arctic seals

If you’re ever feeling sad and need a pick-me-up then allow me to give you a suggestion:

Harp seals. 

They’re like marshmallows of the arctic.

Just look at them go!!

They’re so cute!!!

I giggle every time I see a little harp seal

He’s so happy!!!

In conclusion: If you’re sad, look at harp seals. You won’t be sad anymore.

Kinda posting these out of order… This is the second Rick that Scrappy Morty got paired up with after the loss of his original Rick. This Rick was the rare Arctic Naturalist Rick, who after seven months of being paired up with a new Morty, was eaten by a leopard seal.

Also thanks to @lieutenantruby for the pose suggestion and the space penguin. ;3

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I was wondering how you thought different nations would raise children or view family life. The Water Tribe and Air Nation are the most distinctive (as I remember) but I can't really differentiate between the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation?

I’ve somewhat answered the question in this post, but I didn’t delve into how children are trained and educated in the Four Nations, which I think is worth examining.


Education for boys and girls is sex-segregated, and begins at home. We know that Gran-Gran taught Katara about delivering babies, so presumably the girls would be taught about assisting with childbirth, healing, and medical care, as well as the traditional tasks of sewing and cleaning.

Katara: Sokka, Calm down. I helped Gran-Gran deliver lots of babies back home. 
Sokka: This isn’t the same as delivering an arctic seal! This is a real… human…. thing!
Katara: It’s called a baby, and I helped to deliver plenty of those too. 

At 16, they are legal adults, so they would also have learned about marriage and all that it entailed. As far as bending goes, they start training very early, around the age of 4-6, judging by the beginner’s healing class in the North.

The male heads of household teach their sons about hunting, fishing, and fighting. At the age of 14, they undergo a rite of passage where they have to steer a ship through ice-infested waters without adult supervision. Both they and their crewmates earn marks based on their position in the crew. We don’t see a beginner’s class for male waterbenders, but we do know that the Water Tribe is not afraid of tough teaching methods.

One skill that is common to both boys and girls is sailing. Katara and Sokka both know how to steer a boat on their own at the very beginning of the show. Hardly a surprise, given their environment.


Education in the Earth Kingdom varies depending on your social status. We don’t see any schools for poor children in the Earth Kingdom. For the children of rich parents, they are educated through private tutors, such as Toph’s tutor, Master Yu:

Yu:  I’m keeping her at the beginner’s level. Basic forms and breathing exercises only.

For less wealthy children, there are classes with other students:

Yu: So, are you ready to commit to more lessons?  If you pay for the whole year in advance, I’ll bump you up to the next belt.

However, as we just saw, advancement can depend on how much money you have here, too.

It is noteworthy that the children in the rough-and-tumble earthbending classes are both male and female, although we do see more boys than girls. By contrast, we see an all-girls poetry class in Ba Sing Se:

This might be due to their relative wealth–it could be a select school for girls like the Fire Nation has. At any rate, the difference in education for girls and boys, while present, is not quite as rigid as the Water Tribe.


This is the nation with the most widespread education model. While there are select schools for the wealthy and nobility:

Azula: Tell me, what is the daughter of a nobleman doing here? Certainly our parents didn’t send us to the Royal Fire Academy for Girls to end up in… places like this.

There are academies for regular Fire Nation children, with a strict curriculum and rigid standards of behavior.

Ms. Kwan: Your etiquette is terrible. In the homeland, we bow to our elders. Like so. 

Music Teacher: No, child. That hullabaloo going on with your feet. Is that a nervous disorder? 

School Headmaster:  That’s what any mother would say, ma'am. Nonetheless, you’re forewarned. If he acts up one more time, I’ll have him sent to reform school… by which I mean the coal mines. Are we clear? 

All schools are state-run and contain a huge dose of Fire Nation propaganda:

Ms. Kwan: Question one: What year did Fire Lord Sozin battle the Air Nation Army?  Kuzon? 
Aang:  Is that a trick question? The Air Nomads didn't have a formal military. Sozin defeated them by ambush. 
Ms. Kwan:  Well, I don’t know how you could possibly know more than our national history book. Unless you were there a hundred years ago. 

On a positive note, while there are all-girl (and presumably all-boy) finishing schools in the higher echelons of society, we see a very egalitarian mix of gender in the regular Fire Nation academies.

There are no sex-segregated areas of education, including in the military. Azula was trained from an early age, just like Zuko, to excel in firebending.

Speaking of which, because the Fire Nation justifies its war of conquest on the merits of its bending, firebending is the most important part of education for those who possess the ability. While there are high-level nonbenders, such as Azula’s instructors Lo and Li, having weak—or even weaker bending—can prevent you from gaining power. Zuko, despite being two years older, is by no means certain to take the throne, partly based on his relative incompetence and his sister’s prodigious achievement.


Due to every citizen being an airbender, each Air Nomad child received bending training from an early age. At the very least, children would have to be taught enough bending not to fall from the Air Temple balconies! Unlike the other three nations, an airbender’s master was his or her surrogate parent as well.

Gyatso: Aang, I’m not going to let them take you away from me.

Fun was emphasized as a learning technique:

And respect for one’s elders was … optional.

Finally, the Air Nomads were all trained in animal care, as they adopted sky bison as children which would stay with them throughout their lives:

Air Nomad Woman: Choose well. A sky bison is a companion for life.

A:TLA glosses over one aspect of education fairly heavily, which is: considering the level of technological and social development of the Four Nations, it’s highly unlikely that everyone would be able to read and write. We never encounter a situation where someone can’t make out an inscription, or has trouble reading a sign or “Wanted” poster. Even the dirt-poor Lee in that Earth Kingdom village could read the inscription on Zuko’s dagger! Considering the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation’s desire to keep knowledge contained, as well as the Water Tribe’s lack of cheap paper-making materials, it would have made sense for the GAang to encounter more people who rely on memorization than people who rely on reading.

Sentence Starters based on secenes where Sokka needs to chill 

“Do you even hear yourself?”

“Why is it that every time you play with magic water, I get soaked?!”

“You can’t really tell the future.”

*insert name here*, I’m coming for you, buddy!”

“Look! Can your fortune-telling explain that?”

“You think if we dig out the giant owl, he’ll give us a ride?”

“I’d like to spend my vacation…AT THE LIBRARY!”

“Its a giant mushroom! Maybe it’s friendly!”

“What? I didn’t steal anything. Who told you that?!”

“Haa! Sneak attack!”

“Speaking of that third-eyed freak, I think I’ve come up with a name for him. What do you think of… Sparky-Sparky Boom Man?”

“That woman is crazy! My life will be calm and happy and joyful!”

“Ow! That doesn’t prove anything.”

“Oh, no, I can’t. It’s permanently glued to my skin.”

“This isn’t the same as delivering an arctic seal! This is a real… human… thing!”

“How did we get out here in the middle of the ocean?”

“Why do things keep attaching to me?!”


“Go to your room!”

“That settles it! No more school for you, young man.”

“Yeah, get him to come back and say he’ll be our prisoner, then we’ll jump him and really make him our prisoner. He’ll never suspect it!”

“What!? Now? Can’t you hold it in or something?”

“Oh, great and powerful sea serpent, please accept this humble and tasty offering. Thank you.”

“It was you! You ratted me out!”

“Who is this guy?! Is he taller than me?”

“I’ve kissed a girl! You just haven’t met her.”

“Who lit *insert name here* on fire?”

“Are you okay? You have to be more careful. Come on!”

“We’re in enemy territory. Those are enemy birds!”

“I want to eat you!”

“Drink cactus juice. It’ll quench ya. Nothing is quenchier. It’s the quenchiest!”

“Yeah, the only thing we’re hatching is… An egg.”

*insert name here*, no! You’ve killed us all!”

“You know what I love about *insert name here* the most? His sense of humor.”

“Oh, no! I knew it was only a matter of time! *insert name here* ate *insert name here*!”

“Okay, karma person or thing…Whoever’s in charge of this stuff…If I can just get out of this situation alive, I will give up meat…And sarcasm. Okay? That’s all I got. That’s pretty much my whole identity.”

“Friendly mushroom! Mushy giant friend!”

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*wiggles over* psssttt how would our new gerudo champ react to arctic seals



-does not believe it until she sees them with her own 2 eyes

-when she does she is amazed

-“they swim in cold water, they are so brave, so majestic”

-one of her guards: “what are they doing?” riju: *crying* “their best”

-tells her guards to make plushies of them

-in other words its love at first sight