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SpringBway Opening night Fan Video!! [Secret project?]


So due to popular request here’s what I want to propose. 

Send me videos either via Email (notmelchiorgabor@gmail), Submit, Ask box, Youtube (unlisted) link. 

The video(s) should include you either holding a sign, signing (please include typed translation), lip syncing/acting to Song of purple summer or speaking to the Deaf West cast (keep it short tho). I would really LOVE IT if you could learn and copy the timing of the Song Of Purple Summer rehearsal video. Please do as much as the video, so I have a lot to pick from as this will be the majority of the video. I’ll pick the best part so don’t worry if you mess up half way through. I also want to cut to footage of people signing “Happy Opening Night” “I love your Light” “Good Luck” “Spring Awakening” “I love you” etc and holding signs with the lyrics. 

I can’t explain my vision but this is kind of close 


I am willing to edit from 10-100 people’s videos. If we get less than ten submitted then I don’t really feel like the video is going to be long enough and if we get over 100 well…I could be flexible but I’m planning on captioning and editing I got college and stuff. 

LAST DAY TO SUBMIT: Sept 20, you may be able to submit after but I cannot guarantee I can fit you in the video. 

Any questions? My ask box is always open. 

Reblogs appreciated, I hope this turns out amazing. 

Okay so lately I’ve not had the energy to do much or talk to lots of people and it upsets me because I love you guys and wish I could keep up with how you’re all doing and try to post more actively but theres a lot of stuff going on and I’m super stressed so please bear with me!!! Even though I’m going back to university soon and I will likely be overwhelmed and not be online much I still care about you guys and promise I’ll try and get back on track and I’m hoping to post my follow forever soon but if you message me and I don’t respond please know that I love you and am so happy you messaged me and I’ll reply as soon as I can!!!

A cheeky little vegetable box for a friend of mine - containing an onion, beets, a chalotte, cherry tomatoes, carrots, three different kinds of potatoes, a giant radish and a blue turnip cabbage.