Part One


Isaac Lahey - Borderline personality disorder 

‘Personality disorders are a type of mental health problem where your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours cause you longstanding problems in your life.’ BPD is commonly caused by a rough childhood, which Isaac definitely suffered, with his abusive father.  BPD can also cause outbursts over anger, we saw Isaac lash out many times over the two seasons he was present in, the main one being in the episode 3x05, when he nearly killed Aiden, but Scott stopped him. BPD suffers also hates it when someone they hold dear leaves them, that’s why he was out of it after Erica died, than he mourned Boyd as they were close and he extremely broke down when Allison was wiped away from him. BPD people can go from being happy to being upset, their personality can strange drastically – very much like Isaac being human and being a Beta.

Liam Dunbar - IED

Out of all of them, Liam is the only one who actually had a condition. IED is intermittent explosive disorder and it causes periods of anger that can lead to unintentional outbursts of rage that could end in someone or the sufferer getting hurt. In Liam’s case he was kicked out of his original school for messing up his teacher’s car and then after moving to Beacon Hills, Scott bit him to save his life. When Stiles and Scott (aka Liam’s pack parents,) find out he has IED, Stiles tells Scott he gave werewolf powers to a ticking time bomb. In this case the werewolf in Liam represents the IED getting worse and he ends up hurting Scott because of Hayden’s death, this outburst of anger, was no attention.

Malia Tate - Narcissistic Personality Disorder NPD

Considering Malia was stuck in werecoyote form for eight years, this condition makes sense for her to have. NPD is a metal disorder that in which the sufferer doesn’t care about themselves, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. Someone with NPD usually finds someone they are comfortable with to talk to, in Malia’s case, the only person at the start of her storyline who is important to her is Stiles. A NPD sufferer also finds it hard to it hard to understand the importance of other people’s emotions, they are also arrogant and they have a sense of self-importance.

Kira Yukimura - Psychoses 

In Season 5A Kira starts to have trouble controlling the fox that lives inside her; psychoses  turns reality into something it is not and makes the sufferer someone’s personality change extremely. Kira starts to have to suffer from abnormal thinking because something alien was taking over her, she doesn’t want it and she can’t stop it. They are also delicious and don’t understand why they can’t control their own mind.

Derek Hale - PTSD

This one is quite obvious. Losing his family, having his heartbroken by two women who were not who they seemed to be, losing his first love and losing two of his Beta’s, would take a toll on anyone. PTSD victims often feel irritable and guilty; they are two things Derek often feels, he is irritable around Scott when he becomes a werewolf because honestly he doesn’t want to responsibility. He feels guilty when Cora was dying, because he had already lost her once and he didn’t want to lose her. We hardly ever see him asleep, if he is, it was either when he was injured or he was evolving; this is because many PTSD sufferers also suffer from insomnia.

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