Far to much work has been happening behind the scenes, restricted by NDAs and simply not prop/cosplay related.

That’s all about to change!

My brand new sculpt of the Discovery era Guy-Manuel helmet has a built in mounting system for the LED arrays. I’m current designing internal mounts for the main c9ntroll board, internal fans and the LEDs in the ears. Once they’ve been test fit it’s off to the chromers

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Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel The Legend of Korra, YouTuber Allen Pan made his own punch-activated flamethrowers to mimic the “art of firebending.”
His punch-activated flamethrowers with Arduino mini computers are activated by accelerometers in the gauntlets. When the user punches, a flame shoots out. The Arduino computer can “distinguish punches from normal everyday gesticulations.”
Pan gave the full instructions of how to make these flamethrowers on his They take around 16 hours to build from scratch.
He adds the caveat that there’s a pretty high risk level involved in building a contraption that shoots “fire balls from your wrists,” even for the most advanced users.

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like me, who needs a refresher
I was a programmer from 1969 until I retired in 2006. When I retired I thought I was done programming but in January of 2014 I discovered the world of Arduino. I needed to refresh my skills using the C language which I had learned in 1985. I picked up several books designed to teach you how to program these micro controllers but the first edition of this book remained close to my desk to become my reference guide.
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Absolutely the best book on programming Arduino on the market
Absolutely the best book on programming Arduino on the market. I have purchased several books on Arduino. When I say several, I have just about all the ones that I can find for my kindle. The author of this book, teaches in such a way that you just get it. I have read this book cover to cover twice and used it for reference more times than I can count. Where other books do a good job and teach you enough to blink some LED’s. This book teaches you the full power that C and C++ has to offer. Even teaching the power of using pointers! I highly recommend this book. Get this book and read it and stop and do the examples as you go. Make sure you fully understand what is going on before moving to the next chapter. Do this and this book will teach you how to write programs for the Arduino that you never knew possible!
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Beginning “C” for Arduino - A great tutorial and reference
After a 15 year hiatus from being a professional software developer and ham radio, I decided (at the urging of a couple of longtime friends) to get back into both. I purchased a QRP radio kit controlled by one of the Arduino processors. Subsequently, I decided to build a magnetic loop antenna to go with it. That required programming yet another Arduino to control it. Jack’s book looked like just what I needed to bring myself back up to speed. It was! I still have my old copy of Kerrnigan and Ritchie left over from my days at BTL, but although that covers all aspects of the “C” language, it is one of the hardest to read books on the subject ever. Jack’s book on the other hand is easy to read (print could be bigger for us old folks); he thoroughly explains the concepts and provides real-world examples. Through this book, I was able to get myself back to my old form in just a week or so! Not to say that this isn’t a great book for those who have never written a line of code in their lives; it most certainly is. Looking forward to more; maybe “C++”?
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A good Intro to Arduino C
A book that guides you through programming steps, explaining in detail what every function does. I started programming by looking at examples of code, but now I am learning to do it systematically. I am now reading it and referring to it for many of the coding I do….Thanks.
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Love this book
Love this book. I’ve been a programmer for many years, in many different languages, and have now come to the Arduino platform with my ham radio projects. The author does a great job in presenting the language material in terms that anyone from a novice understanding of programming, to veterans like myself needing to use C on this downscale platform. He presents the material in a very conversational manner that really helps one to understand. I’ve purchased other books from Purdum as well (Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio), and will continue to do so whenever he writes another one. Way to go Jack!
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My favorite Arduino programming book, by far, of about 8 that I have read.
What makes this book different is that it goes into much greater depth about PROGRAMMING and not so much about Arduino and related hardware. It’s not a “project” book like almost every other book on Arduino. It even teaches you what pointers are, in enough detail that you can actually understand how they work (although I still don’t understand when I would actually want to use them in an Arduino project.) Outstanding book in every respect.
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Great Book !
This is a must have book if you are interested in learning Arduino programming. I had never programmed in C and it made it possible for me to learn the basics and have fun while doing it. Jack has a great way of teaching and even an old guy such as myself had no problems follow what he was trying to get across. I highly recommend this book and all the others that Jack has made available.
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Great Book!
Just purchased this book a few weeks ago. Dr. Purdum has done an excellent job of breaking the programming down into pieces and explaining it so a beginner can understand it. With hands on exercises, and review questions at the end of each chapter, it ensures learning and retention. There is no substitute for a having a hard copy of this information right at your fingertips. Thanks for an awesome book.
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… found the information made available in this book very useful. The author has put in a good effort
Simply the best!
Good - and not so good
Purdum is an excellent teacher! fast
Best Arduino Book.
Good, but….
Nicely done!
Five Stars
embedXcode - Rei Vilo | Software |667501748

Rei Vilo
Genre: Software
Price: Get
Publish Date: June 14, 2013

This is the user manual for embedXcode, a template for embedded computing on Xcode.  The template eases development for the most popular embedded computing boards such as Arduino, chipKIT, Digispark, LaunchPad, Maple, Teensy, Wiring. 













僕らのプレゼンのグループは1日目にスライドも原稿もできなかったので朝6:00に原稿の人に集まってもらって英訳を進めて行きました。その後パソコンに打ち直して紙に印刷してスピーチする人たちに。 飯食う前に疲れ切ってました(笑)











あと僕とチーム組んでいた韓国人とベトナム人のペアはcontainer career challengeで3位でした。その韓国のペアのこはMVPみたいな賞とトロフィーをもらってました。









Vandaag krijgen de technologie-kinderen een workshop over Arduino onder leiding van Dr. Cristina Ciocci van Ingegno! #Technologie #STEM #robot #Arduino #Dikkele #DikkePret!


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