are people actually online now

dirty little secret: i’m a bitch for mythology

*I’m not even kidding I was the only person at my school to take the only mythology class we had twice and I finished with a 100+% each semester.*

There are a lot of wonderful people I’m not following on tumblr.

This is not a hypothetical statement. There are a lot of wonderful people I know and have had conversations with or admire from afar or would like to get to know better or who are friends of friends and/or following me on tumblr, and I’m not following them. This doesn’t mean they aren’t great or I don’t want to know how they are.

Just that we don’t share a tumblr fandom, or they post so much I can’t catch up with my dash (and therefore have anxiety), or they post about subjects or fandoms that I really don’t want to see. None of this reflects on them (you) as people.

And a while ago I cut back my following list pretty severely, because otherwise I spend way too long scrolling tumblr and feel awful about not getting anything done. But sometimes I will still go onto individual blogs and read through recent entries, because I like people! I want to know how they are!

And a lot of tumblr culture seems to assume mutual following in a way that doesn’t fit with how I use it at all. So I want to stress: me not following you, or unfollowing you, says nothing about how I feel about you. You are probably awesome, and if you have talked to me I probably actually like you a lot.

Heh, its funny
The only place I used to feel comfortable in was the internet, even if its toxic and dangerous place.
I lost it. I dont have a place like that anymore.

uhhhhggh i just got up but i should probably do more of those requests now aka when people are actually online as opposed to like 3 am

totalharrie  asked:

Yeah, you know how I said I was going to sleep. Hahahaha that was a big ass lie lmao.

WELCOME BACK TO THE BIGGEST HARRIE SLEEPOVER THAT HAS EVER EXISTED, lol. The amount of people online right now that should actually be sleeping is probably astounding. Happy to have you here. :)

i’m here, i’m queer, and my blog is unapologetically 95-99% korrasami depending on my mood on any given day

this is gonna sound like.. really conceited but… it’s really cool as an artist to be reaching the point now where my art gets notes pretty regularly?? idk like. i’ve been posting my art online since i was 13 and actually having people tell me now that they like my art/tagging it as inspiration or something is such a lifelong goal of mine that’s starting to be reached and it feels like.. so good.. thank u to everyone here who supports me and my art it really means more than u can ever know :’)