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Okay, after last episodes I definitely should’ve made another updated version. This time I prefer to not put my headcanon Celena’s cheekmarks so all of this information is canon.


On a full moon night in his 7th year, James lost the control of his animagus form and accidently got back to his human form in the middle of the forest, where he was almost attacked by Remus. Sirius saved him, but James got out of there pretty hurt. He didn’t want to go to the hospital wing because there would be so many lies to come up with. Almost out of option, he magically sent Lily a message to her dormitory, asking her to go to the potion class to help him out if she could - no question asked. Intrigued and curious, Lily went there. That was the conversation they had at 2 a.m while she was preparing a potion. This was also when James discovered Lily knew about Remus and this was when Lily discovered she had some sort of feeling for him - she have always admired his loyalty towards his best friends.

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The Avengers frequently lose Bucky after he officially joins the team. He goes away for hours at a time and everyone just assumes it’s best not to bother him. 

The thing is, the facility has a big kitchen and Bucky’s taken to hanging out in the facility’s huge, walk-in freezer. Weirdly, cold storage is his safe space. And because Bucky’s dealt with full-on cryo, the freezer is more like a spa than a fridge. It barely feels cold, and he can hang out for quite a while before it gets hard to breathe.

No one knows where he goes until one day Sam is getting a snack. And there’s Bucky, playing solitaire and eating ice cream sandwiches next to a bulk supply of frozen vegetables. 

There’s an intensely awkward minute of silent confusion as they size each other up.

Sam goes to get Steve. 

Steve steps into the fridge and takes in the sight of his best friend, slightly frosted, casually playing cards by himself. “What are you doing in here, Buck?” he asks.

Bucky plays another card and shrugs. “Just chillin’.”


“Do you want coffee?“

When Geoff was recruiting a new member to the crew, he tried to intimidate him with the Vagabond. It just turned out that Jeremy knew Ryan but not the Vagabond. And Geoff didn’t even know his name was Ryan.