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Okay, but White Rose with how Winter and Klein react, since they're the only family Weiss has

Winter totally uses Weiss as an excuse to be around Qrow more often. Everyone knows they’re dating, they share a room when she stays overnight, still she won’t admit she came over for dinner just because she wanted to see him.

Qrow talks about his nieces a lot, so before Winter properly got to know Ruby she heard so much praise about her she sometimes makes fun of it. Of course she was sceptical at first, after all it came from Qrow of all people, but even before she really got to know Ruby, she respected her for how much she changed Weiss. Winter sees that her time at Beacon, her friendship with team RBY and her relationship with Ruby let Weiss become a person Winter truly respects. Not only did they see more than just the Schnee name, they let Weiss become more than just another part of that broken family and spoiled legacy. Winter can see how much Weiss has changed, in all the ways she always wished she would, and how happy Weiss is now compared to how lonely she was before. And Winter knows that Ruby is to blame for most of that, so even before she got to know Ruby better, she knew Ruby was the right choice for Weiss.

That didn’t change the fact that at first Ruby didn’t act any less awkward than during their first meeting. Winter eventually warmed up towards her and Ruby got more confident. Qrow’s influence also definitely helped Winter warm up in general and let go off her military attitude a bit. Ruby and Winter can have long conversations about weapons and how to use dust in combat, that definitely helped.

When Weiss told Klein she would introduce him to her girlfriend he thought nobody would ever be good enough for the girl he knew since she was born. Then he met Ruby and he fell in love immediately. Adorable. Awkward. Caring. He loved her like he loves Weiss right away. There is no one he would rather see Weiss with. He always tries to make her feel welcome as much as he can.


╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲4TH WHEEL… AT THE ARCTIC CIRCLE╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲ by JUSTIN APPERLEY

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How do you think Tai, Qrow and Yang would react to Nuts & Dolts?

“The fuck, she’s dating a robot?” 

All of them. 

Tai would eventually accept it because as long as Penny treats Ruby well and makes her happy he is happy. It will take him a while to get used to it though. Certainly he will just ignore the fact she’s not human and try to forget about it as best as he can. 

She’s from Atlas. That’s all you need to say about Qrow’s reaction. It will certainly take him years, decades to get rid of his suspicions. He still won’t say anything around Penny the Atlas military shouldn’t hear. He makes sure to say all the things the Atlas military should hear though. It gets kinda annoying after a while. 

Qrow becomes the worst White Rose shipper ever. He’d rather see Ruby date a Schnee who turned her back on everything wrong with Atlas than dating something Atlas has literally made. There will be fights, bitter fights, and eventually he will act more supportive and stop voicing his disapproval because he really, really loves Ruby and doesn’t want to hurt her, but he will never stop being conflicted about it. After all he really, really loves Ruby and really, really hates the Atlas military. 

Qrow and Yang make all the inappropriate and bad robot sex jokes when Ruby and Penny aren’t around. Yang feels a bit bad about it, but after all… how could she miss the opportunity? They just assume that small Ruby will never ever engage in any sexual contact anyway, let alone with a robot. They’re pretty sure about that. 

Yang likes Penny. It took her a while to get used to things and she sure as hell had an awkward ‘Do not ever break my baby sis’s heart or I will break you’ talk with Penny, but as long as Penny treats her right, she will not stand in their way. 

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If you have not done it already, Xiao Long Family with White Rose/Ice Flower/Arctic Flower, etc.

Xiao Long Rose family heacanons with white rose

Yang always thought if Ruby ever brought someone home she’d totally do the ‘so you want to date my baby sister’ talk. She was a bit disappointed when with Weiss that wasn’t necessary anymore, but only for a moment. She’s so happy for Ruby and Weiss and very glad Ruby’s with someone Yang know and who she can trust. She’s extremely protective of Ruby. 

Yang’s still doing more bad dad jokes than Tai ever could though.

Tai knew about Weiss’ family before Ruby and Weiss started dating and his protective dad instincts totally kicked in. He tries very hard to make Weiss feel welcome and make clear his house now is her home too. Weiss didn’t know how to handle it at first because it’s so different to what she’s used to, but she truly appreciates it. 

Qrow’s first thoughts were ‘Shit, not her too’. He’s a bit biased towards Schnee girls. But he would never talk Ruby out of a relationship that’s not very clearly abusive/not good for her, so he started to make jokes about how they now both have to deal with a Schnee and how Ruby got the nicest and prettiest Schnee girl. Qrow and Ruby always laugh together at how Winter and Weiss then simultaneously roll their eyes.

Weiss is not used to having a warm and caring family. It took her a good while to get used to it. She’s really trying hard to be the best family member they have ever seen and treats that almost like a competition. Everyone still appreciates it a lot though. Ruby thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. 

Always feel free to ask for more headcanons if I have already done something. Maybe I’ll be inspired to do some more!


i. In A Week // Hozier

ii. Young And Beautiful // Lana Del Rey

iii. Landfill // Daughter

iv. Big Jet Plane // Angus and Julia Stone

v. Easily // Red Hot Chili Peppers

vi. Heavy In Your Arms // Florence And The Machine

vii. Honeybee // Steam Powered Giraffe

viii. Valley Of The Dolls // Marina And The Diamonds

ix. Slow It Down // The Lumineers

x. Cola // Lana Del Rey

xi. I Wanna Be Yours // Arctic Monkeys

xii. Flowers // Anaïs Mitchell

xiii. Sweet Ophelia // Zella Day

xiv. Say My Name // The Neighbourhood

xv. National Anthem // Lana Del Rey

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Graduate student Jeff Bowman first saw these ‘flowers’ between 3 and 4am from the deck of a ship returning from the North Pole. The temperature had just dropped and when dawn broke he was able to see them much more clearly and for much farther. They appeared to be growing in the cold and dry air all across the surface of the water. He was told they were frost flowers.

Frost flowers are like ice sculptures and they grow on the border between the sea and air. Bowman’s colleague Matthias Wietz took this image on September 2, 2009 when the air was extremely cold and dry; colder than the surface of the ocean. When the conditions in the air are that different from that of the sea, the dryness in the air ‘pulls’ moisture from bumps in the ice which then vaporises. The air gets humid for a little while and the cold makes the water vapour heavy. As the air needs to release the excess weight, the air turns the vapour back into ice, crystal by crystal, creating ‘frost flowers’ up to 7 centimetres high.

The ‘flowers’ themselves suck up seawater and concentrate the salt within; they contain three times the salinity of the ocean. Bowman and his colleagues took a frozen flower and let it melt. Only one to two millilitres of water resulted, though each frost flower hosted about one million bacteria.

As the poles warm, there may be more and more of these frost flower meadows as there will be more open sea turning to thin ice in winter.

Image Credit: Matthias Wietz