arctic sea creatures

Dumbo Octopus Aqua Ballet

Meet Dumbo the dancing deep sea octopus performing its debut aqua ballet all the way from the Arctic. Filmed at 960m deep by #ROV (remote operated vehicle) while we watched on in awe from the boat above. A mesmerizing sight to behold. More to come . We humans must do more to help preserve our Ocean Planet. .
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📽: Michael Aw

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Bowhead Whale (balena mysticetus)

20m long and 74 tons, bowhead whales live in subarctic to arctic waters and live the longest out of any mammal. They have been recorded to live up to 211 years of age. In fact, a bowhead whale was hunted in May 2007 off the coast of Alaska, they found a harpoon in it from new Bedford, Massachusetts from roughly 1890. Reproduction can begin between 10-15 years and continues until around 90 years. Bowheads also have the longest baleen recorded measuring 3m.