arctic silence

vulcanvampire  asked:

Meteor shower and constellations please?

Meteor shower: Favourite song(s) to fall asleep to?

At the moment:

•Fire Escape ~ Foster The People
•Wind Chimes ~ Chase Huglin
•2 Yrs Late (ft Tulpa) ~ Blankts & Teddy
•Hunting Season ~ Fences
•My Heart Is Buried In Venice ~ Ricky Montgomery
•Truce ~ twenty one pilots
•Sick Of Losing Soulmates ~ dodie
•Before You Start Your Day ~ twenty one pilots
•3 Rounds And A Sound ~ Blind Pilot
•Taxi Cab ~ twenty one pilots
•Northern Wind ~ City and Colour
•Mad Sounds ~ Arctic Monkeys
•Silence ~ Marcus Alexander

(This are also songs I might use while studying or relaxing)

Constellations: What is your favourite instrument to listen to? What is your favourite instrument to play (or that you want to play the most)?

I really love the piano a lot, I know it’s not original, but it’s such a beautiful instrument. The ukulele is awesome too of course 🎀

Oh, and I play the ukulele like you know and I think it’s an awesome instrument!

Thanks a lot for your ask! Be sure to check out the songs, they’re all great!
I love you Ty! 🌸💕