are for beings that give me pointless feels

You will find someone one day, whether it’s in ten months or ten years, that will not only take your breath away but remind you to breathe. Being around them will become one of your favorite places. You’ll have endless and sometimes pointless conversations with them and nothing will mean everything to you. The genuine care for one another and wanting to make that commitment is the important part, wanting to stay with that person for how ever long you both desire and not give up no matter the case. They will be like meeting your other half that doesn’t complete you, but makes you a better you and brings out your best qualities. When you find them, you’ll know.
—  thelastenvelope

I read an article titled “50 reasons to not have children” and the reasons were bullshit, as someone who doesn’t want children, I found them insulting, however the comments made me sick to my stomach.

The men were commenting things like “women without children are selfish and bad”, “what’s the point of being a woman if you don’t have children”, “our ancestors had children and that’s why we’re here” (pal, looking at you, I bet your ancestors regret their decision) and other demeaning ones about how women without children are pointless. And I can’t help but wish men were the pregnant ones. Then we’d see how many of them were still desperate to make kids.

I hate that I feel this way, but sometimes it hurts. This is the way everyone will think of me for the rest of my life. A big part of me doesn’t give a shit, because I put my happiness first and having no children is what makes me happy, but a smaller part of me wonders why is this so frowned upon. Why is my decision everyone’s business?

Hope I’ll make some friends with the same opinions and won’t feel like the odd one out anymore.

Sometimes I am absolutely amazed at how heartless people can be. How people can love you one second then vanish from your life the next without feeling just a little bad. I honestly don’t like the fact that I’ll talk to someone for weeks and tell them everything about me, get to know them, tell them all about my life goals and dreams. When I open up to someone it takes every bit of pride that I have just to be able to be open about my life and experiences. I’d like to think just for one second that my feelings actually fucking matter and in all reality they don’t mean anything to someone that’s just bored. I’m nothing more than some entertainment and I’m sick of it being that way. I hate these pointless relationships. Either you are 100% for me or you 100% against me. Don’t give out false intentions.