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colored some doodles of act 1 veronica <3 

I can’t stop thinking about the parallels between obscurials and lgbtq kids. When they explained the concept I immediately thought “Okay, so like being closeted.” And then we see Grindelwald and Credence interacting. My first thought was “That dude is taking advantage of the sad gay child, what am I watching right now? Oh dear god now he’s sexually grooming him what is this movie rated??” 

I know I’m not the only one who sees this. Credence growing up in a Church, forced to hide who he really is. Struggling everyday in a society that cannot accept his magic (i.e. homosexuality). Surprise, yer a Gay Wizard Credence!!!

I feel like there will be a huge focus on relating love to magic and vice versa. I can’t get it out of my head that Credence will be really worried about his magic/sexuality and Dumbledore will talk to him about it because he knows exactly what’s going on. He’s attuned to outsiders, people who don’t quite fit in. He’ll explain how love is the greatest magic and if you’re afraid to love yourself and/or others, it will hinder your magic. And he’s gay himself. So there’s that. I’m sure he will also be sympathetic to Credence because of what happened to Ariana. It makes sense he would want to protect Credence. 

Please let there be a nuanced portrayal of casual queer wizards and witches but also two prominent characters (Dumbledore and Credence) who will have a frank discussion that is not coded in any way. Let the subtext become text!

*whispers* obsqueerus 

enjoying dark themes in media ≠ supporting dark themes in real life

(( OOC: So. I know how fond you are all of Fem!Remus. Me too, guys, me too.

And doing We’ll Be Ghosts made me think a lot about the latter part of her story within the Fem!AU.

What happens when Sirius dies? How does she deal with that? And what about… Tonks? Genderbent Tonks?

And then I thought… do we need to genderbend Tonks?

As @lizziebennetnotinjapan rightly pointed out, Tonks has never been one to conform to gender rules. And besides, half the reason I created the Fem!AU was to have more wlw. 

……….So why not stick with the theme?

Tonks: Merlin… chatty one, aren’t you?

(( OOC: ………I’m enjoying this idea. ))

I thought I was like Keith but the more I think about it, the more I feel like I’m actually Lance:
- likes girls
- does finger guns a lot
- thinks Keith is hella pretty???
- would take a bullet for e v e r y o n e
- hella insecure about their worth
- has a lot of bad pickup lines ready to use at any given moment

maverick, hit me up.

I wonder if theres any jobs going at Maverick HQ and if they’ll hire me? My resume/CV is ready to go. 

Here’s a few strategies to get them started:

  1. Have the girls and Camila interact publicly, no more drama/bullshit. No one’s buying it
  2. Stop any unnecessary drama happening on Thursdays (everyone hates fucking Thursday as it is, it aint even the weekend yet)
  3. Make sure the girls are promoting the GROUP and not allowing their own projects to overshadow
  4. Send the girls out doing interviews across the country, even out of the US to promote the groups album and music. I like how they did promotion for 7/27 last year with each girl in a different place, that’s good marketing
  5. They haven’t been to the UK ( another huge music market) at all this year, so i’d invite them round to my lovely home up North, sit them down with a few Yorkshire puddings and ask, where the fuck did it all go wrong?
  6. Make sure standards are raised and expectations are kept. Performances and music have gotta be new and fresh, we’ve got to be kept interested. 
  7. No repetition.
  8. No PR, or healthy and respectful ones (e.g. lovely Shawn Mendes)
  9. Let the girls negotiate with the Label and rewrite their own contracts (within reach). In this case, so they can chose which contractual obligations they agree to
  10. Ban 5H parents from social media, especially u Clara hun 
  11. Switch straight from EPIC over to Republic
  12. Reunite on stage somewhere iconic (VMAS) and sing 1000 hands (another absolute quality song we were robbed of) 

Por Favor translates to English as ‘Please’. So Maverick, I speak on behalf of ALL the Fifth Harmony fandom: 

PLEASE, stop ruining the girls image alongside their careers.

Tara hun, feel free to use any of these strategies. And my notice is ready to hand in at my current job if you need me.

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With your new hair cut you went from "Baby Gay" to Daddy and I don't think Any of us were ready, especially Jaxx

lmfaooo flattered thank u

we both had a feeling we’d love it but yeah I think it’s surprised both of us how much we’re into this hair

gamingmas 2016 was basically them mocking “bro” culture the entire time and them being extremely comfortable with each other for 24 blessed days

And if we’ve learned anything from the marvelous year that was 2017 for Dan and Phil, gamingmas this year is going to something of a different universe and I don’t think any of us are ready for it

Klaus M. – Long Time No See

Words count: 1960? maybe less maybe more 

Warning: None


Requested by @mikki-hear

Hello! I love your Klaus one shots and was wondering if you would take my request? The reader was once married to Klaus but she fakes her death and leaves the Mikaelson’s when she finds out that Dahlia is comming after her child. Centuries later she runs into them in New Orleans. She also only refers to him as “Nik”.

then I asked

Hey, I have a question. In your request. When the reader leaves does she take their daughter with her or no?

Then she/he said

She takes her daughter with her and makes sure that she has a normal human life (as normal as having an immortal non-aging mother could be) so when she returns centuries later the daughter has long since died.

And then I felt as i was stupid for some reason.

You’re a vampire, have been one for a long time. You’ve met Niklaus long before you turned, you met him when you were in high school. A few years of dating and being love, he proposed. You weren’t a vampire then and he didn’t want to turn you into one, unless he desperately needed to. And you never had to turn, even if you were surrounded by the supernatural. He was always there to protect you, not long after you got married, you got pregnant. Klaus having broken the curse was able to procreate and you being a human also meant that you could procreate. It came as surprise to both of you, but you were beyond happy. You were having a child with the man you love, what more could you need?

You gave birth to a beautiful daughter, after you gave birth Niklaus changed you. You became a vampire. A happy one. Your daughter was a beautiful mix of both Klaus and yourself. She was the jewel of the family. Everyone loved and adored her.

But as always being a Mikaelson meant not everything lasts forever. Happiness is included. A few months after you gave birth to your daughter, (y/d/n). Dahlia came into the equation threatening the lives of everyone and threatening to take your daughter from you. You knew that there was no way Klaus would be able to protect the both of you, so you did the only thing you knew you could do. That is to fake your death. You faked your and your daughter’s death and fled the city, leaving no trace of you or her being alive. Your daughter grew as a normal girl, well as normal as having an immortal mother that is. She understood what you were and as she had more wolf and human in her than a vampire, she grew and never stopped growing and eventually she dies. You mourned her for a long time, but never once did you return to your husband and his family.

A few centuries later, you found yourself wondering around New Orleans. You heard about a part in the French Quarter you and one of our friends were going to. It was close to seven when you arrived at a house called the Abattoir.

“This place is amazing.” You nodded your head in agreement. “Maybe you can find someone tonight.”

“(Y/F/N) you know I don’t want to be in a relationship.” You sighed, even though she knows about you and Klaus, she still insists that you should move on and fined another guy.

“(Y/n) you have to move on, I mean what are the chances of you two meeting again?” You just shook your head and mumbled ‘I’m going to the bar.’ Before you left her. You easily found the makeshift bar, and ordered a martini (A/N I’m almost 18 I’ve never drank alcohol before so I don’t know if it’s good.). You leaned on the bar as you waited for your drink.

“What is a lovely girl as yourself doing here all alone, love?” You heard a familiar voice say from behind you, it sent shivers down your spine, if he was here that means… you shook your head, and decided to just ignore him. “Oh playing hard to get are we?” you moved your hair so it was covering your face. But unintentionally you showed him your left hand, where your wedding ring still sits. “Where did you get that?” 

Kol said harshly as he took your hand and pulled you so you were facing him, his eyes went wide his mouth dropped. You looked at him scared and nervous. Kol looked around for a second, before he vamp speed you both into an abandoned room.

Kol stated pacing back and force, you fidget with your hands not knowing what to say.

“Kol.” You said with a shaky voice. Kol stopped pacing and looked at you, he looked betrayed. If he looked like that you couldn’t even begin to think what Klaus would look like.

“How? How are you alive?” He asked you frowning. “We all saw your body and-and (Y/D/N)’s as well.”

“I faked it.” You whispered knowing that he heard you clearly with his vampire hearing.

“You faked it?” He laughed dryly. “Why the hell would you do that?”

“Because it was the only way to give (y/d/n) her best chance.” You said tearing up. “Dahlia was planning on taking her and killing everyone to do so, I couldn’t make my daughter live a life where she is enslaved.”

“We could’ve stopped her.” Kol said calmly.

“And then what? This family has more enemies than anyone else on this planet.”

“Klaus will be mad when he finds out.”

“Is-is he here?” You said stuttering a bit and once again playing with your hands.

“Yes, he is.” Kol said kindly once he saw how scared you were. “He’ll be mad for a while but he’ll get over it, he loves you too much to be mad at you for long.”

“Kol, what are you-“ You both turned to the door way to see Rebekah who was just as shocked to see you as Kol. “Oh god (y/n)?”

You gave her a small smile and a nod, in a second she was hugging you tightly.

“I- we thought you were dead.” She said still hugging you.

“I-I faked it.” And you told her what you told Kol.

“I have an idea.” She said and disappeared from the room. A few minutes later the music outside died down and you hear Rebekah say. “I’m so sorry everyone, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave, we have a family emergency that need our attention immediately. So if you could all kindly leave, that would be great.”

You closed your eyes, knowing what was coming, in under fifteen minutes the place was empty, only the Mikaelson and yourself still in the house, you quickly texted your friend and told her to leave, and that you were fine.

“Rebekah, mind tell me what the ‘family emergency’ is?” Your heart beat became frantic when you heard his voice. Kol laid a hand on your shoulder in comfort.

“Just stay calm no matter what.” Rebekah said her voice near the door you and Kol stood behind.

“Just tell us Rebekah.” Klaus said meaning himself and an equally confused Elijah, Freya and Finn. Rebekah hesitated before she opened the door. Kol was standing in front of you he was hiding you, only the side of your dress was showing. “Who is this?” Klaus demanded.

Kol stepped aside, and you were met with Niklaus in a tux looked at you with his wide blue eyes.

“Hello Nik.” You said softly. In a second you were harshly pressed to the wall, with his hands on your neck.

“Who are you? And how can you possess her body?” Nik asked you through his teeth, you choked as you tried to push him off you, but you didn’t need to as Elijah pushed him off you.

“Calm down, Niklaus.” Elijah said as he helped you up. “We wouldn’t find anything out by you choking her.”

“HOW DARE YOU COME HERE AND LOOK LIKE HER?” Nik shouted hurt and pissed at you.

“It is really me.” You said tears gathering in your eyes.

“NO! She dies, she died and so did our child.” Nik said walking towards you before being stopped by Kol.

“Nik just listen to her.” Rebekah said as she stood by your way.

“Sorry, who are you all talking about?” Freya asked confused.

“My wife (y/n).” Klaus said his voice broken and full of sadness.

“Nik you have to listen, please.” You said practically begging. “It really is me, I swear to you.” When he didn’t say anything you took that as your cue to continue. “When Dahlia threatened us and threatened (Y/D/N) I knew that she wasn’t safe, especially not after she killed all of those people and vampires and even witches. She wasn’t safe. Dahlia wasn’t baking down so I faked our death and ran as far as I could.”

“You took her from me, you took MY DAUGHTER FROM ME!” He shouted making you flinch as for the tears to run wild.

“I had to, it was the only way she would’ve been safe.” You said trying not so sob.

“We could’ve defeated her, we’ve always killed anyone who stood in our way.” He said moving his hand around gesturing to his sibling that were standing around us ready to stop any physical fight from breaking.

“And happens after that? We live a happy ever after?” You asked him getting mad at him for not understanding. “Nik, you and everyone here have a long, long list of enemies that isn’t getting shorter by time, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I condemned an innocent child to this life. I could take it, but she couldn’t.”

“Where is she?” Nik asked the question that you were waiting for yet dreading. You didn’t know what to say, everyone here wanted the answer to that question yet you didn’t know what to say.

“She live a long happy life, she got married but had no kids, she became an alpha of her own pack and-and she died at the age of-of hundred and twenty seven (A/N she lived this long because she still had vampire blood in her system).” You sobbed, Rebekah gasped and covered her mouth, and the room was silent except your sobs. Rebekah made a move to hug you, but Nik grabbed you and vamp speed out of the room, out of the house and out of the city. You were all alone in a clearing in the woods. You didn’t know why he got you here, maybe to kill you, you didn’t know. But you really didn’t care. “If you want to kill me, then kill me. I no longer wish to live. It has been hard for me since the moment I left you and after (Y/D/N)’s death I only wished for death.”

“I’m not going to kill you.” Nik said shakily, moved your head so you were looking at him, you saw tears running down his face. He was heartbroken and you felt as if everything was your fault.

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.” You sobbed and Nik pulled you into his arms and hugged you tightly.

“Was she happy?” Nik asked you and you nodded.

“She was.” Nik moved his head on top of yours, you were pressed against him. “That’s all I ever wanted.”

“Nik, I really am sorry, I never meant to hurt you.” You said as silent tears ran down your face. “She love you, you know?”

“She did?” Nik asked his hands tightening around you.

“Yeah, I told her all about you, showed her a few of your paintings and she really did love you.” You said and wiped your tears away. You looked up at Nik who was still crying silently. You moved your hands to his face, swiping the tears off his cheek as his blue eyes stared at you. His eyes were like home, they were familiar something you can always look at and feel loved. “I love you so much Niklaus.”

“And I love you too.” Nik said and he pulled you back into a hug, and vamp speed back to the Abattoir, where everyone was waiting, when they saw you alive and well they all relaxed. Everyone decided to call it a night and talk about everything the day after. When emotions are calm and mind clear and ready. And after that everyone went to their room including you. You were obviously sharing with Nik. You wouldn’t let him out of your sight after spending so many years apart.

Black & White | 01

Reader x Yoongi x Hoseok
: Angst | Smut | Arranged Marriage!AU
Status: On-going
Summary: “I take thee, Min Yoongi, my worst enemy, my rival since childhood, to be my lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, even if I despise you, from this day forward, for better, definitely for worse, only for prosperity and wealth, in sickness and in health, until death do us apart.”

warnings: smut, degrading names, alcohol usage, spanking, 

01 | unknown (found on google, not mine!) 

Tonight was your high-school reunion.

10 years had flown by quicker than you thought. The whole day your phone had been blowing up with messages and notifications about tonight’s event. It’s not like you weren’t excited to see your old classmates, in fact you had kept in touch with some of them (if two people counted as a lot). But, high-school was more of a blur to you than a memorable one. You were studious, quiet, and rarely included yourself with the girls, since all they were interested in was boys and makeup. You always stuck your head in books to try to go to your dream college, but people still enjoyed talking to you even though you weren’t trying to come across as “likable”. But you weren’t complaining either, since the times you did go hang out with your classmates they liked your company, and you enjoyed theirs, so seeing them again would hopefully be refreshing from your stressful life.

Project director of your father’s successful and prestigious electronic business: Tech-tonix Enterprise. It had taken you your whole high-school, college, and even four more years to achieve your position as project director, one of the highest ranks in the business. But you had to sacrifice most of your leisure time, which was fine since you would much rather be considered one of the youngest and most successful woman in Korea than struggling to get by. Your friends, and even your family, considered you to be a workaholic who will never get married nor settle down. It was half-true, you were a workaholic, and you may end up alone, but that was only because you chose to be this way. If you wanted to get married, you would’ve done it by now. Plus, with the amount of secret admirers and marriage proposals you’ve received, you were sure marriage wouldn’t be a problem, finding a man you liked would be. You were picky, you admitted it, but it was only because you didn’t want to settle for less. You were the freaking project director under your father’s business, why would you want a man who had nothing going for him or an old man who wants you as a trophy? You would rather be single than be married for the wrong reasons. Even so, your mother and your grandmother had insisted on setting you up on blind dates.

Opening your phone to check on the messages your friends had writing all day, you noticed Taehyung, one of your closer friends, had written something about Min Yoongi. You definitely could not forget about him. He was ambitious and stubborn. He was also your high-school and company’s rival. Son of The Min’s Corporation, an electronics business, just like your father’s. You both were aware of each other’s companies, therefore the competition was that much more fierce. You two were fighting for the highest class rank during your first year of high-school. And of course, you ended up being first, but after the first year he had left to America. Apparently, his parents didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t number one, you felt sorry, but you were still proud of yourself.

From: Taehyung 6:35 PM

Yo….I have some good news..well maybe not for Y/N but Min Yoongi is coming! Do you guys remember him?! He’s coming! You remember him, right Namjoon? He was closest to you. keke

From: Namjoon 6:36 PM

Yoongi is coming? I thought he was in America? We haven’t spoken since he left.

From: Taehyung 6:36 PM

Well, he had just barely accepted and checked the “going box” on the E-invite I had sent out to everyone a month ago! -_-  but I totally forgot I even sent him one anyways. LMAO

From: Namjoon 6:37 PM

That’s good then. It’ll be nice to see the son of a CEO at our reunion. He’s the only one I know that is heir to a good company.

You scoffed after reading Namjoon’s text, another one of your close friend’s text. Everyone always forgot the fact that you were also the heir to a “good company.” You were positive it had something to do with you being a girl.

From: You 6:37 PM

Funny how I’m the daughter of a CEO to a good company as well. A very good company that can hack into your computer, Joon.

From: Taehyung 6:38 PM

HAHAHA! Joon is in trouble kekeke~~~

From: Namjoon 6:38 PM

Namjoon has left the group

From: Taehyung 6:38 PM

Taehyung has added Kim Namjoon to the group

Ya!~ Don’t leave I’m sure our little Y/N, is just kidding. But, I’m excited to see you guys tonight at eight!! I’m so excited!! Get dressed right now! Look nice!

From: Namjoon 6:40 PM

You just saw us yesterday, Tae….

From: Taehyung 6:40 PM

Whatever. I’ll see you guys later! Byeeeeeeeeeee!~~~

You had an eerie feeling about tonight. Not just because Yoongi is coming, but you just had a gut feeling things were not going to be good tonight. Running your fingers through your hair, you decided to just push away those thoughts and go home to get ready. You used to hardly wear any form of a dress or wear makeup when you were younger, in fear that your skin would go old like your mother’s. But once you started wearing it, you realized how fun it was. You decided to put on some light makeup and wear a black tight knee-length dress. You curled your hair, and stepped into you high-heels, taking one last look in the mirror before leaving your house. You were nervous. You were nervous that people were going to make fun of the way you looked and dressed. Deciding to change again, you wore a plain white tee with some jeans, then realizing it was way too casual. Checking the time it was already 7:48, so you rushed back into your closet and put on your first outfit again, deciding to not care about what others thought of you (plus Taehyung hated it when people were late to his events).

You pulled up at Taehyung’s restaurant he owned, Ray of Sunshine, and made your way inside. The place was small and cozy near the Han River, inside were hardwood floors and aesthetic portraits Taehyung had taken during his travels. He took his culinary seriously and even spent two years in Europe to perfect his dishes and spices. Which is why you enjoyed his food so much, they were vibrant and almost heavenly. As you made your way inside,the smell of rosemary and grilled meat filled the air. You made you way towards Namjoon and Taehyung and their other friend, Jin. But you couldn’t help but notice your old friend, Sooyoung, who you heard married her high school sweetheart, Park Jimin. You waved towards them and smiled, earning the same response back. Namjoon stood up from his seat and spread his arms wide open, pulling you in for an embrace. You groaned and rolled your eyes, “Stop acting like we don’t see each other often.” You whispered into his ears, causing him to giggle.

“I haven’t seen you in awhile, how have you been?” Namjoon began to ask, still pretending as though he hadn’t just seen you yesterday.

“Horrible. The moment I saw you I feel sick to my stomach.” You joked, holding onto your stomach.

“Ouch, Y/N is still the same I see.” Jin smiled, “Nice to see you again, after ten years?”

You nodded your head and smiled back, “It has been ten years. Nice to see you’re still looking well.”

“Of course, this handsome face will never age.” He winked.

You internally groaned and remembered just exactly why you didn’t–refused to hang out with Jin. Taehyung and Namjoon had tried multiple times to get you and Jin “together” claiming you both would be a good fit, but you could not stand hearing him talk about himself or his dad jokes. He was handsome, really handsome, but you just weren’t interested in a man who was clearly more interested in himself.

You nodded awkwardly and took a seat next to Sooyoung, who hugged you as soon as you sat down.

“I’ve missed you so much, Y/N! How come you never contacted me?” She pouted as she crossed her arms against her chest.

To be quite honest, the only reason you never bothered to contact majority of your old classmates was because you were too busy. And if they claimed to have missed you so much, they knew you were the daughter of Tech-Tonix’s CEO, therefore they could always call your office building. It wasn’t impossible to have lunch with you.

“Hi, Sooyoung. How are you doing?” You replied ignoring her first statement.

“I’m living the dream life as a stay-home wife. Jimin treats me so well.” She giggled, cupping her cheeks with her hands, “What about you? I heard you’re working under your father’s company?”

You nodded your head and smiled, “I am. I just got promoted to project director, and I’m working with the design team to launch a new video-game sometime next year.”

“Wow…that sounds..good.” She chuckled, “Anyways, enough about work. Is it true your mom is setting blind dates up for you? Because I know a really good doctor who would be the perfect match for you. He’s a workaholic just like you. Plus, you no longer look the same as you did in high-school so he’ll definitely like you.”

You wished you could roll your eyes and push her back so she could fall off her seat. Another person to add on the list to remind you of how single you were. What a wonderful beginning to this long night.

“It’s completely fine. I’m content with where I am.” You replied with a smile.

“Are you sure? He’s really sweet and kind. Let me just give you his number, he’s really kind. I think he’s one of the doctors at your mom’s hospital as well.” She was persistent, you gave her that, but you really weren’t interested, plus how desperate would you sound if you were to take a stranger’s number from a high-school reunion? That just screams lonely.

“Sorry, I don’t date anyone who works under my mom or my dad. I dislike mixing my work with my personal life.” You replied, declining the card she was shoving into your hand, “Maybe you could save that number for Mina, she’s coming in a bit and has been looking for someone to settle down with.”

Sooyoung rolled her eyes and groaned, “I’ll pass.”

You could hear Taehyung and Namjoon snickering in the back, fully knowing how irritated you were with Sooyoung in the matter of two minutes since you’ve been here. It’s no wonder she is a trophy wife. Good for her.

“I think everyone is starting to get hangry, yes?” Taehyung chuckled, looking at you, “The dishes are almost done, so let’s settle down and get ready to dine..and–” He walked to the back of the counter to grab something, placing behind him, “–wine!” He placed the expensive wine bottle on the table and winked.

Around two hours later, more people had shown up, leading to a total of seven bottles of wine being opened and drinked. Everyone was beginning to feel tipsy and were much more talkative. You were surprised a handful of people had shown up, people you didn’t even think who would care to come to something like this. But even so, it was nice hearing and seeing your old classmates.

“So who wants to bet if Min Yoongi is going to show up or not?” Sooyoung slurred as she took another sip of her wine.

“I bet twenty dollars he’s not going to come.” One of your old classmates, Jinyoung laughed as he took out his wallet, slamming a twenty on the table.

“I-I think he’s going to come. I mean why else would he accept my invitation.” Taehyung mumbled, “Yeah, he’s a little late, but who knows?”

“A little late? He’s two hours late. He mind as well stay home, or go back to America. It’s not like anyone remembers him anyways.” Jinyoung scoffed.

“I do.” Namjoon stated, “He was a good guy. I think you’ve been drinking too much.”

“Yoongi was an asshole, that’s it. We all know it. Right, Y/N?” Sooyoung turned her head to look at you.

You shrugged your shoulders and didn’t respond, not wanting to add fuel to the fire. Even if he was a brat, you didn’t see why your opinion should matter. You disliked him because of business reasons, it didn’t mean you hated him as a person.

“Come on, you guys, cut him a little slack. None of you guys even got to know him as a person.” Taehyung responded, “I think we all should just give him the benefit of the doubt.”

“Who knows? Maybe his flight was delayed.” A husky voice spoke from behind you guys.

“Yoongi?” Taehyung cocked his head to the side.

Everyone turned their heads around to see a tall, bleached haired man standing in between the two front doors. You had forgotten how he looked, still having the image of his fifteen year old self ingrained your head. But seeing him after thirteen years, he looked more mature, but he still had the same pale complexity. The room was immediately silenced with his presence. The only noise there was was the sound of his shoes clicking against the floor.

“Continue with your conversation, don’t let me stop you guys.” He chuckled, “But it seems I’m not welcomed, so I’ll just drop off this bottle of champagne and take my leave.”

Placing his bottle of champagne on the table, Yoongi turned around, but before he could leave Taehyung grabbed his wrist and apologized, “Sorry, these guys have been drinking too much. Stay, we all want to catch up with you. We haven’t seen you since freshmen year, so that’s thirteen years since we last seen you.”

“No really, I’m busy anyways. I just arrived and I already need to fill out some paperwork for my company.” Yoongi replied, “Enjoy the bottle for me.”

Everyone watched as he left the restaurant, the room not only still quiet but now filled with awkward tension. You felt a pang of guilt in your stomach as you saw the look on Taehyung’s face grow into a frown. You knew how much effort he put to create this event, and even if he barely knew Yoongi, you knew how much it meant to him for everyone to have stayed.

“Are you okay?” You whispered to Taehyung.

He shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair, “No, I’m sad. Let’s just call it a night.”

Everyone awed and shook their heads, begging Taehyung to just finish the night. But once Taehyung made a decision, he was stubborn and persistent about it. Plus, no one liked a grumpy Tae, he was a pain in the ass.

“Really you guys. Just go home. It was nice seeing everyone again.” Standing up from his seat, he walked away into the kitchen.

You looked over to Namjoon and took a breath, before you both began to kick out the drunk classmates who had ruined the night. After everyone left, you met up with Tae in the back and rested your hand on his shoulder.

“You okay?” You sighed, “What a night.”

“It sucks. I planned this whole night out, and those dipshits ruined it. Honestly, I just wanted to have a good time with everyone, but we couldn’t even have that.” He groaned.

“That’s because they are dipshits, Tae.” You laughed, “Let’s go drink at the bar near your place. I think we could use a couple of shots.”

Shaking his head, he refused your offer, “Nah. I’m going to stay here to clean up and loathe in my despair.”

“Want me to stay and clean up too?” You asked him, tilting your head to see his puffy eyes.

“No, but I’ll meet you up at the bar later? A drink may sound pretty good after cleaning up this shit.” He chuckled.

You nodded your head and decided to head out to the bar near his restaurant by yourself. It was located on the busier side of Seoul where most of the young and fresh people hung out. Plus the bartenders knew how to do their jobs, unlike in the so called “richer” side. Those bartenders were just as snobby as the people. As you squeezed your way past the people inside, you took a seat in front of the bar and ordered your usual margarita.

“I’m guessing the party ended?” A familiar voice spoke from the side of you.

You turned your head and noticed the same bleached hair and white dress shirt sitting in the seat next to you. You chuckled before replying to him, “And I’m guessing you didn’t have any paperwork to do either, Yoongi.”

He smirked and nodded, “Oops, I’ve been caught.”

You took a sip of you drink, still feeling Yoongi’s eyes on you.

“You look nice.” He complimented.

You should feel disgusted with his compliment, but for some reason it didn’t bother, but still you chose to ignore him, pretending as though it didn’t have an effect on you.

“You know, people usually thank others for a compliment.” He laughed, “Plus, I mean it. You look nice. I remember when you used to be so fa–”

“Okay thank you for the compliment! No need to bring up the past.” You groaned.

“That’s all I wanted to hear, a simple “thank you.” Now was that so hard?” He smirked.

You needed more than one drink if you were going to be talking to Yoongi. Ordering another margarita, you finished your first cup and took another sip out of your new one.

One drink turned into five. Throughout those drinks Yoongi and you were, of course, arguing like old time. It started again with both your company; Yoongi claiming Min’s Corporation was better, and you defending Tech-tonix. Then after that, it was fighting about whether or not you were drunk, to which Yoongi began ordering and drinking more of his whiskey to show you how drunk you were and imitating your actions. Shortly after you both had began a race to see who was more drunk by drinking more. And for some odd reason, it resulted back to Yoongi’s apartment.

Hands running through his hair, yanking onto the back of his head. He unlocked his door and slammed it shut as you both made it inside, he pushed you against it the cold frame and placed his lips onto yours. His kisses were sloppy, and his mouth tasted like alcohol, but you were sure yours did too. His tongue explored your mouth, and his hands traveled down to the back of your dress. He broke away from the kiss and placed his forehead against yours feeling his hot breath against your face.

“You could always back out. Just say the word, and I’ll take you home.” He finally spoke.

You nodded your head, “It’s okay. I want to. Plus, we’re both too drunk to drive”

He chuckled, caressing your one of your cheeks with his hand, before placing his lips back onto yours. His kisses were slowly becoming more aggressive. You softly bit his lips, earning a groan from him. Just one simple groan, caused your stomach to turn and your heat to rise. You wanted to hear more of him. He unzipped your dress, leaving you in your undergarments. The cold air brushed against your skin. He pulled away to admire your body, running his hands down your waist. Looking back into your eyes, he placed his lips on yours as he walked you into his bedroom. He pulled his shirt over his head, unbuttoning and pulling his pants down. You watched his fast movements and enjoyed the sight of him undressing. He wasn’t muscular nor defined, but it didn’t matter because his toned chest made up for it. You traced your fingers against his body, capturing every part of his build. You watched him shiver under your touch, as you lowered your cold fingers down to his boxers, where his growing member was located. You grazed against it, before giving it a small squeeze. He bit his lip, holding back his moan. The sight of him growing weak for you was turning you on, but your short amount of dominance was coming to end as the corner of his lips curved into a devilish smirk. He spun you around and pushed you onto the bed before crawling towards up to you. Licking his bottom lip seductively, you were excited to see what he was capable of. Hooking his fingers onto your panties he pulled them down to your ankles, eyes full of hunger. As he dipped down to your thighs, peppering kisses until he reached your throbbing core. You wanted him. You were just as hungry as he was, you wanted him to taste you.

Beg.” He demanded, “If you want me to taste you, beg.”

You were eager for him, desperate almost. You’ve never begged before, if anything the guys were the one who did most of the pleading. You were never one to ask, which made this moment even more enticing. You propped yourself on your elbows, as you looked into his dark eyes.

“I don’t want to.” You teased, “Make me.”

He flashed that same smirk once again, causing shivers down your spine. You wanted to see just what he can do to make you beg.

“Always so fucking stubborn” He scoffed, “I’ll make you beg, but are you sure you’re ready for it?”

Positive.” You whispered.

He sat up and grabbed your hand pulling you close to him, before spinning you around, lying on your stomach. You weren’t sure what he was going to do, but you were excited for it. You were getting wet just thinking about it. Until, suddenly you felt a hard slap on your butt, causing you to yelp.

“I don’t like naughty girls.” He growled before slapping you again, “So beg, and I’ll stop.”

“I’m not going to.” You spat.

He slapped your ass again, causing you to groan again. It hurt, but for some reason you were enjoying it. In fact, you liked the pain he was causing on your ass. He kept slapping you until finally you decided to give in.

“Please, just fuck me already.” You begged, “I want you to fuck me, please.”

“I thought you didn’t beg? I’m disappointed.” He chuckled.

“Consider yourself lucky then.” You groaned, “So fuck me and get on with it.”

You turned to see his reaction, and of course, you were satisfied. He had his tongue poking against his cheek, smiling before grabbing your waist and turning you around to face him. He placed his thumb on your clit and began moving it in circular motions causing you to moan loudly. You didn’t dare look away, keeping your eyes on his as he was rubbing you. You wanted him to know just how much you wanted him, and to your surprise, he didn’t look away either.

“Do you like this?” He asked, his voice sounding harsh, “I’m not going to fuck you yet since you’ve been a naughty little bitch.” With that, he licked his finger and stuck it inside your throbbing core, “You’re so wet, yet I haven’t even fucked you yet.”

Fuck..” You moaned, “Please, just fuck me.”

Ignoring your pleas, he chuckled before sticking another finger inside you. You practically grinding on his fingers, wanting more. Your breathing was heavy, and you were grabbing onto the sheets. The sound of his fingers moving inside you was causing you to build pressure. You were close, and you knew he could feel your walls clenching around his fingers. And just when you were about to come, he took out his fingers and placed them inside his mouth.

“What the hell?!” You frowned, as you watched him clean his fingers with his tongue. Ready to argue some more, he pulled down his boxers revealing his long and slender member. Giving it some strokes before sliding it against your wet pussy.

“Fuck this feels so good.” You moaned, “Please don’t stop.”

“Now you’re really begging, huh?” He laughed.

He continued sliding it a couple more times, before grabbing a condom from his drawer and placing it on his cock. Slowly inserting it inside you, both your moans filled the silent room. You could feel it stretching your tight walls, as it throbbed its way deep inside you. Arching your back, you unhooked your bra, pulling it off for him to see your bare chest. You watched him stare with admiration as you squeezed your breasts together. He grabbed your hips and thrusted into you, watching as your boobs moved along with his movements. He smirked at the sight of them bouncing as he increased his pace. Biting your lip, you felt that same rush come back to you, ready to release on his cock. You grabbed onto the sheets and curled your toes, breathing heavily as you looked him in the eyes.

“Come for me.” He smiled, “Come on my dick.”

He sped up, watching your eyebrows crease as you moaned. Grinding on his cock, you moved your hips until you came and trembled all over him. He pulled himself out of you and lied down, patting his thighs, “Ride me, until I come.”

You nodded and weakly sat up on his body, inserting his cock inside you. You already felt yourself getting ready to come again as you began to ride on his hard dick. He kept his eyes on you as you bounced, with his parted lips, a soft moan escaped his mouth. Grabbing onto your hips, he thrusted inside you harshly, not stopping until finally he rolled his head back, shaking and filling his condom up with his cum.

The next morning, you woke up with a huge headache. Turning to face the sight of a half-naked, still asleep, Yoongi, and you soon remembered where and who you were with. You could barely remember the events that took place last night that led up to you having sex with him, but before you could reflect on your actions you moved Yoongi’s arm, that was draped across your stomach, and quickly grabbed your stuff and got dressed. Leaving Yoongi’s apartment before he could realize you were gone, you jumped into a taxi and headed back to your place, not ready to face the rest of your day.

a/n: im so fucking nervous uploading again, iss been a hot minute since i left this writing world. Tbh, I rewrote this plot so fucking much, it was so hard for me to try to create a story line for this. But after a long long long awaited moment, I have created a design and path for this series. I’m still writing and working on the rest, but I’ve been working and going to school, so I haven’t found motivation to write anything. So sorry for the long wait. I hope you guys enjoyed reading part one of black and white, please look forward to the rest! Much love!! Until next time, xoxo. 

Mission Bad Boy | 04

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Notes: I said fuck it and decided to use my hotspot. Hopefully by the time the internet comes back I will have the fifth part ready. CRED TO THE ACTUAL OWNER OF THE GIF. 4 k Words

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The day just seemed too surreal. It was drastically different from the last two years of high school, especially for your desk mate.

Kim Namjoon was finally getting noticed, this time, in the best way possible.

People turned their heads to look at him when he walked down the halls, girls became absolutely flustered when they made eye contact with him. He didn’t even need to say anything, and people were looking at him as if they had seen god.

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Left At The Altar - Part 3? (Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader)

Title: Left At The Altar (Part 3?)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader, Steve Rogers X Reader

Genre: Angst?

Summary: Steve and (Y/N) are both working on what could potentially be a blossoming relationship between them whilst Bucky’s sees tiny cracks. 


Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5

“… Tony and Sam, you two will keep a lookout up on air. Wheels up in 30 mins. Dismissed.” Steve ordered.

The group of Avengers pushed themselves off the chairs and started making their way to get ready for yet another mission. It was a pretty routine mission, information extraction and ultimately shutting down the base they were raiding. It wasn’t complicated but the grounds they had to cover was pretty massive and so the entire team is involved.

Steve has sort of made (Y/N)’s room his over the past couple of months but still kept his own space located right opposite her room. It was more because of space constraint than anything. The 100-year-old super soldier enjoyed collecting keepsakes and the extra room was needed to hold them, even though he was pretty much permanent resident in (Y/N)’s.

He made his way into his room and reached for the stealth suit in his closet. Heaving a sigh at the thought of having to leave (Y/N) behind yet again because of his job, Steve failed to notice the girl opening his room door.

“Hey, captain. Why the long face?” came (Y/N)’s soft voice.

Steve turned around and his smile widened as his eyes landed on her.

“Not too excited about leaving you home alone doll,” he answered, moving closer to her.

A soft smile broke on her face as she stepped into Steve’s embrace. Mumbling into his chest, she said, “I’m not too excited about having you go risk your life either, Cap.”

The two was developing a sort of more than friendship, less than love kind of relationship. For (Y/N), she felt conflicted about her growing interest in her ex-fiance’s best friend. For Steve, he just didn’t have the confidence that (Y/N) would ever return his feelings. But the two reveled in this current comfortable relationship they have right now. Not too fast, not too slow. And it felt just right for the both of them.

Bucky stepped out of his room, geared up and ready to go but stopped short when his gaze fell to (Y/N) in Steve’s embrace. The slightly opened door hid nothing from Bucky’s view. His super soldier hearing didn’t help lessen the blow either.

“Come back safe. Promise me, Steve. Don’t go doing foolish things like jumping off a plane. I’m right here waiting for you to come home, alright?” (Y/N) said, her eyes meeting with Steve’s blue ones.

“Yes, ma’am. We still have got that art exhibition to go together. I’ll make it back right in time for it, I promise.” came Steve’s answer, as he landed a peck on her forehead, his lips lingering.

Bucky was no stranger to this new sort-of affection going on between his captain and (Y/N). (Y/N)’s reaction towards him surprised him immensely. The anger and spite he anticipated from (Y/N) did not happen. She was civil, polite, almost too polite to him and Jenny. She kept their contact to a minimum but never purposefully avoiding him. But Bucky would honestly feel so much better if she yelled at him or threw some spiteful comments here and there. This civil and polite girl was new to him. Ever since day 1, (Y/N) was welcoming, warm and friendly. This almost feels painful to him, like Bucky is nothing but a stranger along the streets to her.

His thoughts halted when he heard a laughter bubbling from (Y/N). Looking up, he sees (Y/N) walking around Steve’s room, gathering the essentials he would need for the mission and putting them in his go-bag. This scene of pure domestic bliss was what hurt him the most.

He couldn’t understand why this would hurt. He chose to walk away from this, didn’t he? He was the one that didn’t think (Y/N) and he was right together.

Shaking his head in an attempt to push these thoughts away, Buck threw one last glance into the room and stomped his way to quinjet.

“Where’s Cap? He’s usually all geared up and ready to leave before any of us.” Wanda questioned, as she helped lug Natasha and Clint weapons up the quinjet.

Bucky frowned at the question, his mind wandering to the scene before. He couldn’t help but mumble under his breath, “He’s too busy and pre-occupied with my girl to actually do his captain duties.” The thought startled him, why did he still label (Y/N) as his girl - she wasn’t anymore, and would probably never be again.

“Is everyone gathered?” Steve’s voice came and broke Bucky’s thoughts.

“We’re waiting for you Capiscle,” Tony replied, his face held a knowing smirk.

“I’m here. So, let’s go.” Steve replied, rolling his eyes at the billionaire.

Just as Steve was about to make his way to the controls, two voices sounded.



The lot turned and saw (Y/N) and Jenny making their way to the quinjet the former calling for the captain and the latter calling for the sergeant.

An awkward silence enveloped the quinjet as the rest of the heroes scattered around to make themselves seem busy but kept their ears peeled for the conversation that was to take place.

The look in Steve’s eyes warmed when he spotted (Y/N). Holding her by her hand, he led her away from Jenny and closer to himself, his large frame shadowing the girl as if trying to protect her.

“Uhm, I know you shouldn’t be wearing anything that isn’t part of your suit but would you please just bring this along? You don’t have to wear it just leave it in your go-bag. It’ll make me feel less jittery about you leaving.” (Y/N) said, her face flushing as she handed him the necklace she always wore. It was a long chain with an intricate ring strung through it - her mum’s wedding ring, a sort-of family heirloom that the girl treasured.

Bending to meet (Y/N) eye to eye, Steve gave her a breathtaking smile and lowered his head, requesting for (Y/N) to help him put it on.

“I’ll take good care of it doll,” Steve said, as he straightened his posture, thumbing the ring around his neck.

Bucky’s couldn’t tear his eyes from what was happening in front of him. That necklace was (Y/N)’s. That necklace was his. (Y/N) would always make him wear it when he was leaving for a mission, said it gave her a peace of mind. Bucky’s eyes narrowed at the scene and couldn’t help the low growl he let out.

The only other super soldier picked up the sound and met Bucky’s eyes. Steve saw the look Bucky was giving him and pulled (Y/N) in for a hug, his eyes locked on Bucky’s for a long moment, before he pulled away and caressed the side of (Y/N)’s face.

Jenny tapped on Bucky’s arm and jumped when he turned and glared at her in an instant. Seeing the started girl, Bucky’s gazed softened slightly and gruffly questioned her, “Yeah?”

“You didn’t say bye. So I, I just thought I should come say bye.” Jenny replied, her eyes fleeting between Bucky and what he was previously staring at.

“Yeah okay. I’ll be back soon.” came his reply.

“It would be good if you could tell me where you’re heading to and when you’re leaving and coming back next time, Bucky. I’m your girlfriend. I have the right to want to know where you are and what you are doing.” Jenny grumbled.

“Fine,” Bucky replied, walking away from the fifth argument they’ve had this week.

Jenny stomped off the quinjet, anger radiating from her. The moment of awkward silence was saved (Y/N) yelling out “goodbyes” and “stay safes” to everyone. She met Bucky’s eyes and gave him a small reassuring smile, “Stay safe sergeant.” and a polite nod of her head, before turning to Steve.

“Come back to me soon, Steve. I’ll be looking forward to our art exhibition date,” she said, her eyes turning into crescents from her wide smile.

“Date, doll?” Steve questioned with a teasing tone.

(Y/N) face turned red when she noticed what she has said and lightly shoved the soldier towards the quinjet control.

“I’ll be back for our date doll.” Steve teased, a smirk forming on his face, (Y/N) hurried off the quinjet, not before stopping to wave at the team before heading into the compound.

Tony took one look at Bucky and rolled his eyes at the kicked puppy dog look he was giving the girl.

“Hey! You don’t get to feel sorry for yourself, Manchurian Candidate. You let her go the worst way possible. So suck it up, live with your misery while she gets the man she deserves. Capsicle gave her up to you once, don’t expect him to do it twice.” Tony scoffed with a roll of his eyes and left Bucky on his own with his loud and unforgiving thoughts.

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Sugar Daddy: Part 2.

Uraraka: So we are clear, right? First of all, the moment Kyouka hears Izuku falling asleep, we storm Todoroki’s room. While Izuku is near him, he won’t be able to use his Quirk at full power. He still can do those small attacks and we need to stop him right from the start. Tsuyu and I will fight him while Ashido makes an escape route. Hagakure must be there to cause a diversion if we go down too fast. Mei will be there with power-suppressing cuffs ready for use. Any questions?

Momo: Is it really okay that we broke walls between our rooms and combined them together?

Aizawa *done with the shit but still free to speak*: It’s not.

Uraraka: Of course it! Otherwise, how could we ever have enough room for playing, feeding and taking pictures?

Momo: I see, that makes sense. *looks down at high-calorie cakes* But what is my part and why does it involve so much food?

Uraraka: *battle aura on* Your part is the most important, comrade! You are going to make weapons and reinforcements so that we can fight off Todoroki when he comes for sweet baby Deku! And, even more importantly, you are going to make so many toys that rich son of a bitch won’t be able to compete!

Mina: I think his mom is a nice lady though.

Uraraka: I was talking about his dad.

Everyone: Ooh!

Uraraka: So? Any suggestions?


*gets blasted and beaten till there is more juice than grape*

Uraraka: Anyone else?

???: Excuse me? *walks into the door* Is Todoroki Shouto-kun here?

Everyone: M-M-Midoriya-san?!

Uraraka: What are you doing here? *Crap, we completely forgot that Deku-kun actually has a mom!*

Inko: Y-You see, I received a call from Todoroki-kun about Izuku turning into a baby, so I came here to pick him up. Is everything alright?

*Girls quickly tear down the flowcharts and blueprints with plans for baby Izuku and merchandise featuring him*

Momo: Of course! We will get him right to you in a se-

Todoroki *walks in, nice and gentle expression as he carries sleeping baby Deku*: Oh, you are already here, Midoriya-san. I hope you don’t mind but fed and bathed Izuku while waiting for you.

Inko: O-Oh, thank you very much. I hope it didn’t trouble you very much.

Todoroki: Not at all. *smiles warmly* It was my pleasure.


Uraraka: WHAT THE FUCK, SHOUTO! *glares at tied up Todoroki* Did your fire-side of brain get overcooked or something? Why would you give up BABY DEKU?

Todoroki: It is called strategy, Uraraka-kun. *smiles kindly, but with obvious hints of pride* While I would keep Izuku by my side this way, one can never forget about the future.

Momo: W-What do you mean?

Todoroki: Right now, Midoriya-san is living through her son’s peaceful childhood again. With certain bumps, overall, it is a very heart-warming experience. And guess who will she think of when remembering it?

Mina: Oh no…

Todoroki *smirks smugly*: Oh yes. And it gets better. I took care of him and informed her about the sudden age change her dear son went through. Not only that but I also took care of him at his weakest. *devilish grin* But I wonder what she thinks you did?

Hagakure: No… You mean, you-

Tsuyu: Planned it all ahead?

Uraraka: Impossible! He is bluffing! He is getting into your heads! Don’t listen to him, he is just-

*New Message Received*

Todoroki *false innocent surprise*: Oh, I wonder who might that be? *reaches into his pocket and smirks at the message* What a surprise, Midoriya-san invited me over for dinner. She says Izuku is missing me.

All girls: *paling at the realisation of their situation. While they were fighting a battle, he was winning the WAR!*

Todoroki: Well *freezes restraints and breaks through* As much as I enjoyed this conversation, I think I should prepare for tomorrow’s dinner. *smirks at the girls* It wouldn’t do to upset my future mother-in-law.

[Todoroki Shouto used Light Yagami Keikaku! IT IS SUPER EFFECTIVE! Class 1-A girls are in despair!]

Objects like Us: A Poem

I’ve stopped liking the word “broken,”

Not in the faces I meet,

Not in the trembling doubt inside myself

The fear, the fear, the fear,

“I am a broken,”

“We are broken,”

“We’ve stopped functioning.”

Unusable, useless to ourselves & the world.

But there are other words:

Hurt, healing, growing, trying.
In progress.

People are not vases,

Not stain-glass windows prone to breaking,

We aren’t wrist watches that stop ticking or

Camera’s cracked at the lenses,


People don’t break.

They are afraid, sad, and angry,

Shaking, feeling, mending.

And nothing about us has become

A ready object any less than it’s ever been.

People are not mirrors

Or clicking pens,

We are not our bones and ligaments

That split.


We stop fitting as puzzle pieces into pictures,

Sometimes, our jagged edges feel like shattering

But this isn’t torn, this isn’t unusable, and over.

It’s human and human and human.

I’ve stopped liking the word broken.

A Return to Love: The Rebirth of BatCat.

It all started off in the most inauspicious way:

This final cell at the end of Batman # 9 marked the introduction of Catwoman to Rebirth. To say it was controversial would be the understatement of the year. However, little did we all know that this was the beginning of something major for the Bat and Cat relationship.

From the get go, it was clear that this version of BatCat was not the one we saw in New 52. There was something more, deeper, like there was prior to Final Crisis:

No matter what she said, Batman refused to believe she murdered all those people. He would do whatever it took to prove Catwoman was innocent. Whenever they spoke, it was clear that the feelings for each other were still there.

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