arctic princess

Got bored the other day and decided to do a bit of a drawing challenge for myself. I drew 9 Icewing heads, but I made each of them unique by varying things such as muzzle length and width, the angle the horns are at, the direction of the cheek and eyebrow spines, and also the number and size of the spikes on their necks.

I’ve seen a lot of Wings of Fire art on DA depicting characters of the same species, but most of the time they all have the exact same face. I wanted to challenge myself to make them all look different from each other, but still look like Icewings.

I may color this eventually and try giving them all unique color combos too.
Also I really love the designs I gave Narwhal and Tundra. I might haveta draw them more

EDIT: I forgot Lynx’s cute freckles gdi

Shamelessly Advertising my Fanfics

Now that I have almost 1000 of you at attention, I shamelessly am going to advertise the fanfics I’ve written. Kinda nervous. I’m not expecting anything but in case you’re ever bored at night and want to read yourself a bedtime story, mine are available haha. My goal is to eventually have one story per companion. Cait is next. On hiatus until after finals/graduation (after May 22)

X6-88: Teaching a Robot to Love

Tall, dark, and handsome? While some might describe her companion X6-88 like so, Sole would probably use descriptions such as: deadpan snarky bastard, cold as arctic ice, or possesses princess-like qualities. Join the duo as they gallivant about the Commonwealth on their Institute endeavors. Slow burn. Rated Mature for language, gore, and eventual smashing. X6-88/F!SS

MacCready: How to Hug a Deathclaw

What do you get when you cross a jaded merc with an insane vault dweller? Absolute hilarity! Join this reckless survivor on her adventure with the hired help and their shenanigans. Lots of fluff, flirting, and corny jokes. MacCready/F!SS. Rated M for language and sexual content. 

Deacon: A Fun Disguise and Bittersweet Lies

Who is this man that lies outright,
with glasses that are dark as night?
Is he here or is he there?
A cunning, flighty debonair.
But he’s not everything he seems;
Demons haunt his inner dreams.
Find him.
You cannot fail.
You’ll find him on the Freedom Trail.

Danse/Maxson: Legend of the Alphas

Not only does the Brotherhood of Steel have to focus on protecting the Commonwealth from abominations, now Paladin Danse is stuck trying to keep his hero and his recruit from going at each others’ necks. Delve into the fiery and complex relationship between the three as they constantly butt heads on how things should be done. After all, in a wolf pack there can only be one Alpha. Paladin Danse/F!SS/Arthur Maxson


Sailor Moon Photo Shoot

Just a sneak peak at two of the pictures that whimsicalprincess took for subaru-camui and I. innocently-creating took some too, but I didn’t get around to picking my favorites yet!

Edits were done by me, but I really love the way they look AHHH~ I can’t believe I look like a princess. <3


Tiana’s Dream Dress from Princess and the Frog

I’ve had this dress for SO LONG and I even performed at Sabakon a few years ago wearing it, but I never got really nice pictures of it. FINALLY I was able to go out with my lovely Photag friends whimsicalprincess & innocently-creating (while subaru-camui helped out) and get my photos! I’m so SO happy about how they turned out, I feel really sexy and pretty in these pictures.

Thank you again my wonderful friends~

If you wanna see the performance I did, check it out here.
(Its really bad, I was so nervous and freaking out.)

This was a commission I got recently of Kristoff from Frozen and his Pokemon team flying into mountains to gather ice :)

Lost a lot of blue ink on this one ;n; their sacrifice will be remembered

I’m still open for commissions so if you’re interested message me :)