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Barça emojis: Mascherano & André Gomes

So far: 

Everyone seems to agree on: 

📱 Arda 

🍣 Sergi 

 Most agree on:

👪 Rakitic

☇ Lucas 

🚀 Jordi 

 🏀 Geri 

 What we learned today: 

- How easy it was picking for Denis 😴 “no se entera de nada” (everything goes past him) 

- Arda Sleeps a lot but he’s on his phone more 

- While picking Andres’ emoji, Masche said: “The Captain, this one is difficult huh… let’s give him this one because this is what we only have" 

- Masche’s “pfff” when Picking the emoji for Leo.. like how obvious would that be 

- Masche pretty much thinks Ney is a little shit and if that does not say Masche I don’t know what does. 

- Masche is basically a captain everywhere by the way he just dominates and takes control. Again.. So Masche of him, he is not called the Jefecito for nothing guys… And Andre waiting for his approval, despite Masche giving him the liberty to choose, it’s just… You know, he is the boss.

- Paco was given the  🙈    .. amid laughter.. what gives??

- Masche some how picks 😱 for Andre.. No explanation no nothing just a smirk.. Why Masche? What was the aim? 

- 🆒 Masche thinks Sam has a great fashion sense 

- Jeremy is ⏰ What do you mean? Is he always first to arrive? What.. 

- We learned also that Masip eats a lot of 🍔.. so just like Sergi.. they went with the you are what you eat thing 

 Did I mention Masche gave Ney a little 💩??!!

side notes:

  • Masche’s laugh
  • Masche and Andre’s chemistry
  • This pairing was not expected, it is great and I love it!

Kadın gol atmamış, kadın futbol tarihinde atılmış tüm golleri bir araya getirip dev bir yumak oluşturmuş ve o yumağı zipleyip en kompakt haliyle Arda’nın burun değilinden içeri sokmuş resmen =D


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