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Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and they have like stars in them? I just did and I'm in love

A boy once told me the freckles in my eyes remind him of constellations

What i don't like

Unnecessary comments on PharMercy post from gen//cy shippers that they don’t ship it/its bad/or that their ship is “canon”
It cost 0$ to be nice and just ignore the post. So why you have to be rude and ruin a good post with useless comments?

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Ah, shit. I (a man) had no idea that my desire to be tied up, blindfolded and gagged while someone -- man or woman -- fucked me was harmful to women. I'm so glad I've had a Tumblr Feminist set me straight.

The blindfold is actually a metaphor for how you are blind to the suffering of women. The gag is a metaphor for not speaking up for them. The rope that binds you is a mere mockery of that which binds women to the kitchen sink.

~ Vape


I’ve seen a lot of post episode 12 fanart of Yuuri and Yurio growing their hair out so naturally I had to do a ton of hairstyle doodles.

(On another note, thank you for 2000+ followers on my fanart blog *sobs*)

Bonus: the man who started this hair growing/cutting craze:


On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder, that the stars peeked in to see you” happy birthday @amazingphil !