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I hope you don't mind me asking, but how do you do Ardyn's hair? I can't seem to get it right for the life of me, but you make it look so good and so easy.

I don’t mind at all! I’m happy to help because I totally understand the absolute hell that is drawing his stupid hair.

First of all, and this helps for drawing any character really, is finding the direction of the hair.

Here’s the directions that Ardyn’s hair runs in

the sides just come down and flair out for that wonderful POOF. Then there are his bangs which are pushed towards the back of his head.

Memorize the directions that each part of his hair is going. Then simplify into a shape you can easily draw.

Keep it as simple as you can. When I’m drawing something more cartoony, I rely on the shape and direction and virtually nothing else.

and when I’m doing something more detailed, I keep the same idea… just.. more pen strokes. That’s legit the only difference.

boil it down to its shape and direction and practice! I hope this helps!

reference photos courtesy of @maty-yami


The theme is an “alternate grand final.” Our heroes will challenge their fates in order to realize the ideal future they envisioned..

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I was lucky to run into @crimson-sun yet again at oz comic con; thankfully I was able to get some of these lovely prints and acrylic keychains. And best of all, Ardyn in a suit! Seriously happy~ ✌︎(‘ω'✌︎ )

Lovelove~~ Noctis-stan =3=

Just a lot of quick Noctis-main pairing sketches I’m sorry, he is my favorite in the end… =3=;;;; A BIT NSFW AT THE BOTTOM, AS A WARNING! And a long post so I guess I put them under a cut. <3

#1: Gladnoct 
#2: Ardynoct
#3: Ignoct
#4: Promptis
#5: Nyxtis
#6: Cortis….? Noctor? Cornoct….????
#7: Gladnoct NSFW

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