could train with him would probably hold back in fear of angering Ren. So he came up with this brilliant plan. No one saw his face or knew what he looked like, not even the higher ups. He would infiltrates the Stormtroopers during training sessions. 

Donning the training clothes typical for Stormtroopers, he snuck down to the training area before people were awake. He began a regular work out until people filed. As more and more people arrived, he was quick to challenge them. His skills were a little rusty starting out, but he still was able to take down the first few opponents. The more he fought, the easier it came to him and the more troopers began to challenge him; wanting to have a shot. 

Kylo had just knocked another trooper off his feet, forcing him to surrender. He wiped the forming sweat off his forehead and looked around. “Who’s next?” He had to admit. Working out was definitely a refresher.


“Steve!” You whispered harshly, gently shaking your boyfriend’s shoulder, your heart beating gently yet erratically in your chest. You could see your breath ghosting in front of you, although it was incredibly faint. Steve was wrapped tightly in a heated sleeping bag, his torso covered in a snug long sleeve. You’d tugged on a sweatshirt and a cap a while ago, the still frost bitten proving to be a bit too much for your tastes.

“Steve, baby!” You whispered again, this time more harshly. He frowned for a moment in his sleep before he was prying his eyes open. He turned to look at you then, eyes narrowed in playful delight.

“Any good reason as to why you, of all people, are awake before me AND waking me up on top of it all?” He smirked then, before he was gently resting his palm on your hip, fingers brushing beneath the hem of your shirt.

You grinned before pointing excitedly outside the open doors of your tent. Steve’s blue gaze trailed across your form before he was following the length of your arm. His eyes widened upon landing on the brilliant colors of the morning sky that lay before him. He sat up quickly then, a small gasp escaping him.

“Wow,” He breathed, pink lips parted in a quiet sort of awe. It truly was breathtaking. You’d woken up so incredibly early today due to the chill that had settled on the very tip of your nose. You’d both agreed to leave your phone’s at home, and while Steve was the one who could tell the time by looking at the sun, you’d figured that telling the time in the morning wouldn’t be that hard. The moment you’d upzipped the entrance to the tent you’d gasped, and quickly gone to awaken him.

“See?” He said, turning to you suddenly. “Aren’t you glad you came camping with me?”

You grinned, nodding in agreement before turning back to look out across the sky. “Yeah…yeah I am.”

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Does anyone know what the 3 new shows are going to be about?

Here’s what we know:

Klepto is made by Aaron Marquis

Crunch Time stars Kirk Johnson (the not flammable guy in the Lazer Team trailer)

Day 5 stars Joel Heyman and is an apocalyptic scenario where everyone who falls asleep dies and the show starts on the 5th day of people being awake.
When Magnus met Alec
I just supported When Magnus met Alec on @ThunderclapIt // @Malecweek

Not only do we have to wait one more day or for netflix watchers two, but this thunderclap is happening as well. If you haven’t signed it yet with your twitter please do. 
It will make #WhenMagnusMetAlec and #Shadowhunters worldwide trending topic if enough people sign it. Awake? Asleep? It makes no difference, this tweet launches itself. 
You can also use twuffer to post tweets will you are asleep or away from the computer by using this app to release your tweets at the appointed time.

For #WhenMagnusMetAlec that would be during the episode itself, time schedule can be seen below.

For #MalecIsComing, which we will use a few hours earlier, the schedule can be found below, where there is no thunderclap for this tweet, you can use twuffer or livetweet the tweet at the timezone of your country. 

Getting the show trending topic worldwide would draw a lot of attention to it and is great promotion, using Magnus and Alec to do so would also mean we are reaching out to more lgbtq members that might want to watch an inclusive show like Shadowhunters. 

Please help us and the show out tomorrow! 

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Genesis and Cloud, L. A stolen kiss

Genesis tried not to look at the trooper currently sleeping on his shoulder. He had pulled the short stick of being the one SOLDIER among an infantry troop, but he was not at all displeased to see Zack’s little trooper friend. Not upset one bit. 

He could pretend he couldn’t remember the trooper’s name all he wanted, pretend he couldn’t identify him among a sea of blue uniform. It still didn’t erase the fact that Genesis very much liked Cloud. He liked him a lot. 

And now Cloud was sleeping on his shoulder. In fact, the only two people still awake were Genesis and the truck driver. It hadn’t been an easy mission, no casualties, but that had been hard fought by all of them. 

Cloud’s cheek nuzzled at Genesis’s pauldron, trying to make it more comfortable. He left his face upturned slightly, lips slightly parted. 

Genesis leaned forward on a selfish whim. Angeal’s voice in his head stopped him. That’s stealing Gen, it said sternly. Genesis frowned at his friend’s terrible influence on him. It wasn’t as if Cloud would ever know. 

Cloud ended up leaving the truck slightly embarrassed to find himself using Genesis Rhapsodos of all people as a pillow, but completely oblivious to the kiss that had been pressed against his forehead not three minutes ago. 

“I’m going to be very honest with you, I’m a simple person. I’m not a complex person, but I like playing complex characters because me as a person, I’m so not complex…I’m actually kind of boring…or, I’m not boring…I’m simple.”

- Julia Garner

Meeting an old friend

Sephena book 3, she had an day of, finaly, maby she can introduce Omega to and old friend of hers, Sans, the master of puns, she walked to her tardis the good old tower, still the same, she typed in the cordinates, opend the door, good old Snowdin, the same houses, same people, yea.

Omega was awake, it seems that mommy has teleported to a new place, its snowy, is this the place she told storys about, wonderfull now she had to listen to awfull puns all day.

Ah there he is. * Yo Sans its me Sephena”

She was taller now, she had her black coat on with her black suit, yep black is her favorite colour, Omega sat on her head