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Ghost (I Don't Hear The Voices Anymore) [First Draft Home Demo]
Super Movies
Ghost (I Don't Hear The Voices Anymore) [First Draft Home Demo]

she said,
“I don’t hear the voices anymore,
And I know just what it takes to make you sad.
If you knew me,
You’d know I don’t see the faces anymore
And I know just what it takes to make you mad.
If you loved me,
You wouldn’t leave.”

Ghost (I don’t hear the voices anymore) by @supermoviesband


Arctic Food Network

Regional Food-gathering Cabins
Baffin Island region, Nunavut, Canada /// 2011-12

By architects Lola Shepard and Mason White at Lateral Office, Canada.

“Some of the greatest challenges facing northern communities are physical isolation, economic marginalization, youth disenfranchisement, and loss of traditional knowledge. The younger generations of Inuit find themselves caught between traditional and contemporary cultures.The traditional Inuit diet, which is centered on hunting and fishing, has been slowly compromised by an influx of southern manufactured food products, leading to increased obesity and diabetes levels.

The Arctic Food Network (AFN) addresses an urgent need for a snowmobile accessed regional network of arctic farms, freezers, and camp hubs. The AFN encircles the large body of the Foxe Basin in Nunavut, Canada, home to a richly diverse wildlife, along the coast of Baffin Island and some 30,000 Nunavummiut.

Ultimately, AFN seeks to enhance the production and exchange of local food, to create small-scale local economies.

Food highways and hubs provide social infrastructure – adapted to the unique geography and culture of the Arctic.”
Talk About An Ancient Mariner! Greenland Shark Is At Least 272 Years Old
This Arctic species can live longer than any other known animal advanced enough to have a backbone, scientists say — maybe more than 500 years. Their muscles might hold clues that could help humans.

The Bowhead whale has a new contender for the oldest vertebrate! Thank goodness it also lives in the Arctic…

Photo by @ciriljazbec Hunter Albert and Miannguaq after fishing the Greenland halibut all afternoon on the sea ice. There was some nice light coming through clouds but it was still a cold day with around - 25°C / - 13°F. Albert kindly offered me a slice of raw halibut and it tasted like the best sushi in the world. @natgeo @ciriljazbec #Arctic #Northern #Greenland #fishing #halibut by natgeo