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One day, not long from now, [your dad]’s gonna wake up, he’s– he’s gonna walk outside and the word ‘terrorist’ is gonna be painted on his car. His mailbox is gonna be so full of hate and death-threats, he’s just gonna give up. His friends, his family, they’re not gonna come around. His phone won’t ring.

The entire point of the right-wing and conservative political project is to legitimize hierarchy. They are willing to use any method to do it, and that is why they are supposedly so fraught with contradiction. But they are only contradictions if you take them at their word. Every right-wing position makes perfect sense if you realize that their entire reason for existing is to legitimize or re-legitimize hierarchical relationships of power. 

Conservatives hate the government when it undermines market or wealth hierarchies. Conservatives love the government when it upholds racial or cultural hierarchies (or wealth and market hierarchies). Conservatives hate so-called “politically correct” language when it undermines cultural or racial hierarchies. They love “politically correct” enforcement when it upholds them.

So there really is no contradiction. Conservatism loves deference to authority and unequal relationships of power, and they will use whatever method they can to legitimize or re-legitimize them.


A note left on the wall by serial killer William Heirens (more commonly known as the lipstick killer) at the scene of the murder of his second victim Frances Brown (33).

Harry S. Truman was the President of the United States when Lipstick Killer William Heirens first confessed to his crimes. He then spent 65 years in prison for the serial killing of three women in the Chicago area before dying in March 2012 age 83.

The victims of Heirens were Josephine Ross, Frances Brown and six year old Suzanne Degnan. Josephine Ross had her face covered before being stabbed to death. Frances Brown was shot and stabbed to death. Suzanne Degnan was dismembered.

The Lipstick Killer appeared to have an uncontrollable urge to attack and kill women. Although Heirens was convicted of the Lipstick Killer murders he later recanted his initial confession to police claiming he was coerced into confessing by police brutality. However, it was recorded that the Lipstick Killer urinated and defecated in the apartments of the women he murdered - which Heirens also did in the apartments he burgled prior.