Merry Christmas! Here’s a bunch of Asian nativities, courtesy of The Jesus Question.

Hanna Varghese
God Is With Us
Malaysia (2006)

A thangka (sacred wall hanging) given by H.H. the Dalai Lama to Fr. Laurence Freeman and the World Community for Christian Meditation
Tibet (1988)

Kristoffer Ardena
The Meaning of Christmas
Philippines (1995)

P. Solomon Raj
India (1980s)

Erland Sibuea
Indonesia (2008)

He Qi
China (1998)

Woonbo Kim Ki-chang
The Birth of Jesus Christ
South Korea (1952-53)

Sadao Watanabe
Japan (1960s)

Sawai Chinnawong
Thailand (2004)



disclaimer: I DO NOT KNOW/SPEAK ITALIAN. I AM SO SORRY IF THE TEXT ABOVE WAS SLAUGHTERED. (i tried to use several online translators to check it, but i don’t know how reliable they are)

a couple people had suggested Fideo and iamoutofgoodideas. it’s not too late to still do these. haha… no it’s only 9:44 am on Feb 14. SHHHHHHHH


ahh thank you. i just noticed that. and now it should be fixed;; oops.

A scenario in which Demonio hangs out with Roniejo and follows him on a walk. Together they see other members of other teams, two of them being Kidou and Fideo. Demonio’s reaction to the latter is… questionable. 


Artist: Factoria Ribbentrop
Song: Ardenas
Year: 1984

Batallas de las Fronteras

Batallas de las Fronteras


Los combates iniciales de Agosto de 1914 y conocidos como la Batalla de las Fronteras empezaron de manera esperanzadora para los franceses.

En estos primeros días de guerra se designan con el nombre de Batalla de las Fronteras a la serie de cinco ofensivas lanzadas por el ejército francés bajo el mando del general Joseph Joffre, y a las del Ejército alemán a las órdenes del general Helmuth…

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