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Mod Kellie

Hey everyone!

My name is Kellie and I’m one of the new mods here. I look forward to getting to know all of you and answering any questions you have!

A little background about myself, I’m a 21-year-old, bisexual, cis-female. I am currently a senior in college studying creative writing. I have a few short stories published, but I’m currently trying to write my first novel. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I love books of all kinds (but my favourite genres are sci-fi and historical fiction).

You can check out my personal blog here!


- Mod Kellie

scourge1850  asked:

Btw think I forgot to say, your background image and user image look real awesome! (Sorry, know it's late but I just wanted to say) btw is that kingdom hearts and doctor who in the user pic?

You’re very kind! Jack and his egos are some of my favourite things to draw, especially when Jack drops new hints!

As for the user picture, yeah that’s the good Doctor’s TARDIS and the crown from Kingdom Hearts


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.


hello everyone, today I’m bringing you: a Fantastic Beats AU where everything is the same except everyone has a dæmon

disclaimer: this AU is very self-indulgent and I haven’t thought out all details and impracticalities of it, so please don’t nitpick. anyway,

- only witches and wizards are born with dæmons, muggles don’t have them

- a lot of dæmons settle as birds seeing as it’s more convenient form that can follow its human when they travel via flying objects like broomsticks

- both Grindelwald and Graves have large birds of prey as their dæmons; the birds are different, but look similar enough to be mixed up by anyone who doesn’t pay too much attention (this is another reason for Graves to be extremely salty once they find him after the whole Grindelwand infiltration incident; “I can’t believe you fools couldn’t tell one bird from another,” he keeps saying. “Maybe I should summon that Scamander guy back in America and ask him to give you all a few zoology lessons.”)

- Tina’s dæmon is an english setter, Queenie’s is a dove

- Credence’s dæmon is a black cat, for two reasons, one of them being me finding it aesthetically pleasing, and the second is that it’d probably piss Mary Lou off even more because there’s a lot of superstitions around black cats plus all that stuff about them being familiars of witches

- when Credence was a child, and his dæmon could still change its form, it took shape of small animals/birds/insects so that Credence was able to hide it from Mary Lou in his pockets; then it settled as a black cat and Credence started having a really hard time keeping it from Mary Lou’s eyes

- I wasn’t sure about Newt’s dæmon, only knowing that I wanted it to be an animal he can carry around on his shoulder so it’d constantly pick fights with Pickett much to Newt’s agitation; then someone I was discussing this AU with suggested an occamy and I ran with it. maybe it doesn’t exactly fit him personality-wise, but it’s my favourite magical creature so I just kind of. put two of my faves together. personal bias much? why yes, absolutely

- (or, you know, Pickett himself could be Newt’s dæmon instead, now that I think of it; those drawings can be read as either of these two options)

- yes, magical creatures can also be dæmons, because why the hell not; I guess it’s just not that common, and if your dæmon settles as one it’s a sign that you’re most likely an eccentric and unpredictable person (and isn’t that what annoys other people)

okay I’m done and please for the love of god don’t delete this long ass comment


dragon age charms ✨ i wanted to do the remaining 10+ LIs plus varric but alas there is no time

you can find these at conbravo @ hamilton, ON if you’re attending!


So I decided to christen my new blog with some bisexual Ransom because why not

“Ransom: Remember when Mashkov said hi to Jack and then looked at me and there was, like, a connection?
Holster: that was yesterday”

“Sometimes Rans will stare at pictures of Alexei Mashkov on his phone and go ‘Tater’ and sigh.”


[shadowhunters lookbook]: hair + clary


If I wasn’t an actor, I’d be a police officer. I love doing detective work. It kind of works being an actor, because that’s part of the job. If I’m given a role, I try to do as much as possible.I don’t think that everyone has to, but for me, it’s my favourite kind of process, that kind of figuring things out. You get a real sense of accomplishment when you’ve felt like you’ve learned something.


Ben & Sophie arrive at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016
(pt 1, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4)