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The Wreck Of Erebus: How A Major Discovery Triggered A Fight For History
The HMS Erebus and a sister ship left England in 1845 to find the Northwest Passage. They were never seen again — until a team of Canadian searchers discovered the wreckage in the Arctic last year....
By Paul Watson

Fascinating read.

The tightly scripted media rollout would see Geiger give interview after interview about the find, talking freely about the moment of discovery, and about the prime minister’s deep passion for the north. It would culminate months later with Geiger and Harper being awarded medals in separate ceremonies to mark their important roles in finding HMS Erebus, the ship that Sir John himself had sailed on.

Meanwhile, those who actually found the wreck, along with others who spent years on the search, seethed in anger as they watched what they saw as a historic moment being misrepresented to the public.