are in there as well

Even doesn’t plan it. At least, not in the way he had expected to be planning the inevitability that was his and Isak’s future. 

But then the kid happened; a sweet school aged girl with big, brown eyes and a gap toothed smile and she held out an assortment of hand carved (even if they weren’t the finest quality) wooden rings in the middle of Marrakesh. And Even just started at them, and glanced back at to where Isak had his head thrown back laughing with another shop keeper.

Even swallows and points to one. And honestly the girl probably sharked him and charged him for more than it was worth, but. But. 

He closes his palm around the ring and breathes for a few moments, feeling sweat gather and pool around his collarbone from the heat, before he slides the wooden ring into his pocket for safe keeping.

Isak trails up to him seconds later with a new pair of sunglasses and a smile that could rival the sun herself. 

Later, when the sun is gone and Isak is dozing in their hotel room, Even gets out of bed and slips the ring out of his pocket, tracing the circle over and over again; feeling every ridge, every design, every heartbeat that threatens to collapse is chest.

And then Isak snuffles in his sleep and Even knows. He knows what he’s going to do and he knows how right it feels. Fuck their age, their struggles, because Even knows and he has never known anything like this. So he rolls over to face Isak and brushes a few strands of hair away from his face, and grins when Isak’s eyes open hazily.

“Hi,” Even whispers and Isak returns the greeting.

Even opens his palm and places the little wooden thing on the pilliow case in front of Isak.

Isak stares at it for a moment, before glancing back at Even.

“Isak,” Even whispers, “I just- I love you. I love you so much that sometimes I think it’s impossible to love someone this much. And I know that it’s not a real ring, but… I don’t know. Or- what I do know is there isn’t a day that I don’t want to be with you. So I guess I’m asking…. well, I guess I’m asking.”

Isak lets out a breath and shifts a bit in bed, lips open just a touch in the way they always do when Isak is caught off guard. 

“Will you-”





DCAF 2017: Aisling 2015 - 2017

I wasn’t sure about the BG so I put in the plain version as well

I wanted to redraw my 2015 mermaid series, because I really wasn’t happy with having traditional prints at my booth. They were sloppy, and despite being fun to make, they really don’t reflect my style at all. I’m so happy to have finished one, and that it was Aisling - my sweet, calm girl. 

She calms me down. 


Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire mobile game trailer

OKAY, I HAD TO WROTE THIS! Im so MOHNSTAD/CHRISEVA TRASH! Its my version of the last clip. 

(Probably maaaany mistakes but well.. i dont give a shit and I want CHRISEVA!)


They finally was a couple. Chris just still couldn’t believe in that. Eva seriously asked him to be her date on Sana’s party. 

And of course he said yes. He was her boyfriend, officially.

They were talking about the food and lookng to each others eyes.

-I don’t like tomatos. - said Eva, pursed her nose. 

-I can eat it if you don’t want to. - whispered Chris to her ear. Eva smiled to him and gave a little kiss on his cheek. 

In next minute they both saw Jonas and Emma together. Eva looked at Chris face. 

-Are you still mad about what happened with me and Jonas? - red-haired asked him without smile. 

-No, not now. I know you did this because you was afraid your feelings for me and I know that meant nothing for you. And well, Jonas looks happy with that girl.

-And I’m happy with you. - said Eva and kissed Chris. 

Now, everything was perfect for both of them. They were perfect for each other.