Assyrian Scale Armour dated between 800-600 BCE from Ardabil, Iran on display at the British Museum in London

Assyrian soldiers wore copper alloy armour made in segments aligned like fish-scales. Holes allowed the scales to be laced together and a central ridge maintained their alignment. The armour protected only the back and chest allowing free movement of the limbs.

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Iran,Ardabil, Around SOOHA Lake… “Suha name of a small dam pond near the village of the same name at a distance of about 35 km East city of Ardabil. This area is located at the starting point of Gilan forests having temperate climate of this region is highly regarded in nature. 4 km northeast of the village of Suha Suha Dam is located. Village Suha situated in Namin city of Ardabil. Tamykn area’s rural water springs as well as products including cereals Vhbvbath village. Agriculture and pastoralist people’s main occupation. Access to the village beyond the road linking the city of Ardabil to brace, Nyarq possible, and eventually beyond….”