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But hear me out… Yurio totally lowkey ships Victuuri


^This was actually the first thing I drew and I just thought that it needed a cute little backstory ^-^

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(official) seventeen – ‘smile flower’ video teaser

IT COULD HAVE HAPPENED we could have had it allllllllll…..

Welcome to my new shipping hell, I’m the only one here and it sucks. But I mean. What if, though. What if Pre Vizsla recognized Maul for all the amazing potential he could have had for Mandalore. What if he saw the Mandalorian spirit Maul had so much of, and genuinely, actually, allied himself with Maul. And Maul claimed the title of Mand’alor not because he killed his predecessor but because the Mandalorian people saw someone worth following. (Although invoking single combat is truly one of the Mandalorian ways of succession, so it was a legitimate path to claiming the right to lead by Mandalorian law. Maul was behaving very much the Mandalorian by doing so in canon and Bo-Katan had no right to complain in that regard. Ugh. Anyway.)

I just really like Death Watch being able to reclaim their heritage and tradition and bring that back to the rest of Mandalore. Maul made an excellent Mandalorian and would have lead them well if canon would have just left him alone.

ANYWAY, ninth in a series of pictures of Maul being happy with a variety of characters as is his right, instead of the fuckery canon gives us.

Alex: “Don’t let her size fool you, she’s going to be the first female professional gridball player, I know it!”
Alex: “Shh, she’s sleeping. ❤︎”
Penny: “Could you give me a moment? Amelia’s a little fussy right now.”
Penny: “*humming*”

(possible) final portraits and new dialogue for mommy and daddy Penny/Alex ;-;///