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See the cast of Hamilton show their support to the LGBT community this pride month!

It’s no secret that the cast of Hamilton have been allies to the LGBT community for a long time, their acts of support and unity range from founder Lin Manuel Miranda’s ‘Love Is’ speech in remembrance of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting to the tour cast taking part in the upcoming San Fran pride parade.

Also never to be overlooked is the presence of those of the cast who are openly members of the LGBT community, who use their platform to inform and educate about the struggles that the community face, in particular it’s POC members who face discrimination even from other members of the LGBT community and are often made to feel particularly unsafe due to the denial of basic human rights. This is shocking as most of the progress we as a community have made was thanks to the suffrage and hard work of POC.

If you do one thing today, regardless of your race, regardless of your sexuality or whether or not you’re a Hamilton fan, you should strive to use your voice and position to fight for the rights of those who are denied them, yet deserve them as much as any of us.

There is literally no reason for asexuals to Not be included in the LGBTQ+ community

Simply put, it just makes sense.

1: Ace people face very similar issues to many other LGBTQ+ folks (compulsory heterosexuality, corrective rape, abuse in relationships/at home/by friends bc of sexuality, heteronormativity, stigma, pathologisation etc). These are simply facts.

1.5: Also try asking yourself, why are you okay with calling bad treatment of overweight people “fatphobia” but not bad treatment of aroace people “aphobia”? It’s simply an easy to use term that is well established in the community. Also the argument that ace people don’t experience discrimination and oppression the same was other LGBTQ+ people do falls kind of flat, bc neither do lesbians in comparison to bisexual men, or nonbinary trans people in comparison to bisexual women. (Also please stop calling yourselves “aphobes”, make “i hate ace people” “””jokes”””, or compare us to mike pence and similar (yes ive seen this). I am, like many other aces, queer. it’s really insensitive, it’s rude, it makes me and many others feel awful and betrayed by our own community. Just, please stop).

2: Ace people don’t “steal” or take resources from other LGBTQ+ folks. If an ace person is homeless, then they do need shelter (like, if a gay person is homeless for a reason unrelated to their sexuality, for example chronical physical illness, then are they “stealing” LGBTQ+ resources? No. They’re not). And if an ace person is suicidal etc bc of their sexuality, then they do need that LGBTQ+ suicide hotline. If it is like you all say, that ace people don’t need these resources, then they won’t take them either. Simple as that.

3: And no, the full acronym isn’t necessarily LGBTQ. the acronym has changed A Lot throughout the years. from “gays and lesbian association” to what it is today, with a lot of acronyms and variants before that and on the journey till today. Accepting those in need and those similar to us is just how this community naturally evolves!

3.5: …And no, this doesn’t mean that pedophiles, zoophiles, and “kinky” people will be allowed into the community. Those aren’t sexual orientations and you know it. And they are not oppressed, discriminated against, or unfairly treated in society. This I have trouble expressing in English but I think you all get what I mean.

4: That argument generally is pretty USA centric. In many countries the current official acronym is in fact HBTQ (in popular media and newspaper), and HBTQ+ by official HBTQ+ organisations and other educated people! and many countries use different terminology entirely based on their language and history.

5: And no, there is no reason to exclude ace people bc “they’re our oppressors” bc guess what? Ace people are more often than not not straight (They are only straight if they choose to use the split attraction model, identify as either heteroromantic asexual or heterosexual aromantic, and identify as straight. You do not get to choose an ace person’s labels and erase their identity.), they don’t have hetero privilege (straight passing isn’t a privilege remember). also:

5.5: Cis people oppress trans people. White peoples oppress POC. Abled people oppress disabled people. And we share the community anyway, right? Sadly, it’s not a 100% safe space for all people. It’s too a diverse community for that. However, that doesn’t mean that we can exclude people based on that! Of course, ace people can’t speak over gay people on gay issues, the same way gay people can’t speak over trans people on trans issues.

6: Ace people are already accepted into the LGBTQ+ community by most people and organisations etc who know about aroace people. Both online and offline. We get taught about it in sex ED in school as such, official pride organisations include it in their commercials and information etc, and ace people are welcome and will in fact Not be hunted or targeted by other LGBTQ+ folks at pride! Generally speaking, this is tumblr phenomenon and something most regular pride goers don’t even know about.

Just making my stance on this matter clear on this subject bc recently I’ve seen a huge rise in discourse and nasty people saying terrible things, on both sides mind you, but yeah. My opinions, incomplete and defintely open to change. (And before you people go off a note, I’m ace, bi, and trans).

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Moonlight Academy Google Classroom

I have recently discovered Google classroom and came up with the idea of creating a classroom to specifically for connecting witches and encouraging them to learn all they can on witchcraft.

What will be included?

  1. Weekly Discussion Topics
  2. Advice from seasoned witches
  3. Witchcraft book recommendations
  4. Weekly assignments
  5. Connections with a variety of witches, lets make this witchcraft community stronger!
  6. Powerpoint presentations 
  7. Videos 
  8. Weekly ‘themes’

Who will be included?

Anyone with an interest in furthering their path through google classroom

What do you need?

A gmail account and an open mind :)

NOTE: I will be looking for other witches, preferably those with a bit of experience, to help me run this.  Shoot me a message if you are interested!

I will post the code to get onto google classroom once everything is organized.

Have some ideas or questions on this google classroom? Please feel free to message me! I would love some feedback. 

This large development of a petty bourgeoisie within the American laboring class is a post-Marxian phenomenon and the result of the tremendous and world wide development of capitalism in the 20th Century. The market of capitalistic production has gained an effective world-wide organization. Industrial technique and mass production have brought possibilities in the production of goods and services which out-run even this wide market. A new class of technical engineers and managers has arisen forming a working class aristocracy between the older proletariat and the absentee owners of capital. The real owners of capital are small as well as large investors — workers who have deposits in savings banks and small holdings in stocks and bonds; families buying homes and purchasing commodities on installment; as well as the large and rich investors.

Of course, the individual laborer gets but an infinitesimal part of his income from such investments. On the other hand, such investments, in the aggregate, largely increase available capital for the exploiters, and they give investing laborers the capitalistic ideology. Between workers and owners of capital stand today the bankers and financiers who distribute capital and direct the engineers.

Thus the engineers and the saving better-paid workers, from a new petty bourgeois class, whose interests are bound up with those of the capitalists and antagonistic to those of common labor. On the other hand, common labor in America and white Europe far from being motivated by any vision of revolt against capitalism, has been blinded by the American vision of the possibility of layer after layer of the workers escaping into the wealthy class and becoming managers and employers of labor.

Thus in America we have seen a wild and ruthless scramble of labor groups over each other in order to climb to wealth on the backs of black labor and foreign immigrants. The Irish climbed on the Negroes. The Germans scrambled over the Negroes and emulated the Irish. The Scandinavians fought forward next to the Germans and the Italians and “Bohunks” are crowding up, leaving Negroes still at the bottom chained to helplessness, first by slavery, then by disfranchisement and always by the Color Bar.

—  ‘Marxism and the Negro Problem’, W.E.B. Du Bois, 1933.

Here is Jacksepticeye’s live stream for those that will miss it today :)