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I hope this is enough to show the mess this game got me in

decided to cover relationships in general and not just romantic ships. please note that this is based on supports + my own headcanons so at the end it’s my opinion and what i like

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Hi. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the band Oh Wonder but they have a song called All We Do and tbh I never really cared for it, but as of late it's been growing on me and I think its because I heard it on pandora when I was reading one of your works and now it gives me mega Ashanna feels somehow and yeah idk I wanted to share that with you.

ok first of all someone else having Ashanna feels hits me right in the vhenan, ;w; 

The second thing that hits me right in my vhenan is this SONG

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I still remember walking out of the bvs premiere shaking with excitement and having my mind blown at the masterpiece that is that movie. I was literally uncapable to form words. Meanwhile, walking out of JL all I could think about was how the score fuxking sucked ass and how BvS was so much better (and mos too)

i mean same

i went into justice league hoping for a zack snyder masterpiece, needing something real and true to inspire me and give me the push to just…. keep going

the way the bvs did

to fall in love with my dc heroes

because no one, no ones knows them like zack



zack deserved better, he cares so much, about us about our heroes, he and debbie worked so hard to give us something real and a soulless corporation stole it from us by hiring fucking whedon to destroy his work, everything he built because he just cares so damn much

babe i can’t do this, i can’t think about it i’m too upset


Frank: “One condition…I’m gonna kill ‘em all”

Micro: “…yeah i can live with that.”  

I thought that it was just some cut-to-black throwaway line that they put in there because comic book heroes need to be dramatic pricks!  And yeeeeahhhh, it probably is for that reason, but I REALIZED THAT POSSIBLY…

Frank gave Micro that condition because he’s met Matt and Karen

Frank wants to make sure that Micro is okay with him being the kind of vigilante who kills people sdlkjfal;sdkjfasdFPFFFFFFFT

Frank: “so listen bro, last time I tried the whole vigilante thing a guy in a devil suit showed up and judged me so I need to know you’re not about that.”

Micro: “…nah I’m cool.”


  • Draco: (walking into the kitchen) Hey buttercup, what'cha up to?
  • Harry: (cooking on the hob) Oh hi hun, just cooking some breakfast.
  • Draco: (putting his arms around Harry) Those are some nice strong arms you've got, Potter. Mind if I massage them?...
  • Harry: (grinning) Well, I don't know...maybe if you used some of that oil you used the other night...
  • Draco: I think we can sort something out (moves in for a kiss)
  • Ron: (halfway through eating a sandwich at the table) You two do realise that I live here as well, right?

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I’ve got a head canon about Steve that I think is really important to share with y’all.

Hear me out, Steve has insomnia.

It makes sense though, after he’s pulled out of the ice and he realizes he’s missed 70 years, he’s afraid he’s gonna go to sleep one day and wake up in a different century again. He can let that happen, because then all the people he’s come to know and love will be gone again and he’ll be forced into relearning everything he knew. He just can’t handle that again. 

It starts out simple, just not being able to fall asleep for a few hours with no real conscious reason. He’s falling asleep around midnight, waking up at dawn to go running with Sam. Easy routine, not too damaging, not for his body now anyways. 

Then it starts escalating, to the point where he’s awake for days, absolutely exhausted but’s there’s nothing he can do about it. He realizes why he can’t fall asleep anymore, because he’s <em>scared to</em>. And when he is asleep, his dreams are plagued with nightmares and terrible memories that just add on to the stress of his PTSD. 

It’s a thing that sticks with him even after they find Bucky and he’s got someone to hold at night, whichever helps a little, but it’s still there, he’s still suffering in quiet because what would the world be without the Captain America they all know and love?