arctic marble fox

This was my mom’s coworkers’s Arctic Marble (red fox). She is a sweetie. Arctic Marbles are not arctic foxes, they are a colour mutation of the red fox, that occurs in captivity. 

I actually almost got her. He had to rehome her and asked us to take her and we were going to build an outdoor enclosure for her to accommodate her (and I planned on having her inside when my sister’s indoor dog was put up), but I decided to direct him to a fox group and he found her a home that had foxes to play with and wonderful enclosures. 

The reason I changed my mind was because my sister and inlaw have coonhounds and I just didn’t want to risk them getting her since she had escape tendencies and was friendly to every dog she met, which posed a danger for her safety. But yeah, that’s the story of how I almost got a fox lol. 

Actually planning on getting a fox in the future once my sister’s family moves out and takes all the hounds with them (and this might be a couple years down the road). They have been legalized in my state a while and I’ve interacted with a few pet ranch foxes people in my state own too. Pretty awesome animals but difficult, not at all “like a dog/cat” as trendy DoDo videos claim, and not something to jump into because it’s “cool”. They also have a terrible hormonal phase where they get mean and skittish called the “October Crazies” that you have to deal with during their first autumn and they are quite stinky! Even though ranch foxes are usually considered domestic as a livestock animal, they’re still an exotic animal truly, and still have wild behaviours that can be extremely frustrating to handle. 

Anyways I wanted to share her picture. I miss her adventures but she’s living it up in a nice big place with foxy pals.