are just so cute

Headcannon that Michael and Jeremy like to play Animal Crossing together when one of them (or both of them) have a bad day. 

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honestly tho sometimes i cry bc i can like, imagine a scene in my head like yeeeearrss later in this timeline, when dark & maple r a lot older and have diff lives, where mapleshade n sparrowfeather finally….finally….get MARRIED like they actually get married bc maple is like “fuck it, ive had a shit life and i love this girl. we’re gonna get married”

and dark is like !!! awesome but then maple….maple does something 2 test their friendship……shes like

“listen dude. dont like. cry or anything but like. sparrow was talking about it, and i said yeah, and she like. wants u 2 be the best man. if ur not like busy.”

dark cries. he cries for a v long time. hes so happy he promises 2 bathe and wear the best suit.

I had 20+ posts done for Gen. 3 and decided to scrap them all because I wasn’t liking the way Reese’s story line was going, rip having a long queue :/

Ereri/Riren moments ☆ part XIV ♡

Eren’s favourite animals are birds ever since he was little child.

Now for his birthday Levi got him two budgies, a blue and a yellow one and like the 7yo he is in his head he named them Ocean and Sunflower.

He loves them with all his heart and Levi’s heart melted again when he saw those tears of happiness coming out of the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen.