are fiends

Lines that have made me reload a save immediately
  • “Harold… Did you break my gargoyle?”
  • “Harold. Lying is literally one of the ten things we never do.”
  • “Bro, I’m not really feeling brunch anymore.”

More as it develops.

There were few people in the world who understood how much Will and Jem had loved each other, did love each other, and how much Will missed him
—  Tessa Gray, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME~ As a gift, I got myself the chutzpah to start practicing comics and long-form storytelling.

These are the first 6 pages of Fiend and Hera’s story, False Edge. It’s perfect for a first try: I’m invested in the characters, but without being so precious with them that I’m scared to mess up. Plus, it’s full of excuses to draw monsters and violence and gratuitous shots of Fiend’s butt. But for now: nice cat people.

ANYWAY if you wanna see where this goes (and where Fiend comes in), I’ll be posting new pages at @false-edge everyyyyyy what’s today. Wednesday.

Boy, I’m going to live to hate Wednesdays.