This is my first post as the business I am scantily throwing together in the in a flurry of low expectations and even lower standards, and as a sentimental man I feel like the first post should be super-duper important.

But all I can say is, what the fuck is with guys claiming to have abnormally huge dicks? It wouldn’t even remotely change the fact that you’re a rampant dickhole of a person, and having a fifth limb as a penis would be a logistic nightmare. Every time you got an erection with someone in the bed, you’d lose blood from all your major organs. You’d be half fainting around the room as a looming dune-worm would be flailing madly, smashing up the furniture and terrifying absolutely everyone.

You know what’s better than claiming you have some deathworm from fucking Dimension X lurking between your legs? Anything. Anything at all. Mostly, just not being a complete hooting Fuckhole Fergus of a person. Stop that. Just get people flowers. That’s nicer. So much fucking nicer.

People are People

Musicians are people. Celebrities are people. Actors are people. The people living on the streets are people. Point is, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. People have lives. People do not need to comment or state their opinion about every significant or insignificant thing that is happening in the world on social media 24/7, infamous or not. That being said, just because someone doesn’t say his/her opinion about something doesn’t mean others should attack him/her. Those Others should respect them for choosing not to say anything at all. Why?  BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT OBLIGATED TO. 

Rant over.