A very pleasant surprise arrived in the post this morning! I illustrated this book cover for Ardicia Publishing a few months ago and the finished product looks wonderful.

Based in Madrid, Ardicia strive to beautifully publish careful translations of rare and forgotten literature and its great to be a part of it! Unfortunately for me, Mi Carso has never been translated into English so until I learn Spanish, or find a very generous person who can to read it to me, I wont be able to enjoy the book!

For those of you who can, and anyone who’s interested in finding out more about Ardicia Publishing, have a look at their website…

Big thanks to Esther and the guys at Ardicia!

¡Buenos días lectores!

La última novedad de Ardicia editorial Los caníbales llega a Sevilla y desde Boocle queremos invitaros a su presentación que tendrá lugar el jueves 5 de junio a las 21.00 h. en la librería La Extravagante. Para ello, contaremos con la presencia del escritor y prologuista del libro Fernando Iwasaki.

¡Estáis invitados, no os lo perdáis!

Agradeceríamos difusión ¡Gracias!