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How about we talk about the moment Harry asks you to stop taking/using any forms of birth control? He's ready to make a family with you and he's noticed the hints you've been dropping lately and he knows you'll only go forward with this if he's the one to ask you so he comes home one day and asks you to stop using prevention and please, love, give him a baby.

…How about you shut up? 

Alright, fine, let’s do this.

(I love you.)

“Maybe we don’t need it anymore.”

You let out a squeak, because he’s practically on top of you. You’ve just rolled over and away from him to reach into the drawer of the nightstand to take your pill after your alarm had gone off to remind you and he’d… not exactly lunged, but he’d done a funny sort of heavy flip-flop on the bed to chase after you and now his outstretched arm has covered your own which is fumbling for the package in the drawer. 

You don’t really know what to say, cause you’re not *really* sure what he’s on about, but he’s squeezing you, and rubbing up against you, and nuzzling your neck and cheek, and not playing fairly at ALL. So forgive you if you’re a little distracted. 

“Harry, I need my pill,” you exhale, curling up a bit when he kisses your earlobe pertly. 

“N’yeh’don’.” The words slur together with his lazy, early morning drawl and you swallow hard. 

“I *do*,” you insist. 

“S’no good,” he counters you again. “How’re we supposed to make a baby f’you’re popping them pills every day? Hmm?” 

It takes the courage of thirty to say those words but he covers his nerves by kissing your cheek. 

“Can’t make a baby if you’ve got those pills,” he reasons. “So you can’t have those pills f’you want a baby.”

“Do you?” Your question is fragile and the thirty whose courage he had stolen have fled and taken some of his own strength with him. All he can do is nod against your neck, shy suddenly. 

“Please…” he murmurs, breath hot on your skin. “I want a baby, love… can we have one?”

You think you can detect his words trembling with something just shy of fear, but when you lace your fingers with his, abandoning the package you’d been seeking, he has his answer. 

“We could practice,” you whisper like it’s a secret. 

“We could, yeah.”

You don’t –  not yet – but by whatever good fortune you’ve been graced with… it turns out you don’t need much practice at all in the end. 

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I just came to a realization while watching Tae's CH+ mini replay. Tae said that he's going to start working out more and that he's going to gain weight…which I don't care if he does, because he's still amazing. But, I realized that if he does those things at the same time, he going to get really buff. Personally, as a Tae stan, I AM NOT READY FOR THAT!! I don't think any of us are. So, I'm going to be sitting in my grave waiting for my eventual death. -Teacher Anon


hey so i never made my net intro for my own net isn’t that just lovely? anyway, i’m ryan!! my pronouns are they/he, and i would let ryan ross step on my neck.

EXO Reaction when you have really overprotective sisters

*Cough-liz-cough* Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


“I’m ready for it jagi… let’s go see your sisters…” *Knows it will be hard*


*Wins them with just one smile* 


“Hyung… hyung… I need advise… her sisters… they are terrifying..” *Baby is desperate*


“Try to act cool Tao… try to act cool… don’t let them know you are scared… it’s just their sisters… it’ll be okay….” *Trying to encourage himself*


“Let’s go get some chicken… it’s on me. We can know each other more and stuff… yeah let’s go!” *Chicken solves everything tbh*


*There’s no way you can hate this sweetie… he’ll be accepted in no time*


*Dying inside* “H-hi… I’m… your sister’s… boy.. friend.. please-be-nice-to-me”


“Pleaseeeee!! Don’t kill me!! I’ll be nice to her! I promise!!” *So manly*


*Gulps* “Are you sure this is a good idea jagi? There are stories…. about your sisters… you know… I have nightmares sometimes…. Okay… I’ll go with you”


*Prepares himself mentally and physically for the day he’s going to meet them*


*Tries to be himself but realizes where’s he at* “Oh they are watching… this is bad… baobei save me”


“Mission 003, trying to make her sisters like me! Training starts at 0700!” *Feels like in a real Impossible Mission*

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here we go – like this for a starter, my dears! or comment/im me if you’d rather plot first!

The road to a Daesang

I will never forget the days when BTS was called a nugu group. At the time most fans like me couldn’t even be angry only saddened because in retrospect it seemed true. Every group has a rookie stage but the fact of the matter is that some groups are privileged enough not to have a “nugu” stage. They will never be a “who?” Because they will always be “JYP’s rookie” or “SM’s rookie” or “YG’s rookie” never a nugu. Of course they work hard, probably harder than any of us could imagine, but their company is ready to back up that hard work. Bighit was no such company. They did not have a successful idol to pave the way for BTS and BTS was literally either going to make or break the name of Bighit’s idol history. It seemed though, that BTS was never going to make it.

Namjoon has said it before many people doubted them. Who can forget when Bfree dissed them saying their music was just glitter and makeup and fake hiphop? Who could forget when ARMYs were not big enough to be respected by other fandoms and got pushed to the side? Who can forget when we were made fun of and embarrassed because “bulletproof boy scouts” was a strange name? Who could forget when Boy in Luv was runner up for 1st place and BTS had planned a whole ceremony for when they won only to come 2nd? But let’s say we do forget that and move forward or we see the good in all of it.

They won the rookie award. That was just the beginning. In order to throw off the nugu title BTS grinded their teeth and never stopped pulling. Songs that shooed the haters away (Born Singer and Cypher pt.3) songs that broke down the woes of society in both older people (N.O) and younger people (spinebreaker). They produced music that screamed for the people who couldn’t: no bs, no sugarcoating things just plain and simple art.

After hitting it big with (arguably) “I Need U” and getting their first win it was harder. Scandals about death threats, health issues, stress and lack of sleep, crazy fans, and probably most heartbreaking is plagiarism. A korean fansite even gave screenshots when you type “plagiarism” in korean on youtube the related word is BTS. And as much as a fandom gets bigger problems arise also. People dissing ARMYs and calling them the new annoying fandom. It was all hard on the fandom and all especially hard on the boys.

So us ARMYs would like to thank BTS. Thank them for not ever stopping when they were called nugus. Thank them for not ever shying away from loud, true music and strong messages. Thank them for taking care of each other. Thank them for pulling through each and every scandal in a mature way, apologizing when needed and ignoring direct confrontation of hate when needed. We want to thank them all.

Namjoon for always being rational, for putting his name out there for scrutiny and running around promoting BTS like crazy (honestly who had as many show appearances as Namjoon? He had the most solo activities and all for the name of BTS, he carried that burden) He was always humble and calm, the first to apologize, even for a death threat. A threat to his life and he put others first. He always includes international ARMYs as best as he can, a leader with a big heart.

Seokjin for never complaining and picking a fight about his lines. For quietly taking care of the group in the sidelines. Carrying their small luggage items, making them food even when he’s tired, complimenting them. The time he said he acted younger sometimes and he wanted to be brighter, because who could run through thick hardships when the eldest was down? Probably nobody, so he puts on a smile even while tired or hurt all for the team.

Yoongi for caring. Despite the image people have made saying he is apathetic Yoongi worked hard to create masterpieces. He worked hard to even out line distribution and still works hard to help members get recognition for their skill and hard work. Even if he’s one of the most hard working.

Hoseok for helping everybody on the way while improving himself. He is always listed as the energy that keeps BTS going. He was not a rapper at first but he worked until he could be accepted as one until he could even be called a skilled rapper. Even during this busy process he helped people with their dance, opened an ear to listen to others’ struggle and become their sunshine. To the ARMYs he only ever smiles and tells them not to worry, while hiding his own struggles he smiles and erases those of others.

Jimin for overcoming doubt. The biggest challenge anybody could have is to stand strong and correct themselves. He watched people leave his fansites blanks only because he lost his abs. But did he get depressed? No. He danced and smiled and sang and forced himself to go forward and break the image of “abs” to become Park Jimin and now he is the most accepting person. He truly believes compliments and being kind will make a better world and he shows that.

Taehyung for never losing himself. They judged his behavior as rude or even recently he was called abusive just because he wears his emotions on his sleeve and displays his affection openly. He never stops smiling and to a world of sad or hate filled people he becomes a target, yet he never let that bring him down and he never (even when he is smart and had much sadness to carry) he never put it on others.

Jungkook for beating his shyness and leaving his family at a young age to be the “Golden Maknae” for working himself harder and harder in order to perfect every aspect he could. For hiding his hardships and saying he could indure physical or even mental drainage just for his hyungs and ARMYs.

BTS made this Daesang theirs. They climbed, literally, from the bottom and whenever a member fell they picked him right back up and carried him through. They all pulled an incredible weight and ignored pain or hate to make their name and spread their music that is what made this Daesang their own. That is what will continue to bring them amazing awards as a physically manifested proof of their work.

And P.S to ARMYs: thank you. To the old who never left, and the new who brough incredible joy and strength and energy and skill to the fandom. Let us remember what BTS always tell us, that we are part of the team that makes the dream come true. We’ve been called annoying and had to apologize for things we did not do in the name of our fandom and boys. So let’s stay united and strong instead of hating or judging or conparing let’s simply love and appreciate the 7 boys ♡ oh and… not to be dramatic or anything but since it’s the season: let’s make it happen again (*whispers* Vote BTS on MAMA 😂)

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((RANDOMIZE CLONES)) (ノ゚Д゚)八(゚Д゚ )ノ

Long-time friends?: Accepting!

Biting the walls of the tiny place that dared contain him, Pendles shivered from the creeping cold that seeped though.  Glowing eyes illuminated the space that kept him from stretching out his limbs.  He huffed and whined from the tinge of pain from when the walls seemed to attack him and bumped his nose.  At least everything was still.

He could hear something outside, crunch, crunch, crunch, getting closer.  Was it a predator?  Like the one he saw before he found himself in this space?  Hissing at the dangerous something, Pendles jerked back, knocking his body against the wall making it the floor.

To an outside observer, a lone cardboard box sitting in the snows of Bliss, suddenly fell over and started hissing.  Judging from the tracks leading away from it, the box might have simply fallen from the back of a cargo truck.

that would be enough

This is not what I meant to write this morning, but it’s what came out. 

Spoilers for episode 80 ahoy.


Honestly, Percy is just surprised the knock didn’t come sooner. Vex is sleeping the sleep of the … no, not that phrase, not tonight. She’d normally wake at the smallest sound, he knows, but all she does is shift and press closer to him. Which makes it hard to extract himself, of course; this is too new, and all too precious, but he knows who’s at the door, and so he carefully untangles their limbs and makes his way across the room.

Vax stands outside, looking wholly unsurprised to see Percy answering his sister’s door. “How is she?” he asks softly.

“Sleeping. But fine.” Exhausted, he thinks, she was asleep two minutes after we laid down, but that’s not really what Vax is asking. “I don’t think any of us are ready to think about what happened yet.”

“I can’t do anything else.”

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These are Pocket Spell Sticks.

Pocket Spell Sticks are designed to be discreet and portable spell markers, already loaded with powerful herbs chosen by Rose to enhance your spellwork, and marked with a relevant rune.
The Pocket Spell Sticks are designed to be as easy to use as chalk but without leaving any obvious mark. Use them to draw runes, sigils, spells of your own design, or even just draw a small line and let the specially chosen herbs and oils do the work.

Each stick is made from a base of organic and home-collected beeswax, and organic coconut oil.

This Spell Stick is for Protection. It is designed in an easy application form so you can swiftly draw sigils, protection runes, or just bless your front door or other items with ease.

With herbs specially chosen by Rose and already marked with Elhaz, a simple but powerful rune of protection; these sticks are ready to use at any time.

The selection of herbs and oils in these are chosen specifically to promote protection.

Each stick contains:

Devils claw
Sea salt
Black cohosh
Witch hazel
Olive leaf extract

Each stick has been blessed and is ready for use. 

BoneFox Store.

Special Room Pt. 5

Summary: Negan finally reveals the purpose of this ‘run’ and tells her his story. 
POV: You
Characters: Negan, Y/N
Word Count: 2074
Authors note: Literally like the first little paragraph is a full-on innuendo and I am LOVING IT.  I need ideas for the next part so leave some comments and ideas
Parts: 5/? -  (Part One)  (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Six) (Part Seven)
Quote of the story:  “So, let me give it to you.”


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EXO Reaction to you preparing them a romantic dinner

What would be your ideal date with the guys? I truly don’t know. Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Get’s ready for your perfect night* “I have to loog great for Y/N”

Kris: “You bring the dinner and I’ll bring the music”

Sehun: *Desses so good that he makes you melt all the night*

Tao: *Surprises you with the cake*

Kai: “Whoa.. Jagi you made this for me?” *Embarrassed*

Xiumin: *Flirts with you during all the dinner*

Baekhyun: “After this we are going to have bang bang” *Smirks*

Luhan: *Arrives very early, acts like a gentleman and tells you how happy he is to have you*

Chen: *Tells everybody about what you did for him* “She is the best guys, don’t be jealous. keke”

Kyungsoo: *He can’t believe how nice you are to him, even the boys know about it*

Lay: *Acts full of himself all the month* “Yeah.. she loves me”

Suho: *Feels so touched* “You really didn’t have to this for me Jagi”

Ninja "Training"
  • (Sometime after BAF's events)
  • Chesnaught: What do you and Accelgor do during those late night training sessions, anyway?
  • Greninja: Uh, let's see...we go over stamina, stealth, and test one another's willpower.
  • Chesnaught: ...What?
  • Greninja: Well...
  • (Last Night)
  • Accelgor: Ok, this time, try to evade my shuriken tosses. Use any and all available techniques.
  • Greninja: Right. I'm ready.
  • Accelgor: So you say. But now--
  • Greninja: Oh wow, is that your husband over there?
  • Accelgor: What?!
  • Greninja: Haha, you completely missed!
  • Accelgor: Huh. Well played.
  • Greninja: Yep. Don't even think of using that against me.
  • Accelgor: Oh, so you are admitting that Chesnaught is your boyfriend.
  • Greninja: Th-that's common knowledge by this poi--ow!
  • Accelgor: Heh. You have much left to learn about outsmarting me, Greninja.
  • (Present)
  • Greninja: So, yeah, that's how it goes.
  • Chesnaught: ...What.
Perks (or lack thereof)

Skyrim AU. Quick thing that wouldn’t leave my head while I was researching. 

“Elsa, what are you doing?” 

She didn’t need to look up to see the amused smile on Anna’s face. She knew it was there. Instead, Elsa poked the redhead’s chest again with her lockpick, lips curled into a frown. 

“My Lockpicking skill is at 100. So is my Pickpocketing,” she said. 

Anna sighed. “There you go saying weird things again…” 

“But neither of those matter because I can’t seem to steal your heart.” 

The blonde tossed her lockpick over her shoulder–she had over 200 in her inventory anyway–as the frown on her face deepened in frustration. None of her skills and their subsequent perks were of any use here. Elsa looked up, ready to ask Anna if there were any prerequisites she had missed, when she noticed the redhead staring at her in wide-eyed disbelief, jaw open. 

Elsa furrowed her brow, puzzled. “What?” 

A moment of silence passed before Anna suddenly shoved her, freckled cheeks alight with a fierce blush. Not expecting the sudden move, Elsa staggered back a few steps, her own eyes widening, only to briefly flick up. 

No health bar. She’s not hostile…Good. 

Lowering her gaze, she noted that Anna’s teal eyes were churning with a myriad of different emotions, her bottom lip quivering. 

“Is something–” 

“Y-You don’t just say things like that so casually!” Anna nearly shrieked at her, hands clenching into fists. “You c-couldn’t have at least…I don’t know, used an Amulet of Mara?!” 

“I’m only allowed to use one amulet or necklace at a time, and this one so happens to give me more Stamina,” Elsa scoffed, at a loss as to why Anna would prefer a 10% cost reduction to Restoration spells over 30 extra Stamina points. 

Anna merely stared again as silence reigned. 


The blonde in question arched an eyebrow. “Are you sure you’re not a Dragonborn too? Your volume would be–” 

Anna gave another shriek, and Elsa flinched in surprise. Before she knew it, the redhead had stormed over to her, roughly grabbing the collar of her tunic. 

She crashed their lips together in a bruising kiss. 

And Elsa swore she could see Sovngarde in that moment. 


“You didn’t have to be so casual about it…” Anna mumbled into her chest once they had parted, her arms wrapped around Elsa’s waist. “If you’d just worn the amulet, I would’ve known.” 

“That amulet is so ugly, no offense. I’d much rather just steal.” 

“Elsa, you have to work for these things!” Anna exclaimed in exasperation, even as a smile returned to her face. “I keep telling you, you can’t just steal to make things better!” 

Elsa hummed, pressing a kiss to the top of Anna’s head. 

“I stole you, didn’t I?”