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With You {Part 1}

Mark Tuan x Reader x Jinyoung
Genre: AU/Angst

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The summer heat filled the kitchen as you stirred the batter of the cupcakes you were making. Even with the windows wide open, no breeze came in and the air was filled with sweetness. With the back of your hand you dabbed at the sweat that had trickled down your neck as you mixed the batter with your other hand, the wooden spoon scraping against the metal bowl as you whisked away. The kitchen felt ten degrees hotter than it was outside as you had the oven running. You had made sure to put the icing in the fridge so it wouldn’t turn into a liquid goop while you waited for the first batch of cupcakes to cool. You were still readjusting to the LA summer weather. There were still boxes left unpacked in the living room, and pictures that needed to be hung on your wall. You were slowly starting to feel at home again since you moved back a month ago after five years. Your house phone rang, carrying the bowl of batter you walked over to answer it, still mixing on the way.

 “Hey mom,” you said as you continued to whip the batter, “I’m still working on the cupcakes for their anniversary,” you said tucking the phone between your ear and shoulder and making your way back towards the counter.

 “That’s good darling, I was just checking up and to remind you that it starts at 4:30.” You could hear your mom fiddling in the background.

 You glanced over your shoulder at the clock, noting that you still had a couple more hours before you had to start getting ready, “Don’t worry mom, I didn’t forget. I’ll be there with an armful of cupcakes.”

 “Okay, see you at their house later. Are you by yourself?” your mom asked.

 You starting lining the tin pan with more cupcake liners, “Yeah, Jinyoung and her are at the aquarium. They will meet us at their house later.”

 There was a moment of silence on the other line, “Mark is back you know.” Your mother stated.

 You froze as soon as you heard your mother say his name, “I thought he was supposed to be away in Asia?”

 “He’s here now, I’ve heard that he’s settling back in LA and running the operations from here. What are you going to do?” you could hear her concerned voice over the phone.

“We’ll only be there for a bit, just to congratulate them.” You said as you bit your bottom lip.

 “Okay dear, I will see you then.” your mother hung up the phone

 You removed the phone from you ear and placed it on the counter. He’s back. You ruminated over what your mom just told you. The feeling of your heart pounded rapidly against your chest and a pit started to form in your stomach. You suddenly felt too weak to mix the batter.

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sherlysthougths  asked:

Just noticing a trend here. Every time we as the tumblr community come up with a possible answer for Celestia to have a relationship like she wants, there's always an excuse to be had as to why that answer won't work. Does the artist just want to forever blue ball Celestia with lack of cuddles and fun times?

A little bit. 

Largely because at the end of the day, she’s cool with it. She’d like the company and has fun with the chase but she’s perfectly happy without too. A relationship to her is like sprinkles on a cupcake. It’d be cool to have them but that cupcake is still damn wonderful even without it.

Also because I’m hesitant to make this blog about two ships and, well, just because things aren’t working out RIGHT THIS MOMENT with a particular character doesn’t mean your favorite Celestia ship (sans-twilestia) can’t happen in the distant future.

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Halloween was, without a doubt, your favorite holiday. You absolutely loved the dressing up, the candy, the movies, the decorations; there were so many things to do and so many people to scare. You were one of those people who planned their costumes a year in advance. On November first every year, you’d cross another character off your Halloween list and set to work choosing the next.

It was just who you were.

However, you’d never dealt with having a partner who was just as excited about the holiday as you. Hyunjung was the first person you’d dated that even partially cared about Halloween. And as much as she cared about the holiday, she also cared that the two of you had matching costumes.

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