arda river


Devil’s bridge, Bulgaria (by Emil Rashkovski)


Finished my Mels Zucker aka Melody Pond aka River Song cosplay. You can’t tell but I opted for denim shorts instead of a skirt because seriously, no. I also chose red converse because River wears those fabulous red heels, and Ten is my favorite doctor. Yes those are footless tights. Let me know what you think, this was my favorite version of Mels, I like to call her smels 😊


The Devil’s Bridge (Dyavolski Most) in Bulgaria

I love when places have made up legends behind them and this one is one of my favorite stories. It goes like this:

A young ambitious man decides he will build a bridge over the Arda river. The Devil appears before him and offers his assistance. He tells him that he will show him the secret to building a bridge that will outstand anything and last forever, but in return he has to incorporate the Devil’s face into the brige or else he would take his soul to hell (the usual devil stuff). The Devil wanted his face to be invisible and visible at the same time. The man ends up building the bridge and even managed to add the devil’s face into it through the water’s reflection.


The beautiful Cascade Creek, near Lake Gunn, New Zealand
This location photographed by Cooper Odell