arctic penguin


I made a party for the first time in animal jam and it went swimmingly.

In the first picture, we have me trying to woo a koala girl because my love teacher told me to (The pink penguin.) None of the children probably thought I was crazy singing a song that they are probably way to young for.

I then went off to “Find love” and brought back my one true love, only to have to deal with a heartbreaking break up. This poor child was trying to get us to go to my den to save our “Relationship”, but my boo left to soon. (If you didn’t know already, kermitthefresh is a backup account I made.)

In the last picture, you don’t see it because I lost the pictures sadly, but the penguin asked if I wanted to be love partners and I rejected her so that I could hit on this poor koala again.

All in all, the one diamond was worth it and i am very pleased with how this whole experience went down