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Jean Valjean left the town as though he were fleeing from it. He set out at a very hasty pace through the fields, taking whatever roads and paths presented themselves to him, without perceiving that he was incessantly retracing his steps. He wandered thus the whole morning, without having eaten anything and without feeling hungry. He was the prey of a throng of novel sensations. He was conscious of a sort of rage; he did not know against whom it was directed. He could not have told whether he was touched or humiliated. There came over him at moments a strange emotion which he resisted and to which he opposed the hardness acquired during the last twenty years of his life. This state of mind fatigued him. He perceived with dismay that the sort of frightful calm which the injustice of his misfortune had conferred upon him was giving way within him. He asked himself what would replace this. 

The Au that literally no one asked for: Mean Poke’s

The Unwilling Victims:







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‘Cleopatra’ TV Series In the Works At Amazon From ‘Black Sails’ Team
Amazon Studios has put in development Cleopatra, a drama series about the famous Egyptian queen, I have learned. The project hails from the Black Sails trio of co-creators/executive producers Jonat…
By Nellie Andreeva

‘Written by Levine, Cleopatra is described as a revisionist take on one of history’s most misunderstood women, The Godfather in Ancient Egypt. After nearly losing her life in a bloody coup, Cleopatra must use her natural wit and political genius to take back her throne and restore honor to her family and kingdom.’

[Ask RPedia] Anxious About My Writing: Help?

Anonymous asked: I know this is normal for writers and that there isn’t a real solution but I’m gonna ask anyway: Any advice on how to stop feeling insecure about what/how I write?

Oh man, this is gonna sound like such an asshole move, but my favorite way to help myself is to write to spite everyone else. Seriously. Write like you hate everyone else in the world. Write like they mean fucking nothing to you. Write because they’re gonna get what you write, and they’re gonna like it, if they know what’s good for them. Write to make that mental editor representing the ‘them’ in your head mad as hell.

It’s always energized me to flippantly declare to myself that if people don’t like something I like, they can go fuck themselves in some fancy new way, because I’m busy writing and I don’t see them getting off their ass! They’re reading anyways ain’t they? Then they god damn don’t have anything better to do than let me shove words, and ideas, and mental pictures into their heads rapidly. Them complaining? Hah, you mean leaving impassioned responses because I hit a nerve. I CONTROL them. 𝕀 𝔸𝕄 𝔸𝕊 𝔸 𝔾𝕆𝔻.

…ahem. There’s other things to think about. I just, really like getting pumped about that concept because getting pumped makes it really awesome. Lemme uh… lemme try talking about … other things… next. Instead of declaring my godhood, wow, that is so ‘famous last words’ material for a character to say.

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i’m honestly at a loss for words right now to describe for how my birthday went for me this year. in all honesty, due to some personal issues, the beginning of it was…tough. it was hard to enjoy, and because it was hard to enjoy, the pressure to enjoy my one and only 21st birthday when i felt like crap made everything feel infinitely worse. i went from starting out okay to waiting for the day to end (because i knew i’d feel better tomorrow).

but then, after our dinner out, i came home to a house filled with people i love, screaming “surprise!!!” as i walked through the door. my mouth dropped right open, and this time, i started crying for joy. they could all only stay for so long, being a tuesday night and all and there being young babies (my nieces) all over the place), but…i felt so much love and happiness in seeing all the people i love gather to celebrate, even if it was just for a couple hours.

and it meant even more to me after having such a crappy day. after struggling with out-of-nowhere thoughts about how worthless and disposable I was, stemming from the general crappy feelings I had. and then, to suddenly be surprised by those I loved, to be overwhelmed with how many people loved me and cared about me…

it couldn’t have been a better way to redeem and make memorable my 21st birthday

Alright so, @brassbara came up with a wonderful idea from this post: to put Hamilton in Britney’s best shirts and I could not pass it up

Also bonus T-Jeff bc that is totally his shirt

karamels act like their ship is some kind of unique, epic romance and like it was suspenseful and exciting when they got together like no sharon we all knew the quasi-attractive white guy was going to get the girl after he pestered her enough we’ve seen this same tired narrative 1938716617 times

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"Guys seriusly stop it, this is a public place" prompt for Simbar?

Welp I took forever this is short as hell and it’s not that good or that much simbar but hey it’s something I guess
When Ámbar and Simón started dating Luna was really worried about it and didn’t like the idea at all. Ámbar had done many things to hurt her and she hated the idea of her hurting Simón, she didn’t want this relationship to exist . Now months later she can say she was right to be reluctant about them being together,  but she had the wrong reasons.

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ok but have u ever thought about risen king! chrom

 / / amigo i have that verse *will smith pose at this i have that verse *will smith pose at this here* The back story needs more tinkering but yeah. 

risen king chrom is, believe it or not, the reason for this blog existence. my friend elliot, henry’s mun  @ichorcorvus is the godfather of this blog. i have good friends that usher me to make more angsty blogs because we can lol

….sits here. who wants to rp with him owo

I just want to apologize. I’m sorry. This blog hasn’t been active for 2 weeks. One reason is that I’m just lazy but there is another. I just need to take my time to actually write Sailorsworld because this is no casual ask blog, there is a plot! 

I have many plans and i’m very excited to share them! I will try and update tomorrow but in the meantime, I want to try and develop characters and write things decently! I’m sure you guys will like them! 

But I hope you can understand the inactivity! Again, I’m sorry. See ya tomorrow I hope!