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Olicity + Cinderella

Prince Oliver is smoaked captivated by the smart and beautiful mystery blonde during the grand ball. But it’s midnight, and Felicity must leave. She drops her magical glasses. Oliver begins his tireless search to find her and has every maiden try on the spectacles. However, no one but Felicity can see through them…

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Okk so one of the many things that gets me from last nights episode is how alex says she is there to help maggie heal, and it's not im here to heal you.. like maggie needs to do the healing herself but alex is there supporting. I can't believe how healthy their relationship is 😭😭

Ikr?! 😭 they invented healthy relationships.

You’re right. It’s important that Alex said I’m here to HELP YOU heal because Maggie has to deal with her problems and patterns by herself. She just needs Alex to get healthy again, to trust people. It’s so important for their relationship!
I think Alex is the first person who is 110% there for Maggie and accepts every part of her and her past. She’s her perfect match. Alex is the right person to do that. To make Maggie complete again.

Melody Rokor-Highwind, dearly beloved wife of Echo. 

A scientific and well learned girl, she was a perfect match for her spouse. She is soft spoken, and careful in her movements, but considers a large portion of the people she knows as friends.

 On her own, she had researched many different types of beetles and insects. During her early adulthood she made significant advances in her research in these insects and their properties in potions and dyes. 

She was tragically killed during the swarming season of a species of particularly aggressive beetles. The only remains of her were her glasses, clothes, and her signature pink bandana.

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What would be your perfect match ?

omg you mean me????? like myself????

omg this is such a breath of fresh air like anons are always out there asking about THEIR perfect match and I can’t believe I got one asking about MINE like you are too sweet!!!!! <3

I have very specific ideas about my perfect match. It’s probably bad. Whoops. My Cancer venus combined with my Virgo moon is very picky.

I would have to say Cancer sun/moon/venus, Virgo rising. I’m not too picky about the mercury or the mars - maybe Leo or Gemini mercury, and an air mars? maybe a Gemini mars? not sure.

I also really like Capricorn moons and I would love being with another Virgo moon as well :) my ideal person is definitely Cancer sun/venus though omg


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I have barely played Pokemon Sun/Moon yet, but I wanted to draw this. 

Some pictures of the main trio with what I think would be their Alola starters plus some sketches of them with their final evolutions. :,)



If Ben & Sophie did a romantic movie together

I have decided I most definitely would like a Season 2 of A Year in the Life, except I just want it to be 6 hours of Luke and Lorelai being domestic