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i thought it was impossible to get any gayer than i already am, but then i saw her beautiful face and all sudden i become more and more gayer than i’ve ever thought.

black paladin! lance

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anonymous asked:

Do you think that destiel could become canon without Cas becoming human?

It could in theory be a part of the story while it builds, if they decide to make it a blatant “they’re in love but can’t be together yet” story but Cas’s endgame is to be Human and for them to be in a happy relationship they both need their individual endgames to be complete.

So it could be that it is canon in terms of being declared, being built up etc but not a happy canon long term relationship without Cas having his own personal endgame of being Human.

Also, it comes back to every immortal / mortal story where something has to give - one has to become the same as the other or it ends in misery, like the non movie version of Arwen and Aragorn and we don’t want that!!!!

Every theory I come up with keeps circling back towards you. 

theoneandonlyameliajones  asked:

I love love love love love your art work it is beautiful. I have been going around to different blogs to ask their opinion on the triangle. Do you think that the writers will pursue this iconic triangle. If they do do you think that Bughead will disappear or will they still be endgame.

Thank you so much 😊 With regard to the triangle– I grew up reading these comics and was always in the barchie-endgame camp pre-Riverdale, but I think with the show, they’ve written and developed bughead so well that I really don’t see them doing barchie at all. They kind of tease that triangle here and there but I think bughead is definitely endgame and if there are any uncertainties it’s going to be with Archie or Veronica or an external factor that has nothing to do with a love triangle. Also if you’ve read interviews with the writers, I think they feel too that a couple staying together is actually more fresh, more interesting to write for, than what has become commonplace on tv, which is couples hooking up/ breaking up/ pairing off with every other character. So I really hope they don’t follow that tired route, because it really is more interesting to see a couple stay together, work shit out, and not let things (life) get in the way. ✌️