I have received Your Majesty’s gracious message. The tribute which you and the Belgian people are paying on Decoration Day to the memory of those American soldiers and sailors who gave their lives for the cause of justice and whose bodies rest in Belgium, echoes and resounds in every American heart with gratitude and affection for their Belgian comrades and friends.

Herbert Hoover, in a letter to Albert, King of the Belgians, in reply to his Memorial Day message


Some pretty draft horses!

Sources and descriptions (all links are marked bold to clarify things):

Picture #1 - Large bay ArdennesDraft Horse, stallion. Source: I’m going to find it, just wait a minute.

Picture #2 - Rearing bay draft horse. Source: I’ll find it in a few minutes

Picture #3 - Suffolk Punch being shown at the Suffolk Show, 2008. Source:

Picture #4 - Suffolk Punch Horse Photography that I have not yet found a real source for. Look at that bum!

Picture #5 - Not from Pinterest, but I found it through Pinterest. It is a closeup of a chestnut Suffolk Punch. Source:

Picture #6 - Suffolk Punch Draft Horse from England. Source: