are a basketball team

Sun & Moon

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff (the holy trinity?); Omegaverse!

Word Count: 15K

Warnings: Possessiveness, impregnation kink, biting, hair pulling, cumplay, switching

Notes: If you need an intro to the omegaverse, feel free to read this trashy guide I wrote!

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“Someone’s moving in next door!” Your friend announces glumly, as you raise an eyebrow at her, “Ugh, it’s just more people to keep around, okay? I’m honestly just done with all these loud kids.”

“Aren’t you enthusiastic!” You tease, though it falls on deaf ears, “Alright, I’ll bite: what’s the problem?”

“I just told you.” She flops over, “I heard from the tenant that a couple of guys are moving into 105.”

“Oh, that’s nice.” You say, still confused, “So, what’s the big deal? You normally don’t have issues with noisy people, don’t even try.”

“Okay, fine.” She snaps, “Both of them are Alphas, okay? Both of them. Are. Alphas.”

“There are tons of Alphas in the building, girl, you need to chill.” You roll your eyes, “Besides, we’re just Betas, not… I dunno, Omegas or something. We don’t need to worry so much about it.”

“That’s true, but.” She shivers, “I just saw one of them outside, dude. He’s like, the Alphaest Alpha to ever Alpha. Like, his gaze could turn you into a pile of ashes on the spot.”

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andimackasvines  asked:

write a fic where cyrus still isn't out yet but someone says something and he can't resist making a sexuality pun and everyone just stares at him

thank you so much!!~
It was just like any other normal day. The Good Hair Crew (+Jonah) met up for some baby taters and milkshakes, Cyrus was silently admiring his crush, Andi was complaining about Amber wanting to be her friend, and Buffy was going on about the basketball team.
“So, how’s that TJ guy?” Andi asked Buffy.
“Ugh, don’t even get me started.” Buffy responded, rolling her eyes.
“He sounds like a real jerk. I hate him so much.” Cyrus joined in on the conversation, still knowing little to no information on this “TJ” boy.
“I agree.” Jonah followed.
‘Jonah Beck agrees with me!’ Cyrus yelled silently in his brain, hoping no one could see the excited look on his face.
“Hey, Cyrus, how’s you and Iris? Or, Ciris?” Jonah asked, giggling at the dumb ship name used for the couple.
“Um, I-I don’t actually know. We haven’t talked that much since I wen’t to her house.” Cyrus replied.
“What? How come?” Andi asked.
Cyrus looked at Buffy, unaware at what to say.
“She is, um, her phone, her phone was taken away!” Buffy quickly blurted out.
Cyrus gave her a ‘you just saved my life’ look, while gave a relieved one.
“Oh.” Jonah said, also unaware of what to respond.
“Oh, yeah, Jonah, I learned this cool ‘fortune telling’ trick. My mom taught me. Could I try it out on you?” Andi asked Jonah.
“How does it work?” Jonah followed.
“Just hold your arm out straight towards me.” Andi answered.
Cyrus giggled at the word ‘straight’.
“Straighter than me.” He attempted to whisper to Buffy, unknown of how loud he said it.
“Cyrus, you may want to quiet down before you say things like that…” The competitive girl successfully whispered into Cyrus’ ear.
Cyrus looked mortified as he took a glance around the table.
Andi and his crush were both staring at him.
“Wait, what?” Andi was extremely confused.
“Cyrus?” Jonah felt the same as Andi.
Cyrus couldn’t think of what to say.
thanks for the prompt! to anyone waiting for theirs, I’ll have it posted soon:)

I’ll never forget the day I met Coach. There was a pep rally going on because men’s baseball had made the playoffs. Matt, Frank, and I were ditching it, of course. We didn’t give a shit about sports and school spirit like all the conformists. So we were smoking in the parking lot when the head football coach found us. He took us to his office, promising to educate us about respecting authority, teamwork, and what it means to be a man. We couldn’t help but laugh.

I can’t tell you exactly what he said (it’s all a big blur in my head for some reason), but we decided to submit to his authority and give our entire selves over to him. We spent the summer in football tryouts and practices instead of wasting it at the skate park. And in the gym, we grew our bodies with iron and sweat, instead of trashing them with booze and weed. As teammates, we’re part of something bigger than us now, and we owe it all to Coach.

twist of fate - steve harrington (part 1)

Summary: After years of silence, you and your ex-best friend Steve start talking again.

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first Stranger Things fic, but I just had to write it, yanno? This will probably be a series if the first part gets a good reaction. Gosh Steve is so dreamy. Drop requests in my inbox if you have anyyy. I LOVE FEEDBACK, so gimme some!!!!

Also, gif belongs to owner. 

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You had been Steve Harrington’s across-the-street neighbor your entire life. You grew up riding bikes with him up and down the street, swimming in his pool on hot summer days, and sneaking out after bedtime to tell scary stories and catch fireflies. You were inseparable for the longest time- your parents and his even joked that you’d grow up and get married one day. 

But Steve was a year older than you, so when he moved on to middle school while you were still in fifth grade, you grew apart. It wasn’t heartbreaking or anything- it happens. Kids grow apart. By the time you caught up with him in high school, his reputation as King Steve had been built. He was popular, dated all kinds of girls, captain of the basketball team, and had parties nearly every weekend his parents were out of town. 

You weren’t like that. You hated big parties. You thought the concept of getting sloshed and screaming all night was idiotic (though you’d never done it before). You focused on your schoolwork, joined the school newspaper and yearbook staff. You and Steve didn’t run in the same circles hardly at all. Occasionally you’d chat in the hallway, but it was never anything important. You interviewed him once for an article regarding the basketball team. He stopped by with a casserole for your mom from his mom. Nothing crazy. 

Last you’d heard, Nancy Wheeler had dumped him, after nearly a year of going out, for Jonathan Byers. But it didn’t make any difference to you. You had no feelings for Steve. 

But then your car broke down.

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