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Couple of re-draws I did from some of my favorite SU episodes. Steven Universe really inspires me to draw, so I took some time to practice and study their backgrounds. I’m working on a few more SU screenshot-redraws and possibly gonna do some more from shows like Star vs the Forces of Evil or Pokemon Sun and Moon (I looooove the anime it’s so nice and sweet).

~watch the speedpaint here~

Hey ! I am doing a special commission type thing for gemsonas/fangems !

Like in this example image, the drawing will be bust up, with a space-y background, and a name banner, and will include a speedpaint video (if you want) !

The price ? 20 dollars !

Please message me on here or thru my email at if you are interested ! But if not, reblogs are very appreciated !

Thank you !

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smut where louis loves being full of harry's baby and harry's cock 😪 truly glorious. also jealous/protective harry over his two babies 🤤

Sorry this took so long. Here’s your warning for lactation kink.

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Here’s the final result of one of @zappyspiker‘s amazing headcanons. This time, I worked with colours ‘cause I thought it would be better, and for once, I like it.

So, for the little story, one of the headcanons was “Atsuya has his heart quite set on being in Gryffindor and wastes no time telling Shirou that Hufflepuffs are for losers and Ravenclaws are for swots”. And I just imagined Shirou telling him that he didn’t need to be mean with them. x3 Of course, we can’t change Atsuya~ (Btw, they’re both in Gryffindor !)

Ah, also… I added one of my headcanons here. Atsuya loves so much the scarf Shirou offered him that he didn’t take it off…

I hope you like it zappyspiker ! >3<