Weird methane bubbles under the Siberian Tundra

Its not just large craters being caused by methane blowouts in the boreal regions of the globe (see for photos of the large craters that have appeared in Siberia), as revealed by this video recently published by the Siberian Times. A tract of grass and soil is underlain by a bubble of gas, making it float above the frozen matter beneath and bounce around like a trampoline. The research team found 15 such blisters in their survey of Belyy Island sits in the Arctic Ocean’s Kara Sea, a long running site for research into the changing climate up north (see for a summary).

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ruler-of-all-burgers-maya  asked:

Maya casually steals Phoenix's hoodie and beanie because she has the AC on the coldest setting and has a fan pointed at her... again.

“………! Oh?” He came back from the bathroom to see his beanie and hoodie weren’t there. So, he went into the bedroom to see Maya laying on the bed in the very cold room. 

“No wonder you wanted to wear those, it’s freezing in here! Aren’t you cold?” 


I bet you look good on the dancefloor

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