are bike parks cheating

My action plan to justify flying to Australia to see Nathan Page in a play - DAY ONE HUNDRED!!!!!

Today marks the ONE HUNDREDTH DAY of my Action Plan!

That is absolutely astounding to me!

 One hundred hours of cycling!

One hundred days of loving and appreciating my husband!

One hundred posts written!

 Time for a happy dance!

[Flailing! Dancing! Dancing that looks like flailing!]

I did ride a bike today for an hour, and my husband felt loved and appreciated, but I don’t want to talk about either of these things today.

In honour of reaching this milestone, here are 100 things that I have learned so far from my Action Plan:

1.   I have no natural sense of balance.

2.   Falling on pavement hurts.

3.   Falling on grass hurts.

4.   Falling into bushes hurts.

5.   Falling into cactus REALLY hurts. And cacti are vindictive plants.

6.   I am most vulnerable to injury when my bicycle is not moving. (And especially when I put it in motion. Oh god. Please avert your eyes!)

7.   Aqua-biking may be my favourite activity, ever!

8.   Three-year-olds should never be allowed to hold their Christmas puppies’ leashes.

9.   Riding uphill is less scary than riding downhill.

10. I do not like to go fast on a bicycle. (Someday I hope to want to go fast on a bicycle).

11. The recumbent bike is heavenly on days when just setting foot in the gym feels like an accomplishment.

12. I will do just about anything when asked to by someone with an Australian accent.

13. It is very hard to find a competent bicycle to rent in Hawaii.

14. If you can neither inhale nor exhale without pain, your ribs may be broken.

15. It is a VERY bad idea to fall asleep on an untethered air mattress in the ocean.

16. Music makes cycling much more fun.

17. Texting with friends makes indoor cycling much more fun (but also negatively impacts the quality of your workout.)

18. Mean people suck. Bullies are the worst form of mean people.

19. Working out in your underwear in a public gym is disrespectful.

20. The “morning crew” at my gym are much too serious for my taste, and should be avoided.

21. Having the ability to “bank” workout time helps to make working out every day possible.

22. I can ALWAYS cycle on an exercise bike, no matter how tired I am.

23. Oversized handlebars on a rental bike are the stuff of nightmares.

24. Smiling is contagious.

25. If you smile at a man on the beach, it is a very good idea to have smiled at his female walking companion first.

26. Nathan Page has beautiful legs.

27. It is possible to fall off an exercise bicycle. Sleep-deprivation increases this risk.

28. Smuggled wine consumed after midnight (post-workout) in a gym with girlfriends tastes FANTASTIC!

29. It hurts when your children resent your exercise plan.

30. My husband should be canonized.

31. Tumblr friends who are willing to write ridiculous fan fic with me via PM in order to get me through a horrendous workout can never be adequately thanked.

32. Most men do NOT wipe down the exercise equipment at the gym after they have used it. Most women do.

33. Shorts must be chosen very carefully when cycling.

34. Chafing is disastrous when combined with an everyday cycling regime.

35. Purple bikes are the coolest.

36. I do not possess sufficient cycling skill to remove one hand from the handlebars while cycling without risking death. Ever.

37. The clothes you wear when cycling should reflect your level of skill.

38. Only Nathan Page should wear spandex cycling clothing. (However, he is encouraged to do so as often as possible. And to post pictures.)

39. Having to stop a bicycle by pushing backwards on the pedals can cause me to have a panic attack.

40. When I have a panic attack because my brain has forgotten what it needs to tell my feet in order to stop a bike, it is a really bad idea to simultaneously try to dismount the bike, while it is still in motion.

41. Riding a bicycle outside is fun. Really fun.

42. I am a very competitive person. I will not back down from a challenge, once I commit to it.

43. Just because a bicycle has a rusty chain doesn’t mean it can’t give you a great workout.

44. Few things are more rewarding than watching a puddle of sweat form underneath your spin bike.

45.  Animals are not afraid of bicycles. (In fact, they tend to gravitate TOWARDS bicycles).

46. Riding a bicycle around a blind corner, at dusk, is a really bad idea.

47. Cycling on an exercise bike, with your eyes closed, while listening to jazz, is nothing short of heavenly.

48. Cycling on an exercise bike, with your eyes closed, while listening to jazz, should only be done at a gym where you know NO ONE.

49. Snow is slippery.

50. Ice is more slippery than snow.

51. Making up life stories for the people who are working out around you is a great way to get yourself through a difficult workout. (But try to remember that you do not actually know these people, and that your stories are not representative of their real lives. Harder than it seems.)

52. Attraction is about communication.

53. Flirting is fun. Really, really, really fun.

54. Confidence is more important than your waist measurement.

55. Throwing out clothing that does not suit your personality feels fantastic!

56. Getting lost on a bicycle just means extra minutes for the bike bank.

57. There ARE muscles in my legs. And my arms! (Now if we could only find those elusive cheekbones!)

58. Nathan Page is adorable when he speaks the words “push bike.”

59. I should never wear white (anywhere on my body) when cycling. It invites disaster.

60. A bicycle will NOT fit into a Toyota Matrix.

61. No workout feels better than if you have illegally broken into a gym to accomplish it. (Even if you just pushed open an unlocked door to get in. And cycled in the dark. With spiders.)

62. Hearing of others’ workout success inspires me.

63. Setting a reasonable goal, that you can accomplish – no matter how tired or busy you are – is the most important part of beginning an exercise routine.

64. Although family members find it difficult to cope with having an exercise fanatic living in the house, they eventually give up and stop complaining.

65. Texting, with accuracy, while riding a bicycle is an acquired skill.

66. Spiders can hide (and lay eggs) under bicycle seats.

67. Your arms get a workout through cycling as well. (Seriously. This is WILD!)

68. The road to hell is paved with gravel.

69. Always pack 2 pairs of headphones when you go to the gym.

70. Reading a novel when riding an exercise bicycle is NOT cheating.

71. Bikes parked in sand using a kick stand will fall over. It’s just a matter of time.

72. Threatening to lick people, or objects, may not be a mature way to get your way, but it works.

73. Conflict, when handled with care and an open heart, can lead to friendship.

74. I should never cycle after 3 glasses of wine.

75. My singing voice improves significantly after a cycling workout.

76. Nathan Page is skilled enough to ride a bicycle without a helmet. I am not.

77. It is difficult to hear GPS directions from a cell phone (which is buried in a backpack) while cycling.

78. Making myself do an harder workout than I planned, or was required to do, is effective punishment for a whiny brain.

79. Sleep is overrated.

80. Intimacy is about much more than sex.

81. My children do not want to hear about my cycling adventures. Their friends do.

82. Taking a picture of my legs, in my bathroom, after dark is really difficult.

83. Cycling shoes were conceived by the devil.

84. Get to the 6 am spin class early, or you will not get a bike.

85. There are few things more motivational than Nathan Page’s image on a water bottle.

86. The idea of riding my bicycle in Australia – on the wrong side of the road – is really starting to freak me out.

87. Dreaming about cycling is not a sign of acquired skill, just of obsession.

88. Always tell someone WHERE you are going cycling, so they can organize the search party.

89. You MUST replace your cycling tights if you lose too much weight. Not doing so is a really bad idea.

90. This challenge is no longer about cycling, or even about justifying a trip to Australia to see Nathan Page in a play. It’s about connection, and finding meaning in life each and every day.

91. The search for connection is what gets me out of bed. Being motivated to exercise is easy, when it’s viewed as a practice of “connecting.”

92. Cycling is a wonderful form of meditation.

93. Connecting with beauty is powerful, life-affirming, and altruistic. Beauty is everywhere.

94. Relying on the support and care of others is not a sign of weakness, it is a celebration of connection.

95. Writing a blog every day about riding a bicycle for an hour is MUCH more difficult than the act of riding a bicycle every day for an hour.

96. I am more afraid of flying than I am of spiders.

97. “Do whatever it is that scares the shit out of you!” is the best advice I have ever gotten. Thanks, Nathan.

98. I have totally and completely fallen in love with cycling. I can’t imagine my life without cycling being a part of it.

99. I am already dreading what it will feel like to not connect with so many of you, every day, when this is all over. (Sigh).

100. I was most likely lying when I said that this challenge is no longer about Nathan Page. Of course it is! (Not entirely, but he is still the catalyst to this insanity!) This is the best mid-life crisis – EVER!

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me! It would not have been possible to make it 100 days without you!