are cats dogs


Pet animals appreciation post 😂☺️💕

The grey/brown/white spotted doggy is the mother and her name is Chicklette

The white fluffy one is the father and his name is Shrek (remember that whole thing about shrek is love shrek is life well my brothers took it too far to the point my mom thought it was funny to name our dog that she doesn’t know where it came from)

The brown and white one is their daughter Pyper ❤️ (I wish my mom would’ve spelled it piper but whatevssss)

Also we have a doge (simon) that’s like 120 in dog years and is barely alive and a cat (mango) who is afraid of everything but she always fights with Pyper.

I just love animals they’re so cute and always there for u when ur sad so I wanted to appreciate them. Feel free to add pics of your animals to this because I love to see cute animals ❤️