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When Robbie and Sportacus first start dating; Robbie gets very self-concious about the whole thing and never really touches Sport in public 'cause he doesn't want to mess it up or do something wrong. Sportacus, when he realizes this, starts to initiate hand-holding with Robbie all the time. Sees Robbie walking? Joins him and holds hands. Robbie is standing off to the side watching the kids? Sport watches and holds his hand. Robbie sleeping on the bench? Grabs hand, leans in, and smooches.

HanD HOldIng is My WEaknESs pLEaSE stoP

GOD imagine the first time Robbie’s the one to initiate the hand holding tho. Like, he’s become so used to it that as soon as he sees Sportacus he just takes his hand like it’s nothing and doesn’t even realize what he did until he see the Super Big Smile on Sport’s face.

That’s so fluffy I could jump into it from an airship and be perfectly fine Thank You So Very Much


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So I made this in honor of Minseok’s birthday today, and I know it’s mostly showcasing his sexier side, but I just want to say that I appreciate all sides of him. I’m relatively new to the kpop world and when I first saw Xiumin, I knew he was going to be my favorite. There is just some magical quality about him that makes me so happy and makes me feel good. He is truly the wildcard of EXO and I know that EXO would not be the same without him. So, Happy Birthday to the sweetest hyung with the cutest face and the warmest heart. May all your wishes come true today.



Multicolor Jair + lazy eye. 😌💖

it’s almost 9pm here aND OHH BOY WAS TODAY A LONG DAY