Soo…you remember the glitch character I posted a while ago?

I had the chance to use him for a Digimon themed novel roleplay and what can I say? The character happily copies files from digivices to finally have a working body that is not exploding in glitches all the time. Here a Renamon version.



16-step Arduino synthesizer, 3D printed models, Glitched Image, Webcam, and Processing Visuals

I was inspired by Duchamp’s art boxes full of small ready-mades and prints. I wanted to create a similar object within the realm of New Genre art. 

I am also interested in Wunderkammern and attempting to create poor facsimiles of existing technology (e.g. a macbook). Filmed in the Whitman College Book Arts Studio. 

0xb3nn and Nguyen Le of KnitKnit collaborated on this delightful “Knitcore” project that brings the famous Nyan Cat to life as an awesome piece of light-up embroidery. Together they spent hours embroidering the famous flying Pop-Tart kitty onto a 24 x 36 frame, but that was only the beginning:

The stars include 24 LED sequins to add a sparkling animation effect. These were sewn onto the back of the work using conductive thread. They are bright enough to shine through to the front where needed. These connect back to an Arduino Pro Mini 5V board.

The Arduino is also connected to a capacitive touch sensor. This allows the user to simply place their hand over the nyan cat image to start the animation. No need for physical buttons or switches to take away from the visual design. An Adafruit AudioFX sound board was used to play back a saved nyan cat theme song over a couple of speakers.

Watch this video to see Nyan Cat twinkle:

Click here for a much more detailed description of this geektastic project. The source code is available on github.

[via Hackaday]


Using Muscle Sensor V3 from Advancer Technologies to control InMoov arm

Código de Arduino en github:…

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I have this exact battery that i have in my rc car and i was wondering since im trying to implement the arduino in to the car, can i just power the arduino from this battery? Connect the positive pin to vin and the negative to GND? Am i missing something obvious here? via /r/arduino

You too can build a robot!

Hi! I was looking for some good tutorials, I have no experience in Arduino/EE, but I do know quite a bit of Programming.I’m fine with either video/text, but I’d prefer something that actually shows me through images/video, even if it’s text.Where should I start looking? On YouTube I found a few things, my favorite (RELATIVELY, definitely.) being Jeremy Blum so far. via /r/arduino

You too can build a robot!


Memory Bank, 2015.
Paper, Arduino, Thermal Printer.

Workers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk were paid 10 cents to share a range of personally significant memories with the artist. The memories were recorded and replayed, slowly accumulating into a tangled pile before viewers.

I’m up late finishing an essay, here’s one of the most recent pieces I worked on before the latest. There were some really beautiful responses in the 1000 or so I collected, I might see if I can dig them out.

I’m new to Arduino, I bought an Uno from and some ws2812 LEDs in a strip. I was able to write some super simple blinking / chasing code for the strips, that was fun, but now I would like to do something useful with an Arduino.I have a closet in my house that I am using as an A/V hub. In it I have my AVR, Xbox One, OTA Tuner etc… I’d like to be able to monitor the temperature in the closet and turn on a set of fans when it starts getting warm in there. I’d also like to have an indicator LED somewhere to see the status at a glance. If possible, I’d also like to incorporate some kind of motion sensor so that when the closet door is opened, an existing LED strip turns on to illuminate the closet (I currently have them just on a rocker switch).So to recap:2-3 12v fansindicator LED (either ws2812 or standard RGB LED) that is green when temps are low, orange when temps are rising and red when temps are high (fans on)temp sensor of some kindmotion sensor so that when closet door is opened, the existing LED strip turns on to illuminate the closet.Can one Arduino Uno handle all of these tasks? Any recommendations on temp sensors / motion sensors to use?Thanks! via /r/arduino

You too can build a robot!