High School Brad

A/N: this is soon late. my apologies. also i know i haven’t posted much of anything lately, again I’m really sorry I'm trying my best (: I’ve been busy lately I’ve just aquired a new room mate and its been a very stressful change tbh, also I’ve gotten sick and it sucks. but anon requested high school brad with drama and a happy ending so here ya go. 

brad simpson, he was the boy everyone obsessed over, the boy who wore tumblr outfits and beanies making all the girls swoon. he was popular to say the least, he was a skater boy. some might even refer to him as a “fuck boy” you hated that, he was so hot and he knew and enjoyed every ounce of it. You hated the fact that you were so attracted to him but you almost couldn’t help it, he just had a way about him, just the way he held himself. he was a cocky son of a bitch too, all the girls loved him. he had curly hair almost always covered by a beanie or a snapback with his range or arctic monkeys t shirts and tight black skinny jeans. you had algebra with him and he sat directly behind you, he liked to mess with you and call you names like sweet heart and princess in a sarcastic manner.

you walked into algebra that day your headphones in listening to your music before the bell rang as you normally did. you were already irritable as it was 7am so added annoyance period was not needed. you felt a poke on your back and you knew exactly who it was and you were not in the mood for his shit today. “heeey, hey. hey. pst” he kept going until you finally turned around. “brad. what do you want?” you said with an unpleasant expression. “well princess, id like a lot of things actually but for now how about the homework from last night?” he said trying to be a smart ass. “like id let you copy my homework, now please leave me be” you said clearly annoyed. “c'mon, please. i cant afford another bad grade, i seriously just don’t get any of it” he pleaded. “fine Simpson, but this is a one time thing, you got me” you said slapping the paper on his desk. “you’re a life saver sweetheart” he winked. “what’d i tell you about those stupid nicknames” you said before turning around again. he passed the paper forward right before the bell rang for class to start.

it was 2:00 and school was over, your teacher said she had a tutor job for you in the library and for you to sit in the very back of the library and wait for them. you were sat there for a good 15 minutes, until you saw a familiar face only over a foot away from you. this couldn’t be happening, this has to be some sort of joke. “brad can i help you with something?” you said in a sarcastic tone. “actually yeah, seeing thats what a tutor is meant to do” he laughed. “please tell me you’re joking” you said in pure shock. “listen this is embarrassing as it is so can we not have to repeat why i’m here, and can we do these things somewhere else next time?” he said in a quiet tone. “you mean these TUTOR sessions, yes we can have those at my house next time” you laughed. “oh don’t enjoy yourself too much there” he snapped back. “okay okay, lets get to it then”. you went through his mid term review for about an hour until the session basically concluded itself and you packed up your stuff. “so tomorrow your place?” he said looking at you with a smile. “yeah, but dont get any ideas buddy” you joked making the both of you laugh.

in the past week you’ve gotten to know brad a little better, enough to know that he wasnt all you thought he was. he was actually kinda nice, and funny for that matter. he wasn’t the douchebag you thought he was. but of course with all this you started to grow feelings for him, you knew you shouldn’t let yourself fall for him but it was one of those things that you cant really control. everything was going fine until Friday when you walked into school. about ten people asked you the same question, “YOU AND BRAD HOOKED UP??” you were ready to kill him. you were on a mission now, to find brad and to talk some sense into him. the bell rang before you could find him, but that did not mean you’d let this go. you met in the front of the school everyday after school.

you sat at the edge until you saw brad approaching you as if nothing happened “you ready to go?” he said in his casual Birmingham accent of his. “well brad, give me one reason why i should even let you back in my house?” you said in the most pissed off tone you could muster. “wait what?” he said confused. “brad, why the fuck would you tell people we were hooking up!?!?” you said absolutely infuriated. “oh that, um. please just let me explain” he said rubbing the back of his neck. “honestly i thought you were different. i always thought you were an asshole who was way too full of himself, and i was right” you said trying to steady your breathing. “please, don’t say that. please i only said that because the guys were bugging me about what i was doing after school, and you’re so pretty and intelligent i know they wouldn’t bug me if i was with a girl like you” he said looking right at you. “brad you had no- wait did you just, um compliment me?” you said taken back. “don’t sound so surprised princess, you’re gorgeous and I’m an asshole for saying that I’m sorry. please forgive me.” he said desperation in his voice. “you always did know how to phrase things.” you smiled. “thank god” he breathed before hugging you tight. you both held each other there for a few minutes before you looked him in the face still hugging him. “would it be bad if i kissed you right now?” he whispered, as you felt his hot breath on your face. you shook your head no signaling for him to kiss you. he leaned down a bit and kissed your lips softly, causing your eyes to flutter closed and your mind to get completely lost in the kiss until you finally pulled away.

so what does this mean?” you said trying to process everything that just happened. “that i can take you out this weekend?” he questioned. “absolutely” you giggled kissing him again.