If the Arch of Titus looks familiar to you, it’s probably because the monument is the inspiration for Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. 

Arch of Titus, Rome, Italy 

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Arcus, donny and yuma ( I so sorry :'D)




That’s what the two of them say to him, deep in the recesses of his mind when he sleeps.


On the one hand, there’s the one that actually seems to resemble some kind of past him. Even so, he feels a little too subdued to feel like any sort of “past” self, if anything he almost reminds Yuuma of tousan, with the way he looks wise beyond his years, as if he’s experienced far too much in his short life. The eyes look tired, but determined, and even glint with a little bit of amusement when Yuuma tries to tell him of kattobing, of never giving up, and in all honestly it’s only who he was associated with that gives Yuuma pause at first.


The other is treated with complete aversion, with fear and repulsion. This is the one that Astral needs to defeat, the one that he needs to seal, and to be associated with anything even close to it feels like a betrayal of everything he’s dueled for up to this point. But what makes him sink into complete and utter disgust is how the other treats him as something inevitable, as something he’s come to accept about himself, and seems to have given up on resisting despite his own insistence on saving his own important person. It feels like the other is being a hypocrite doing this, and to accept that these two are already linked-have long been linked thanks to the very person his past self wants to save-hurts too much to even comprehend.

Remember, they say, and he screams, fights, resists until he’s pulled down and under and-

He remembers.

Daily Rune Meditation Mar 17, 2017

Elder: ᛉ Younger: ᛦ
*elhaz /elxɑz/ OR *algiz /ɑlɣiz/ “elk”
*Yr “yew”

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Ýr er bendr bogi ok brotgjarnt járn ok fífu fárbauti. arcus ynglingr.
-Icelandic Rune Poem

Yew bent bow and brittle iron and giant of the arrow.


Ýr er vetrgrønstr viða; vænt er, er brennr, at sviða.
-Norwegian Rune Poem

Yew is the greenest of trees in winter; it is wont to crackle when it burns.


sec[g e]ard hæfþ oftust on fenne wexeð on wature, wundaþ grimme blode breneð beorna gehwylcne ðe him ænigne onfeng gedeþ.

-Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem

The Elk-sedge usually lives in the fen, growing in the water. It wounds severely, staining with blood any man who makes a grab at it.

I found my self in a copse, with the light of a red sunrise shining through the trees. The more I watched it play along the branches, I noticed some of the negative space looking like a familiar forked stave. There was an old man there, with shocked-white hair, sun-beaten skin and time-faded kohl symbols on his fingers.He showed me a carcass from a successful hunt, whose ribs had the same negative space. And the top of the staff he leaned on. It was on the reinforcements on a shield, the clasped hands of travelers…I woke up sweating, with my legs as sore as they would be had I gone hiking.

With the abundance of information available on glowing screens we often forget the world that spawned notice of the gods. It is a distant picture, a news story that does not affect you. Take some time today to appreciate the strong, protective shapes of branches. Maybe look into environmental issues around you to see if there’s anything you can do. Even if it is just sending an e-mail or signing a petition. Feel free to respond.

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Tips on writing a long paragraph on just thoughts? Is it bad writing?

It depends on how long we’re talking. I certainly wouldn’t want to see a paragraph that’s half a page long–and probably not even a quarter of a page most of the time. 

A fifty word paragraph, give or take, would be short:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam egestas blandit commodo. Maecenas hendrerit ut urna ut maximus. Suspendisse aliquam leo sed egestas euismod. Sed cursus pharetra metus in commodo. Nam eu elit congue massa rutrum rhoncus efficitur nec nisi. Praesent congue non arcu vitae cursus. In scelerisque eu enim.

A one-hundred word paragraph, give or take, is about average:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur at turpis dictum, ullamcorper odio vel, ultricies velit. Nulla eu ex vel enim tempus ultricies non at mauris. Curabitur et facilisis ex, nec ultricies massa. Etiam dictum congue nulla a faucibus. Maecenas nec nisl vitae sapien blandit ullamcorper. Nunc sit amet ligula ac leo vestibulum luctus. Nam pulvinar elit in magna egestas, et consequat arcu placerat. Fusce vestibulum risus quis nibh maximus consequat. In dictum ligula nec nisi venenatis dictum. Curabitur id facilisis ligula, vitae placerat felis. Mauris at tincidunt diam. Sed nunc nunc, rutrum non eros sit amet, bibendum lobortis.

A two-hundred-and-fifty word paragraph is really long:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus sagittis interdum lacus. Curabitur rutrum scelerisque tincidunt. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Nullam venenatis dignissim mi, quis rutrum nisi dignissim nec. Nunc faucibus diam at dolor congue mattis. Mauris velit ipsum, ornare sed luctus vehicula, luctus sit amet ligula. Nulla semper, augue ut scelerisque aliquam, mauris erat vestibulum elit, a imperdiet odio risus vitae justo. Vivamus in tellus tortor. Duis at felis diam. Aenean convallis odio ut enim auctor, sit amet mattis justo aliquam. Proin sed maximus nunc. Morbi ullamcorper suscipit odio, sit amet finibus ipsum elementum sed. Praesent aliquam, nisi non interdum tempor, enim ex congue ipsum, at laoreet neque quam ac massa. Nullam ultrices aliquam justo. In a libero ipsum. Vestibulum erat augue, dapibus et nisi eget, mollis consequat odio. Donec molestie dictum elit. Maecenas finibus mi at mi tincidunt blandit. Donec eleifend libero nec lacus bibendum ullamcorper. Phasellus tincidunt eros sit amet risus facilisis condimentum. Sed turpis dolor, mollis ac scelerisque id, vestibulum ut elit. Morbi non nisi felis. Aliquam erat volutpat. Maecenas mattis, lorem ac gravida venenatis, risus nibh blandit est, a varius magna metus sed odio. Suspendisse at justo vel erat interdum elementum vitae non ante. Mauris ultrices erat id lectus tincidunt, quis tincidunt ipsum dictum. Vivamus arcu libero, laoreet sed mattis a, iaculis vitae ipsum. Sed semper sodales libero congue tristique. Cras neque augue, feugiat faucibus varius ut, interdum sit amet sapien. Praesent convallis, risus sed tristique.

Ultimately, you have to let your content dictate your paragraphs, but if you have a lot of really long paragraphs, you may need to review paragraph rules to make sure you’re starting new ones at the right time. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)