are less prevalent than i thought

Cullen with POC

So, someone messaged me (I won’t name names in case they’d rather be not be involved) saying that they’ve been getting racist anon hate for Cullen fanfics because they feature a POC inquisitor, and these hateful anons are saying Cullen wouldn’t be with someone who wasn’t white (and a mage, but that’s less relevant). 

My first thought is OH HELL FUCKING NO would he not be with someone just because they’re not white.

One of the things Bioware (I feel) does right is include some representation in their games that isn’t entirely white-centered, hetero-centered, and male-centered like is prevalent in the video game industry. Bioware is far from perfect on this, but they do better than most others. 

Anyway, this person messaged me asking if I’ve come across much material of Cullen with non-white or non-mage inquisitors. And of course that shone a light for me that, oh crap, I’ve been reblogging a lot of white inquisitors (on all my fandom blogs). So I will be making an effort to feature some more inquisitors of color on my blogs. Representation is important.

I’ll still share white inquisitors, sure, but I will be making the effort to seek out poc inquisitors to share as well. If that bothers anyone, please unfollow because your racism is icky

EDIT: I want to clarify that I’m hoping to share Cullen with POC Inquisitors that are made by POC