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and you know the second miles edgeworth displays any amount of Feeling whatsoever the entire wedding party is gonna lose its shit. especially franziska. she’ll yell at him later for making her mascara get smudged

pisces rising gives me a lot of emotions and being leo sun moon gives me a lot of tantrum power but being repressed gives me the ability to shove it all down until once every three years i implode all over some poor bastard who wronged me just right


Fitzsimmons + Reunion Hugs 


I really like how in Seraph of the End they show that despite Mika and Yuu both vowing to save and protect each other, they do it in different ways. Mika keeps Yuu safe on a mostly physical level- he helps him in battle, carries him away when he’s injured, and tries his best to keep Yuu from rushing into dangerous situations. On the other hand, though, Yuu helps Mika on a mostly emotional level- he’s his support and stability. Mika doesn’t always need physical protection because his body is practically invulnerable, but his mental and emotional health is pretty bad. Not only does Yuu help him to be happy again, but he also encourages him to keep on living despite the difficulties and tries his best to support him (though he really does need to actually sit down and *listen* to what Mika has to say on things). And Mika’s mental health/depression is treated as something that he genuinely needs saving from just as much as Yuu needs to be saved from physical harm, which is nice.

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senior syndrome

pairing: marcus flint x oliver wood

setting: modern, non-magical, college vampire au

word count: 3,131 

written for: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @bunimalsfiberdolls !!!!!!! 

notes: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Marcus wakes up thirsty.

He blinks, scrubbing at the corners of his eyes. There’s a suspiciously crusty stain on the inside of his bedspread; it isn’t white, but it’s not not white, either. He doesn’t know which pledge had laundry duty last week, but he thinks it was probably Goyle. Goyle always forgets to add detergent. Possibly, Goyle isn’t actually aware he’s supposed to add detergent.


Marcus rolls over. His tongue is sticking to the roof of his mouth, and his throat feels dry and rough and a little like he might’ve accidentally gargled paint thinner. A strange burning sensation is piercing his gut; if he concentrates, he can almost trace it back to a gently pulsating spot between his tonsils.  

Swallowing hurts.  

Swallowing hurts a lot.  

He vows not to try that again, and then idly wonders if he’s getting sick. That would suck. Hooch is picking captains at the end of the week, and Marcus would really enjoy stripping that fuzzy felt “C” off Wood’s jersey. Especially now. Especially after three months of silence and stupid passive aggressive Snap stories featuring way too many fishing boats. And lakes. And sad, ugly, shirtless Canadian bros who definitely didn’t need to, like, molest Wood so thoroughly.  


Marcus’s stomach rumbles.

He instinctively swipes at his teeth with the tip of his tongue.

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Worlds 2017

Post FD hug <3

Can we talk about how this is the second time Bellamy has quietly pleaded with Clarke to come inside?

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With that epic Graveltone™ which Bob uses when Bellamy is trying to dissuade Clarke from doing something self-destructive and sacrificial (see also: “you’re out of your mind if you think I’m letting you do this alone”)?

Only this time, the gate they’re standing at is metaphorical and in the future – a gate that neither of them want to be standing at.

But this time, he isn’t taking no for an answer. This time Bellamy Blake is not letting her walk away into nothingness. Last time he thought it was what she needed, now he knows it’s not. This time, he has faced the fact that he needs her and he cannot come to terms with his own name on that list unless hers is right beside it.  What’s more – and this is the clincher – he’s got an honest to god reason to fight for his own survival because now he’s convinced that Clarke believes in him and maybe, just maybe, that means he can look himself in the mirror again.

And you know what else? This time she doesn’t fight him. She knows, now, that she doesn’t have to bear any of this alone. And what is more, when he writes her name down, he’s letting her know that she, Clarke Griffin, deserves to be on the list. Not just for him (and yes for him because that is also what he’s finally telling her) but for everyone, all the people she couldn’t bear to face when she walked away last time. Because even though she thought she could leave because they had you,  ultimately that wasn’t enough. Not for Bellamy. Not for her people.  She matters to everyone and she only believes it because Bellamy believes it and finally, finally she’s allowing her faith in his judgement to override all her self-doubt. 

Bellamy and Clarke’s belief in each other is life-affirming, folks.  They finally understand what they mean to each other and that’s what validation looks like.