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Yesterday You'd Forgiven Me
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Young Avengers (Comics), New Avengers (Comics)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan

A missing scene from Are You Ready for the Summer. Set three years after the story, six before the epilogue. 

(No prior knowledge really necessary.) 


He’d called. And despite Teddy not even thinking about the time difference, the seven hours and thousands of miles between them, Billy had answered. He’d been hesitant, his voice on the other end of the line breathless and tight, and Teddy had tied himself into a thousand knots and untangled them all at once in the moment it had taken him to say hello.

There had been crying. Then Billy had done some shouting and he’d been perversely happy at that, because Billy-when-he-was-sick would have kept all the poison inside, and wouldn’t have yelled at him at all.

A week and more than a dozen Skype calls later Billy had met him at Heathrow. There had been some more shouting, and then a lot of talking, and even more kissing, and by the end of that weekend things were better than they had ever, ever been.

Or, here’s how that all went down.

Cover by the phenomenal @cris-art.

anonymous asked:

If you find any really good Young Avengers fics would you mind posting them??

DEFINITELY here are some recs that i love:
-like in general khirsah and ardatli writes the BEST young avengers fics (khirsah’s teenage wasteland series is THE SHIT SERIOUSLY) 
-perks of noticing by theappleppielifestyle is adorable (also slightly stevetony)
-also I’ll cover you by isengard is a fave billyteddy au (teddy runs an animal shelter and the young avengers are PUPPIES it’s adorable)

Pacific Rim / Young Avengers fusion ‘verse

This seems as good a time as any to drop in links to my old Young Avengers / Pacific Rim fusion story, He Dreams in Kaiju Blue 

(Three years since the launch of the world’s first Jaeger, five years since K Day, few piloting teams in the world had as many kills as the Maximoff twins.)

And the currently-updating sequel, And the Sky Bleeds Red.

(Six months after the fight with the Category 3 Kaiju dubbed Honne-Onna, Pan Pacific Defense Corps Ranger Will Maximoff woke from his coma to find the world had moved on without him.)

Both are Billy/Teddy, Kaiju Blue is rated T, and Sky Bleeds Red is rated E. 

The workout dummy in the basement took the brunt of it, Tommie’s hands and feet stinging and dust puffing into the air with every blow. The sound satisfied, the shock-pain of impact racing up her arm and legs a reminder of life.


A commission from the amazing @dopingues ( from chapter 2 of my Power Rangers fic, Light the Flame (right before it rains). I love this so much - the expression on her face is heartbreaking. Thank you!
The Colors Beneath His Skin Update 9/10

Chapters: 9/10
Fandom: Young Avengers, Hawkeye - Fandom
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan, Kate Bishop/Tommy Shepherd, Billy Kaplan & Tommy Shepherd


The tattoo shop AU you never knew you wanted. Years ago, Nate, Eli, America and Tommy opened ‘Patriots’ together. Now Nate’s moved on and a new piercer - tall, blond, perfect - has taken his place. Billy’s nowhere near as cool as his twin brother, and there’s no way this new guy, this god among men, this Teddy Altman, would ever be interested in plain old Billy Kaplan.

Would he?

A collaboration with Cris-Art.

Chapter 9: In which the law is sort of kind of bent, slightly. A dog is involved.

I have tomorrow and Friday off. I have a metric shit-tonne of housework to catch up on, but there will also be many hours to do ALL THE WRITING. I have a handful of article edits, and then chapter one of Tattoo!AU is going to happen. Hell yeah.

Also: more edits on original regency romance, and buckle down on serious research for summer writing project. These things will happen.


Casting call: The Country House

Rupert Penry-Jones - Joshua Beaufort

Sebalter - Stephen Ashbrook

Anna Karina - Sophie Armand

Alex Pettyfer - Evander Cade

Jane Levy - Lady Charlotte

This is what I’m doing this morning instead of the million other things I’m supposed to be doing. Fancasting my current novel-in-progress. (I’ve been doing a major deep edit this past week and I need to set it aside while it’s with readers, and … having a hard time getting my head out of that world. So I’m just… not.) 

(This is the Regency era/ “gay artists” one that keeps cropping up in conversation here from time to time. More news as it develops.)