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the twelth dwarf

So a friend of our group is playing for the first time and the DM did a short and free round (with no particular story). This friend was playing an Orc (who wasn’t exceptionally smart).

DM: You wake up in a dark, small room, you can see a lot of tiny furniture etc. around you.

Orc: I try to smash the walls. *manages to roll something decent but nothing good*

DM: Suddenly a dwarf appears in the doorway attracted by the wall banging and is kinda unhappy that you try to rampage through his home.

Orc: I smash the dwarf.

DM: … what? Why?! It’s just a dwarf!


DM: okay fine … You kill the dwarf but from the noise, suddenly, twelve dwarf kids and the father appear.

S/o from the party: YOU KILLED THEIR MUM?!


DM: WHAT?? These are dwarf kids what is wrong with you?

Orc: … okay fine I kill eleven kids and rip the dads arm off.

DM: … how is that even better? FINE. You kill eleven dwarf kids and rip off the arm of their dad who presumably dies if nobody comes and helps which seems pretty unlikely after you murdered his whole family.

Me: You know this actually sounds like the start of one of these fantasy books where a lone kid has to avenge his murdered family. I bet they’d call it “The twelth Dwarf” and it would be epically stupid.

DM: Yeah better keep an eye on the last dwarf.

Orc: Should I better kill him then now?

Everyone: NO!


Love wins, folks

So on June 26 two years ago, gay marriage got legalized in all states of america and I don’t even live there but for some reason I still remember the date. I know this is really late for pride month considering it’s already the last week but I swear I didn’t forget and I wanted to make something special since I know this month is special for tons of people (including me!)

Also, thanks to @windex-noises and @sassycsap for the suggesting ideas for what they should wear bc it made this 10x a lot more fun to do. 


Lately i have been playing Don’t Starve Together with @ironical-ghosty and @talesofladeda , playing as Webber i’m currently a proud owner of both my Broodling pet and Koalefant farm~! ((12 of them atm with one of them being Winter Koalefant))

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"Aren't you even going to cry?" Xx

The Mill is dark. 

Robert came home, poured himself a drink and sat down. He can’t remember what number drink he is on, but the sun has gone down and the only light in the room is from the streetlamps outside.

It hurts; somewhere in his chest a hole has appeared, a hole left from something recently lost. Maybe he shouldn’t be feeling it at all. Maybe the alcohol will drown it out.

He winces as he takes another sip, winces when the lights suddenly come on and his eyes need a moment to adjust. He can’t help but wince at the expression on Aaron’s face. Anger is the best word to describe it. 

“Want one?” Robert asks, raising his glass towards his husband. At least they are still husbands. 

“No,” Aaron replies curtly, lips thin and eyes shrewd, “thanks.”

“Suit yourself,” Robert mutters. The whiskey burns on its way down, less than it did when he started at least. His nerves are starting to feel less. Good. 

Aaron sits down opposite him, places a hand over Robert’s, squeezes. 

“Robert, I’m sorry -” 

“Don’t,” Robert interrupts. It is unkind but he can’t hear it right now. It is all coming crashing down and he can’t hear it. 

Aaron looks at him, waits, eyes pleading but voice silent. He let’s Robert sit, maybe he knows that this is how Robert needs to handle it. Robert hopes so as he knocks back his glass and sets it down on the table harder than necessary. 

“Talk to me,” Aaron whispers. Robert’s head jerks sideways, a quick shake that reminds him of what he heard, what he knows. He bites his lip to stifle a sob. He can’t cry. Not because of this. 

“Don’t know what to say.”

Aaron moves his chair closer, places his other hand on Robert’s thigh. 

“Tell me what you’re thinking.” Aaron’s voice is soft, gentle, kind. It cuts through Robert’s barriers more efficiently than he would like to admit. He remains silent nevertheless. “Aren’t you even going to cry?” 

Robert shakes his head, refuses to think about it. Refuses to remember Ross loudly proclaim that the child is his; refuses to remember Rebecca admit that they didn’t - that he didn’t. 

“I shouldn’t cry, Aaron… not over this.” Robert manages to say the words without his chin quivering. “I don’t want to cry because I won’t be a father, I don’t want you to think it makes me sad.” 

Aaron shakes his head, eyes sad as he looks at his husband. 

“You’re allowed to feel, Robert… You have hated yourself for months, and now you know it was all a lie. I’ve seen how it has eaten at you, but it’s over now,” Aaron whispers softly. “You don’t have to hate yourself anymore.” 

Robert’s shoulders shake at Aaron’s words, breaking the dam. He sobs, presses his cheek to Aaron’s shoulder as he wraps his arms around him. Aaron can help him. Aaron always does. By the time he is done Aaron’s shoulder is soggy and Robert feels wrung out, exhausted, broken. 

Aaron makes him some toast and pulls him upstairs. He curls in on himself and can almost feel the hole left behind by his self-loathing and guilt in his chest. The alcohol wasn’t entirely efficient enough then.

He has been hating himself for so long he doesn’t know how to stop. 

Maybe Aaron can help with that too.

KNK dancing to Hello Bitches is everything I didn’t know I needed


Growth will come from my decay and flowers will bloom from my failures.
My heart is sprouting plants, and roots have gone deep in my veins.
From the ground I rise, bringing envy to the spring.
I will be as beautiful as your ugly and as ugly as your beautiful.
Winter is devoid of growth but spring is promising on renewal.
A resurrection of spirit bringing new generations of green leaves and bright flowers.
For my soul found a new form.
And a great escape from void.
The old has become the new and the cycle has repeated again.

Collaboration by: @bruisedpens@vardhanaaaa@giulswrites@justscribbledwords@misplacednotes@mark-poems@inkflawed 💚💚