are my joy

Real quick question.

I’m really feeling the song Slow Hands right now by Niall Horan. It could make for a really cutesy smut fic but I don’t know with who?? Help??!

If you know this song, tell me which character it goes with because I’m wildly indecisive at this particular moment.


ANOTHER PLATRIO COVER! This time it’s Riptide by Vance Joy because we’re what the kids call basic

We literally learned this entire thing in the span of like 30 minutes and recorded this in the same day somehow?? This video was so clutch 

Maia (the mass of hair in the corner) does bass, Sofia does lead, I’m doing harmony and I arranged the whole thing! 

Hope you like the video, and if you do, make sure to check out our channel!! Self promo OUT.