Why “Arden” became “Ardyn”

Have you ever wondered why the pronunciation of Ardyn’s name is different from the Japanese one?

The original name, アーデン, corresponds to « Arden » ([a][ʁ][d][ɛ][n])as you can see on his artwork for example :

So why « Ardyn »? It’s not because there is no [i] sound in Japanese so they had to adapt with the translation, if they wanted it they could totally have put « ディン » to the name to make the « dyn ».

The real reason is because of the French adaptation.

According to Olivier Daubry (Project manager) and Arnaud Léonard (French voice actor for Ardyn) in the interview below (19’43), at the beginning it should have been « Arden ». They even recorded dialogues with both « Arden » and « Ardyn » pronunciations.

The problem with « Arden » in French it’s the reference to « L’Ardenne » or « Les Ardennes » wich is a region across France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany with the exact same pronunciation.

Besides, when you are French there is something else that pops automatically in your mind with this name : « La Bataille des Ardennes » called Battle of the Bulge in English, which was a German offensive during World War II.

Knowing this, Olivier Daubry sent this information to Square Enix Japan to explain why « Arden » will not work in French. So Square Enix modified the pronunciation for all localization to the one we know ^^

No mysteries anymore, you can thank my beautiful native language for this modification XD